How to Watch Gulli Outside of France with 2 Simple Ways

Dear French expats, do you miss having access to Gulli? I bet you do. If you’re a French expat looking to get the channel for your kids, or someone learning to speak French who wants to watch something easy for practice, then this is the article for you. Here’s how you can unblock Gulli outside of France with either a VPN service provider or a Smart DNS Proxy.

How to Watch Gulli Outside of France with 2 Simple Tools

How to Watch Gulli Outside of France with 2 Simple Tools

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Can I access Gulli Outside of France?

Sadly, no. Gulli only offers its services to people inside of France. Anyone trying to access its website from outside of the country will come across a  geo-error. This is for copyright purposes, as the only way a broadcaster can make sure they’re not infringing on copyrights is to limit access to their services based on IP addresses.

In other words, only a request coming in from a French IP address will get to access the site. Easy then, just change your IP, right? Right, but it’s not easy to do that.

Thankfully, you can still access Gulli from anywhere in the world with the application of two tools.

How to Watch Gulli Outside of France Using a VPN

Introducing first is the VPN tool. This acronym stands for “Virtual Private Network“, which is a software technology that basically does the following:

  • re-route users’ traffic to grant them a new IP address
  • encrypt users‘ data to provide them a secure connection

Initially, this software was designed to secure users’ data while they unblock content online.

VPNs’ security features are as safe as houses. Once you achieve a VPN connection, you’ll feel right at home online. Aside from the security aspect of a VPN, the IP spoofing takes you to places you couldn’t possibly visit physically.

This is how it happens. Upon connecting to a VPN server, your IP address automatically matches the server’s location. The many possibilities you get to attain with a VPN subscription is why cord-cutters favor this tool.

Most importantly, you need to know that using and operating a VPN is super easy. You don’t even have to a tech geek to figure it out. Here is everything you need to do:

  1. First, select a VPN provider, visit its website, and then sign up for the service.
  2. Download the app provided in the link on the website. There are apps for all platforms:  Android, iOS, MacOS, and Windows
  3. Now, launch the VPN app.
  4. Sign into your account.
  5. Connect to a French server.
  6. Wait for the connection to be made.
  7. Visit Gulli’s website and enjoy streaming its content.

Best VPN for Gulli

What we recommend you to use is ExpressVPN. This particular provider has built a sound reputation for itself thanks to its outstanding services, honest adherence to the “no-logs” policy, professional support team. You get all the security levels you would expect from a basic VPN and more.

Its security feature is one thing, but its network of servers is a whole other world. Like literally, this provider has thousands of servers in places all over the world, including servers in France. You can also benefit from their 30-day money-back guarantee and give the service a try before you reach a decision.

ExpressVPN is not for you? Check out these top-tier providers instead:

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How to Watch Gulli Outside of France with a Smart DNS Proxy

Not every online user is a fan of the security features a VPN has to offer. Some only appreciate fast speeds and could care less about security. A tool that can help such users with that purpose is a Smart DNS proxy.

So what’s the difference between a VPN and Smar DNS? Perhaps this will once and for all help you make a decision.

  • Smart DNS proxies don’t work if your ISP applies DNS hijacking or uses transparent proxies.
  • Configuration upon set up is required, but it’s doable.
  • There are no apps to download. Instead, you have to go follow a tech-based process to ensure setup.
  • You will not get a spoof in your IP, and you will not be able to hide your online identity.
  • With a Smart DNS, there are no data encryptions, which means it’s not that secure.

A Smart DNS proxy is not a security-oriented tool more than it is a geo-blocking one. Remember, the content you seek to access varies depending on each service provider. Smart DNS proxies offer a list of channels they can unblock. You can’t select a server or unlock channels that are not on the list.

Best Smart DNS Proxy for Gulli

I recommend using Unlocator because I’ve been making use of this service for an acceptable amount of time. Their channel selection is admirable. Plus, they are very open to whatever channel suggestion you throw their way. As a matter of fact, their main interest is accommodating all users. Their straightforward guides provide you with an answer to every single question you may have.

Give their 7-day free trial a try. If you don’t like, you can just walk away from it. Oh, and they don’t ask for a credit card number for activation. After you try Unlocator, you’ll be certain that Unlocator is “a worth it” commitment.

Watch Gulli Online Outside of France

In brief, to unblock Gulli outside of France, all you need is either a secure tool like a VPN or a fast technology like a Smart DNS. While these tools can bypass restrictions on content, geo-restrictions are the only ones they bypass. VPN and Smart DNS proxies do not bypass registration fees imposed by content providers.

Paying for a free unrestricted online experience is definitely worth it. That being said which tool is it going to be? The comment section is your space. Please share with us your choices, we would love to hear all about them.

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