How to Install NRK on Kodi – Watch Norwegian TV Live

There’s nothing you should be missing out on when being abroad or having Kodi on your streaming device. While the Norweigan channel NRK TV might be inaccessible outside its country of origin, a VPN can make it available for you to install on Kodi.

There a couple of steps involved in this set-up process, and it shouldn’t take long. Follow the guide I have put together below, and you’ll be streaming NRK TV on Kodi from any country sooner than you think.

How to Install NRK on Kodi - Watch Norwegian TV Live
How to Install NRK on Kodi – Watch Norwegian TV Live

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How to get NRK on Kodi to watch Norwegian TV live online? NRK is the public Norwegian radio and TV station. It probably is the most-watched streaming service in Norway along with Viaplay and TV2 Sumo. The NRK Nett TV plugin allows you to watch NRK on any device you have Kodi on. These devices include your PC, Mac, Android, Raspberry Pi, and Amazon FireStick. In this tutorial, below, you’ll learn how you can install NRK on Kodi.

Get NRK on Kodi

To stream live and on-demand NRK content on Kodi, you need to set up the NRK Web TV addon. Follow these steps to setup NRK on Kodi:

  1. Start your Kodi app.
  2. Head on over to ‘Addons.’
  3. From the top of the left corner, select the Package Installer Icon.
  4. While you’re there, click on ‘Install from Repository’ -> Kodi Add-on Repository -> Video Addons.
  5. Now, click on NRK -> Install.
  6. When you see the NRK Addon Enabled notification, return to the home screen.
  7. From the left-hand column, select the ‘Addons’ tab.
  8. Press on the Video Addons.
  9. NRK will show up on your home screen.
  10. Activate the NRK addon.

You can also download the NRK Web TV addon zip file from the official Kodi website. Once done, select ‘Install from Zip File’ to install the NRK addon on Kodi. Please note that if you’re a Norwegian expat living in Sweden, Denmark, USA, or anywhere outside Norway, you won’t be able to watch live or on-demand videos with the NRK addon. Geo-restrictions are the problem, and to get past them abroad; you have to employ a VPN.

Best VPN for Kodi – Watch Norwegian TV Abroad

Unsurprisingly, the NRK addon is geo-blocked abroad. To get it, you must change our online location, and using a VPN is the best way to make that happen. There are other ways in which you can unblock add-ons, but a VPN is the most secure. A VPN hides your IP address and where your traffic is coming from. As a matter of fact, it changes the origin of your data’s departure status. Your data will now be seen as coming from the location where the content you want is based. If you connect to a VPN, you’ll be able to watch shows like SKAM outside Norway in no time, as well as, other things including:

  • Online Privacy: Since the VPN hides your IP address and geo-location, you won’t appear as who you are online, giving you high levels of privacy.
  • VPN Apps: Most VPNs have user-friendly apps, which anyone of any background can use on PC, Mac, Android, iOS, and FireStick.
  • Unblock Kodi Add-ons: If you are not in the same region as where the official Kodi add-ons are based, a VPN will help you get through the blockades.
  • Put an end to ISP Throttling: Say goodbye to slow connection speeds and stuttering. Having a VPN connection stops your ISP from throttling your bandwidth.

ExpressVPN qualifies as the best VPN service for Kodi. In case you were unaware of this, using Kodi without the protection of a VPN could get you into trouble, legal issues, and whatnot. This is why you should get a highly secure VPN; one like ExpressVPN that guarantees your online safety. Other than that, this provider has thousands of servers optimized for streaming, making it a great option for Kodi. Check out other VPNs for Kodi in the table below.

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How to Watch Norwegian TV on Kodi Live – Final Thoughts

If you’re interested in watching live Norwegian TV, the NRK plugin is the best there is. What’s disappointing is that you won’t get to enjoy your favorite channels and TV shows in case you live outside Norway.

Thankfully, using a VPN allows you to get past that obstacle. Having said that, which VPN will you go for? Share your picks in the comment section below.

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