How to Fix Unblock-US Netflix Proxy Error Easily

Netflix has waged a ‘war’ on Smart DNS proxy services, and Unblock-US is one of the affected. Unblock-US, along with other Smart DNS proxy services have been trying to fix the infamous Netflix proxy error, so that users can go about their regular online activities. The Smart DNS provider Unblock-Us has looked for ways to bypass the Netflix proxy ban, however, its users still received an error message when trying to access Netflix US.

Up until Unblock-US find a permanent fix, users can bypass the Netflix proxy error message once again thanks to the solutions I have found. I have tested many methods to unblock American Netflix outside the USA. ExpressVPN and Unlocator have proven to be the most reliable solutions to changing the Netflix region to the USA.

Unblock-US Netflix Proxy Error - How to Fix with VPN Alternative
Unblock-US Netflix Proxy Error – How to Fix with VPN Alternative

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Netflix Proxy Error 

VPN and Smart DNS proxies have long been the most reliable methods for bypassing regional restrictions and unblocking channels that are typically blocked in your country. Many geo-restricted streaming channels have attempted to block both VPN and Smart DNS services with varying rates of success. In 2016, Netflix announced that it is going to restrict a VPN or Smart DNS proxy usage to change Netflix regions, stating:

“Those using proxies and unblockers will only be able to access the service in the country where they currently are.”

You would only be able to access and stream your local Netflix region. If you try anything different, you’ll encounter the following Netflix proxy error message:

“You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy. Please turn off any of these services and try again.”

Many VPN/Smart DNS services did not succeed in bypassing or fixing the error for their users due to Netflix’s new policy. I can confirm* the existence of a method that can unblock and stream American Netflix anywhere outside America. This working Netflix VPN is ExpressVPN.

*As of May 20th, 2019.

Unblock-US Netflix Proxy Error – Fix with a VPN

Whether Unblock-US or other Smart DNS proxy services will be able to find a permanent fix for the proxy error is yet unidentified. Netflix is serious about its crackdown on proxies. Blocking VPNs is a different story. VPN providers work differently compared to Smart DNS proxies. With a Smart DNS, it’s harder for Netflix to detect whether or not you are using a VPN.

  • Netflix’s new ‘policy‘ against Smart DNS proxies and VPN services made me use ExpressVPN to unblock and watch American Netflix outside the USA.
  • Connecting to an American VPN server unblocks all US channels simultaneously. Watch US Netflix, HBO GO, Showtime Anytime, Hulu, or ABC Go with one VPN configuration.
  • Additionally, a VPN allows you to bypass geographic blocks. A VPN also performs full traffic encryption, shielding your online activities from potential eavesdroppers.
  • VPNs, unlike Smart DNS proxies, are unaffected by DNS hijacking and transparent proxies.

ExpressVPN offers a 30-day money back refund period in which you can get your money back in case you were not happy. As things stand, you do not have to go down that road as the company’s provider continues to show off its American Netflix unblocking capabilities.

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Unlocator currently does not unblock American Netflix. You can use ExpressVPN to watch Netflix overseas instead. Note that ExpressVPN offers a Smart DNS proxy for a wide selection of non-VPN-supporting devices.

How to Get American Netflix Abroad with VPN

Below are the steps you need to follow to unblock Netflix US abroad.

  1. Subscribe to a VPN service provider that you can download on any device.
  2. After you create a VPN account, sign in to activate the app.
  3. Search for an American VPN server.
  4. Connect to that US server.
  5. You can now try visiting Netflix’s website or application.
  6. If successful, you’ll be able to stream American Netflix’s content.

Best VPN

If you want a good chance at unblocking Netflix US, you better sign up for ExpressVPN. With this VPN, you know that you’ll ensure the unblocking of American Netflix abroad. What’s interesting about ExpressVPN is that it offers users Smart DNS proxies that are compatible with a large number of devices PS3, PS4, Xbox, FireTV, Roku, Smart TV, and routers. Having such an alternative is essential because none of these devices have VPN clients, meaning you cannot directly install a VPN on them.

Unblock-US Netflix Error Workaround – Smart DNS Proxy Solution

If you are having Netflix proxy error issues with Unblock-Us, you can use other Smart DNS services.

I have recently tested a lot of them. At the moment, I can change my Netflix region to the USA using Unlocator. You can sign up with Unlocator for free. The trial period is seven days, which gives you more than enough time to test their service.

