How Netflix Blocks VPN and How to Bypass Netflix VPN Ban

Ever wondered how Netflix blocks VPN and whether it is still possible to bypass the Netflix VPN ban? In this digital age, the television has dwindled in popularity, and made way for other forms of entertainment. If you are not a TV watcher, but can’t live without your daily dose of shows either, then Netflix must feature very high in your list of priorities. For those exclusive shows and movies that don’t come on TV, Netflix is the go-to destination. It happens to be a vital resource for the younger generation today.

One of the top shows on Netflix is House of Cards. This show is based on a political marriage with two sociopaths and immoral people (or monsters) being at the forefront. They only care about themselves and anyone who stands in their way is either killed literally or figuratively.

How Netflix Blocks VPN and How to Bypass Netflix Ban

How Netflix Blocks VPN and How to Bypass Netflix Ban

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Netflix is Region-Restricted

But one big drawback of Netflix is that it’s region-specific. So if you are in India, you can’t access American Netflix, or if you’re in the US, you can’t watch Netflix UK. You get to watch only what is available for your country.

Of course, there used to be workarounds for this issue, until Netflix became smart and started blocking Virtual Private Network (VPN) that encrypts IP addresses. Now viewers are stuck watching regional Netflix again.

Is there no way to bypass this menace?

Read on to find out.

What is Netflix?

Netflix is an American entertainment company and streaming service founded in 1997, although it has recently grown in popularity, thanks to the service being available all over the world now. With a Netflix subscription, viewers get to watch exclusive and award-winning TV shows, movies, and documentaries on their Internet-connected devices, from a PC to a smartphone to a tablet to a Smart TV.

The only issue is that Netflix offers country-specific services. So if you want to watch the shows available in other countries, you cannot. But there were ways to get around it, simply by using a VPN service. While VPN services can get you to access Netflix from another country, when you try to watch a show you get the following error:

‘You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy. Please turn off any of these services and try again.’

Why does this happen?

A VPN service encrypts your IP address and keeps your browsing session private. This was a preferred method to bypass Netflix access-control until recently, when the streaming service started detecting and blocking VPNs.

Netflix operates as a separate entity in each country because when it buys the rights of a movie, it has to write a separate contract for each country. It is, therefore, legally bound to restrict cross-border access.

Using a VPN service to bypass this restriction is unlawful to a certain extent. Netflix has tight control over VPNs, and can easily detect and block these proxy servers. That hasn’t stopped people from trying to come up with other workarounds. Whenever Netflix blocks one workaround, VPN services come up with another.

How to Bypass the Netflix VPN Ban Then?

There are two options for subscribers: Simply watch what is available in your country, or use a VPN service that still works. Sticking to the first option is better, because you never know when a VPN is blocked by Netflix.

If you’re interested in the second option, here is a list of VPN services that still work for Netflix.

ExpressVPN: This fast and reliable VPN service enables you to access Netflix US, Netflix Canada, and Netflix Germany.

PrivateVPN: This Sweden-based VPN service has servers all around the world that can allow you to access up-to 13 different Netflix regions.

StrongVPN: Unlike what the name suggests, this is a fantastic VPN service provider if you want to access American and British Netflix. It offers high speed and overall great VPN service.

BulletVPN: This VPN service is perfect for people who wish to switch to American Netflix outside USA.

What is Netflix doing about it?

Last heard, Netflix is working to solve this issue by providing global access around the world, so subscribers don’t need to resort to VPN or other methods to watch shows in other countries. If this thing works out, then people could have complete access to all the shows on Netflix, no matter which country they were in. However, for the time being at least, not all Netflix regions offer the same content.

How to Bypass Netflix VPN Ban – Final Word

Until Netflix comes up with a legal way to solve this issue, there is no other method to access Netflix in other regions except with the help of VPN services that still work. While choosing a VPN, make sure they are not already blocked by Netflix. Most VPN providers will lie about it to get you to buy their service. For watching unrestricted Netflix through VPN, do your homework before jumping on the bandwagon.

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