How to Watch Hulu in UK?

How to Get Hulu in UK? 2018 marks 12 years since Hulu was launched as an online content streaming service that offers one of the largest collections of TV shows and movies. With such a long time in the industry, it is sure to have gathered loyal subscribers from all over the United States. The international audience isn’t so lucky though. British viewers encounter a geo-error message that states “Sorry, currently our video library can only be watched from within the United States”. when they try to watch Hulu originals such as the Handmaid’s Tale outside the US. To remedy this, I thought I’d put together a tutorial that’ll teach you how to unblock Hulu in the UK using two of the most well-known solutions used to do so, Smart DNS and VPN.

How to Watch Hulu in UK?
How to Watch Hulu in UK?

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Note: Maybe you’re already familiar with these two solutions, and your only issue might be choosing which service provider to use to bypass any geo-restrictive barriers set up by geo-sensitive online content providers such as Hulu. If this is the case, consider acquiring a Smart DNS service via Unlocator or signing up for a VPN service with ExpressVPN. Otherwise, if this is all new to you, continue reading.

How to Watch Hulu in UK via VPN

Virtual Private Networks are well known for securing a shared connection between a group of computers and allowing them to share content. In our case, VPN is being implemented to allow you access to geo-blocked sites by spoofing your location and letting you use a remote VPN server. Its one of the most reliable ways to unblock Hulu in the United Kingdom alongside other geo-restrictive channels. Have a look at the following pointers:

  • Access to your private information is restricted through VPN. This is because your connection gets encrypted & made difficult for anyone to access.
  • As a result of encryption, your ISP is unable to keep a record of the pages you visit or the files you download. 
  • If you own an iPhone, PC, Mac, iPad or Android, your device already has a VPN client and so it’s easily compatible with VPN. Those of us who have streaming devices that lack a VPN client (Smart TV, Apple TV, PS4, PS3, Chromecast or Roku) will need to acquire a router that is VPN ready. Once acquired, all you’ll need to do is turn the VPN on, and share the connection with all of your connected devices.
  • Ensure you initiate your WiFi connection from a public place so that nobody can keep track of your online activity.
  • While you do so, remain aware that after accessing an American VPN server, you’ll not only be able to unblock Hulu in UK, but you’ll also get to watch channels such as the WWE Network, Amazon Instant Video, US Netflix and so much more.

With privacy being the driving force behind switching to a VPN connection, you must do your part to make sure that your provider has clearly guaranteed that no records of its users’ online activity will be kept. Reliable VPN providers such as ExpressVPN and those found in the list below are clear about their privacy policies and can be trusted to keep your private information away from the public domain. For a more in-depth analysis of which VPNs we do recommend, take a look at our best VPN for Hulu review.

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How to Get Hulu in UK via Smart DNS

A Smart DNS proxy service is the most common alternative for users who would prefer to maintain their current Internet speed while unblocking Hulu in the UK or any other geo-restrictive channel. It works by slightly changing your URL and making it difficult for the channels and sites you access to determine your location. Here are some reasons why you should consider trying out Smart DNS to get Hulu in England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales or any other region:

  • As mentioned above, Smart DNS does not affect your Internet speed. This means you get to stream content in High Definition (HD).
  • Your Mac, Roku, Xbox, PS3, PS4, Chromecast,  or Smart TV is fully supported by Smart DNS. It’ll be difficult for you to find a streaming device that cannot be configured to unblock Hulu in the UK or any other country.
  • Similar to VPN, ISP policies such as transparent proxies and DNS hijacking do not have any effect on your browsing.
  • Smart DNS comes with a nifty feature that allows you to bypass geo-restrictions imposed on channels from a span of countries, all at once. You get to stream CBC Canada, BBC iPlayer and Hulu Plus all through the same device.

My recommendation goes to Unlocator since I was able to easily set it up for testing through their simplified tutorials and videos. Their list of 220 unblocked channels was also impressive, and to cap it all off, I didn’t pay a single dollar for their service since I had subscribed to their free 7 day trial period version.

Hulu Supported Devices

  • Apple TV
  • Android
  • Smart TV(Vizio, Samsung, Panasonic, Sharp, Sony, Phillips)
  • Amazon Kindle Fire
  • Blu-ray Player
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • WD TV
  • Playstation PS3, PS4, PS Vita
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Windows/Mac PC
  • Nintendo 3ds
  • Wii/Wii U
  • Chromecast
  • Xbox (Xbox 360/Xbox One)

Conclusion on Getting Hulu in UK via Smart DNS or VPN

Using either Smart DNS or VPN depends highly on your list of preferences. If you want privacy with your Internet use, then a provider like ExpressVPN will do you good. If you’d rather maintain your Internet speed while unblocking these geo-restrictive channels, then Unlocator should be a worthy solution to consider. All in all, both methods do a good job in unblocking Hulu in the UK.


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