NBA League Pass Blackouts : How to avoid and bypass

Avoid NBA League Pass Blackouts using this basic howto. One of the most annoying things to an NBA fan is when games are blacked out. Using this guide, you will hopefully be able to bypass and unblock NBA League Pass blackouts.  Blackouts happen because NBA assigned a regional broadcaster in your area the rights to a game, as a result, it cant be shown online and you cant watch a game even with a valid NBA League pass
Bypass NBA League Pass Blackouts, avoid loosing access to any games

Bypass NBA League Pass Blackouts, avoid losing access to any games

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Bypass NBA League Pass Blackouts – The ABC

Given that NBA LP is available in so many countries, to bypass blackouts you need to make your traffic appear to be coming from a country where the game is not being broadcasted on cable television. One such country is Mexico. So you need to use either VPN or Smart DNS which are both technologies that allow you to change your online location to achieve that. Depending on what device you want to use and other needs either VPN or Smart DNS might be the choice for you. NBA League pass is supported on the following devices Apple TV, Xbox, iPod, iPhone, Ipad, Android, PS3, PS4 and Windows 8.

Using VPN to Bypass NBA LP Blackouts

You can manipulate your IP address using a VPN and thus bypass NBA blackouts by following these steps:

  1. First, sign up with a VPN provider. Make sure that that provider actually has several servers in the USA as well as abroad. You can jump over to ExpressVPN, for instance.
  2. Now that you have created your VPN account, download and install the VPN applicationPC, Mac, iOS, and Android devices are all supported.
  3. Launch the app and connect to an American VPN server in a state where the game you want to watch is available. You can also connect to a VPN server outside the USA.
  4. The last step is to head over to NBA League Pass or use their native apps.
  5. Stream any NHL game you want black-out free.

Bypass NBA League Pass Blackouts using VPN

VPN aka Virtual Private VPN is a different beast, given its encryption features and flexibility, it is a key tool for users who want to protect their identity and remain anonymous.   Or to bypass ISP / Site restrictions such as the NBA League Pass blackout. A few more  feats of VPN can be found below :

  • All traffic is encrypted, if you want to remain anonymous this is crucial.
  • All traffic is re-routed so if you choose for example UK as your VPN server, you get all UK content unblocked.
  • Setup is generally a matter of a couple of minutes.
  • VPN is very versatile, more likely than not, there is one way or another that VPN will work around any ISP blocks “Transparent Proxies, DNS Hijacking“.

If you want to give VPN a try check out ExpressVPN, they do have easy to use apps for IOS, Android, PC, and Mac, this will get you from signup to unblocking NBA League Pass blackouts in no time.

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Bypass NBA League Pass Blackouts using Smart DNS

Smart DNS selectively re-routes parts of your traffic that identify your geolocation. By doing so, Smart DNS does preserve your Internet speed and helps you bypass the NBA League Pass Blackout by making your traffic appear to be coming from a non-blacked out region. A few more notes about Smart DNS can be seen below :

  • Easy to set up, just one simple DNS IP change.
  • Virtually all Devices are supported.
  • Your local traffic is untouched
  • If your ISP is applying transparent proxies or DNS hijacking, it will break Smart DNS.  You have to use VPN see below.
  • You get loads of other channels BBC Iplayer, HBO Go, All Netflix Regions, Canal Plus. Better yet, all channels can be watched at the same time without a change. In other words, due to the technology used Smart DNS allows you to appear to be coming from more than one location.

A great Smart DNS Service is Unlocator, they sport great support, great speeds, a free trial and you can go from signup to bypassing NBA blackouts in a few minutes.

NBA League Pass Blackouts – History!

If you found this guide useful and you tried Smart DNS Proxies or VPN and got it to work, please share your experience.


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