  • A Smart DNS proxy is compatible with most streaming devices. Bypass the proxy error on iPhone, iPad, Android, Apple TV, Smart TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, PC, Mac, or Roku.
  • You do not have to alter the network settings whenever you wish to watch a streaming channel from a different region.
  • No Internet traffic encryption nor IP address changes are involved when using Smart DNS.

So, give Unlocator a try if you want to continue unblocking American Netflix outside the USA. This sign up process does not need a credit card.

How to Fix Netflix Proxy Error for Unblock-US – Use VPN Alternative

Unblock-US might eventually find a fixed solution for the Netflix Proxy Error. In the meantime, you can switch to a VPN or Smart DNS proxy to modify your Netflix region and change it to match that of the USA.

After reading this, which solution do you see yourself using? Now, in case you have tried any of them out, share in the comment section below how helpful the method – which you used- was.

42 thoughts on “How to Fix Unblock-US Netflix Proxy Error Easily”

  1. I have tried so many VPNs for unblocking us Netflix and none of them worked as well as Wachee. I think you should name it on your list.

    1. Charles Roswell

      That depends on the TP-Link router model. ExpressVPN does work on TL-WR940N for instance. However, not al TP-Link router are VPN-compatible.

  2. Hi. Don’t get it? I have Android box and get any Netflix shows I want to. Using Exodus for most things but use Phenix for live sports. TV shows come on box about 10 min after it stars on Netflix or just TV channel, and it costs nothing but the $65 for the fully loaded box.

  3. Forgive my ignorance, I am looking to cut cable. Have a roku streaming stick, tablets, and a smart tv. Do I need to get an android tv box to watch cable shows or will my roku and tablets do that with a vpn service?
    Thanks for any advice.

    1. Hi Charmaine. That all really depends on several factors. Are you currently living in USA? What particular channels are you most interested in? The Roku does provide an impressive list of streaming channels such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, and Showtime.

      1. Hi Isso, I am in Canada. We can’t get access to Hulu or avudu, etc in Canada without help. I am looking to get PBS, Knowledge, A & E, HGTV, and the usual type shows such as Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, etc. I have heard I can stream all these shows, not channels with an android tv box. Is this my best way to go, or should I be using a vpn and subscription to Hulu or something. I already have a Netflix and Acorn tv subscription.

  4. It seems that Netflix has blocked some VPN by IP or something. I initially tried to watch US-Netflix with my VPN only to get the error. But changing the server (not VPN provider, just changed to another one of their US servers) gave me access.

  5. Hi so I’m using Express VPN to try to watch US Netflix in Germany and I’m still getting the Netflix proxy error, is there any way around it?


  7. I have ExpressVPN and until about 5 min ago had no trouble watching Netfilx US out of country on WADC2 link, but it appears they found it. Send a ticket in to ExpressVPN and they will provide you with a list of links for the country you are in to potentially watch Netflix US outside of the US. I am thinking these will have to change from time to time once Netflix finds the linkup but I am also not a computer guru………in fact I most likely qualify as a computer user with scarey tendencies since I know FAR less than I think I do lol

  8. I use unblock us and I am having issues with Netflix, I am using Roku. I can watch Hulu fine but with Netflix it comes up with the annoying message. When I contacted them the solution they told me did not work, I am still unable to watch Netflix on Roku (it will work on the computer though). Any advice? I would not like to switch providers.

    1. The DNS I use for Netflix here in Berlin is
      works only for Netflix and not Amazon.
      Hope this helps

  9. Does anyone know if this still works?
    And I was looking for a guide to set this up on a different router that the ones they support – I talked to support but they indicated that I would be on my one doing that.
    Does anyone know of a forum that might be able to assist doing this?

  10. Actually express does work(june4) just not on every server. After speaking with tech support problem solved.

  11. expressVPN doesn’t work to bypass Netflix region filter, just set it up on router in Berlin. No joy. Now to try that 30day warranty

      1. Hi there. Unfortunately, CactusVPN have officially stopped supporting Netflix. You can still use ExpressVPN to watch American Netflix outside USA.

    1. Hi TJ. That depends on which service you wish to try. Pricing should be clearly stated on their respective websites.

  12. Nope – was using a VPN on one device and DNS proxy in the other. The VPN was blocked 2 weeks ago and DNS proxy this week.

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