The Need for Online Privacy Awareness

The fact that your device knows everything about you and can’t keep it a secret can be very unsettling. This explains why Michael Beckerman, president of the Internet Association, is requesting a federal law to protect users’ privacy. But, in case that doesn’t happen anytime soon, learn how to protect your online privacy in this article below.

Need for Online Privacy Awareness

Need for Online Privacy Awareness

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Michael Beckerman’s Call for Online Privacy

Beckerman wrote a letter to address the issue of online privacy. He speaks on behalf of the world’s leading internet companies. In the letter, he discloses that the internet industry believes that we are in great need of a modern American approach to privacy; one that empowers internet users and grants them control over their own data. By that, he means users should have the ability to access, correct, delete and download their data.

“The internet industry believes that we need a modern American approach to privacy that empowers users and gives them more meaningful control over their data.”

In fact, users should have an idea about how the companies make use of the data they provide. The internet companies support a federal law privacy and believe that Americans deserve one that protects their privacy and gives companies permission to make products people want. Different approaches can overwhelm users, which is why a nationwide standard law is needed instead of a collection of confusing state rules.

 Protect Your Online Privacy

We can’t deny how beneficial data is in our daily lives. Data helps us find what we are looking for online. With efficient navigation, it also helps us get to work on time. We can easily compose the perfect playlist and get to see our loved ones living miles away. Unforutanely, this is a two-edged sword. In fact, there’s a price you pay when you give websites permission to access your data. They log your activities, store your data, and build a profile about you. 

To avoid that and control what these websites get their hands on, you should consider using a Virtual Private Network.  A VPN lets you hide your online identity by encrypting your data and granting you another IP address. Upon connecting to a VPN network, you get to have a new IP address. This makes you untraceable. Having your data encrypted means no third parties can access it. As with every other online service, there are good and bad VPN providers. If you value your online privacy, you should sign up with a reputable VPN service provider.

How to Protect Your Online Privacy

With a VPN, you get to hide online and protect your data from third parties. A virtual private network is a secure method of sending internet traffic through another computer on the Internet while getting everything encrypted along the way. It creates a digital tunnel through which your device accesses the Internet.

The VPN reroutes your connection through a designated server in the country of your choice and allows you to connect to another secure server from your location, and thus your IP address will be changed to that country’s IP address. As a result, all the websites based in that country will think that you are located in it when you’re actually not. So, follow these simple steps to get online privacy.

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  5. Browse the web privately and securely.

For ultimate security, subscribe to ExpressVPN. It is one of the most secure VPNs on the market for it follows a strict no logs policy. ExpressVPN offers excellent services, fast speeds, a friendly 24/7 customer service, and a 30-day money back guarantee. The table below presents you with other service providers you can choose from to protect your online privacy.

Online Privacy Awareness

Many people are unaware of just how much personal information is being shared and sold back and forth by businesses and companies in ways not properly covered by current law. Thankfully, there are many ways you can enhance your privacy and security.

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