How to Watch England vs Pakistan Cricket Live

If you’re a cricket fan, you might want to keep an eye out for June 3. That’s when England take on Pakistan in the 2019 Cricket World Cup. Two of cricket’s best sides will go head-to-head at Trent Bridge in Nottingham. England, world number one and tournament hosts, are of course favorites, but Pakistan can be just as good. However, if you want to stream the match, you should know that the channels aren’t available everywhere. And this isn’t just during England vs Pakistan, it’s for the entire World Cup.

Watch England vs Pakistan Anywhere

How to Watch England vs Pakistan Anywhere

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But in this article, we’ll show you how to access any channel you want using a VPN so that you can watch the clash from anywhere in the world.

Channels Streaming England vs Pakistan

There is a host of channels that will broadcast England vs Pakistan. After all, the ICC Cricket World Cup is the biggest tournament in cricket.

  • Nine Network (Australia)
  • Sky Sports (United Kingdom)
  • Sky Sports NZ (New Zealand)
  • PTV Sports (Pakistan)
  • Supersport (South Africa)
  • Hotstar (India)
  • Willow TV (United States)
  • ATN Network (Canada)
  • OSN Sports (MENA region)

But due to copyright issues, these streaming services are only available inside their respective regions. You can try to access any of them from abroad if you don’t believe me, but your efforts will be in vain. The result? Instead of watching cricket matches, you’ll be staring at a message that says “This content is not available in your location,” or something like that.

That is why you need a virtual private network, better known as a VPN.

What is a VPN?

A VPN is a tool that can conceal your IP address. And why would you need to hide such a thing? Well, because it reveals your global position to the internet. One look at it and web hosts will be slamming their doors in your face left and right.

But a VPN will reroute your internet connection to a foreign network of your choice. Then, it masks your original IP address and replaces it with a new one from the region that you selected. This will make it appear as if you were physically there, and all that was blocked becomes accessible.

So basically, your VPN allows you to connect to servers from any of the above countries and grants a new IP to trick the streaming channel.

And that’s not all. Take a look at what else it can do:

  • Increase your online security and privacy: VPNs protect you from various cyber threats, malware, and hacking. It also comes in handy when you connect to a public WiFi network. Moreover, they encrypt all your data and traffic so that no one can monitor them, not even your Internet Service Provider.
  • Download safely: If you enjoy torrenting, then the best course of action is to use a VPN. It will protect you from legal threats from copyright holders.
  • Bypass restricted content: You can use a VPN to get around censorship by rerouting your traffic through a server in another country.
  • Save money: VPNs even help save money when you’re shopping online because you’ll appear as if you were in the country where your items are located.

How to Stream England vs Pakistan with VPN – Steps

Now that we’ve established that VPNs are a must-have tool, here’s what you must do to install them and watch England vs Pakistan:

  1. Select a well-known VPN service with a presence in all of the above countries. Check out our recommendations below.
  2. Download and install the app on your PC, Mac, iOS, or Android device.
  3. Sign in and connect to any of the countries I mentioned earlier, depending on which channel you prefer.
  4. Go to and check if you’re using your new IP address.
  5. Now visit the streaming service you want to use and watch your favorite team play.

Best VPNs to Watch England vs Pakistan

There are a lot of VPN providers to choose from, but if you want our advice, avoid free services. These brands could do you more harm than good, as they’ll end up selling your traffic to third parties. They’re also not very efficient.

Therefore, stick to the companies that we shortlisted:

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As you can see, ExpressVPN is our top choice for the best VPN providers. This is down to a list of outstanding features that include:

  • A large server network: The company has more than 1,000 servers in 94 countries, including the ones I mentioned earlier. As a result, you can watch England vs Pakistan and every other match wherever you are.
  • Strong encryption: The provider uses military-grade encryption: the AES 256-bit protocol. It allows you to browse the internet with complete anonymity and protects you from government surveillance and ISP monitoring.
  • Incredible speed levels: Despite using strong encryption, ExpressVPN promises one of the best speed rates in the industry. Therefore, you won’t encounter any buffering issues
  • No-logging policy: ExpressVPN does not register any of your traffic or data. 
  • Torrenting and P2P allowance: ExpressVPN allows full P2P file-sharing and torrenting activity. Also, it protects you from legal action from copyright owners.
  • Full Netflix compatibility: You can access any library you’d like, even the US version of Netflix.
  • High compatibility: The app is available for download on almost every platform. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, and iOS. You can also install it on smart TVs, gaming consoles, and routers. 
  • 30-day money-back guarantee: You can demand a full refund if you’re not too happy with the services.

About 2019 Cricket World Cup

10 teams will battle for glory on cricket’s biggest stage, the ICC Cricket World Cup. The event will take place from May 30 till July 14, during which all nations will face one another. Then, the top four at the end of the group phase will progress to the semi-finals, where the losing side will face elimination.

England, who occupy the top spot in world ranking, are favorites to lift the trophy this year. They also have home advantage as they are co-hosting the tournament with neighbors Wales.

However, they’ll face some stern competition from defending champions Australia, as well other top sides like India, Pakistan, and South Arica.

Here are the 10 teams that qualified to the 2019 Cricket World Cup:

  • Afghanistan
  • Australia
  • Bangladesh
  • England
  • India
  • New Zealand
  • Pakistan
  • South Africa
  • Sri Lanka
  • West Indies


As for the full fixture list and schedule, they are as follows:


  • 30 England v South Africa, The Oval (10:30 BST)
  • 31 West Indies v Pakistan, Trent Bridge (10:30 BST)


  • 1 New Zealand v Sri Lanka, Cardiff (10:30 BST)
  • 1 Afghanistan v Australia, Bristol (d/n) (13:30 BST)
  • South Africa v Bangladesh, The Oval (10:30 BST)
  • 3 England v Pakistan, Trent Bridge (10:30 BST)
  • 4 Afghanistan v Sri Lanka, Cardiff (10:30 BST)
  • 5 South Africa v India, Southampton (10:30 BST)
  • 5 Bangladesh v New Zealand, The Oval (d/n) (13:30 BST)
  • 6 Australia v West Indies, Trent Bridge (10:30 BST)
  • 7 Pakistan v Sri Lanka, Bristol (10:30 BST)
  • 8 England v Bangladesh, Cardiff (10:30 BST)
  • 8 Afghanistan v New Zealand, Taunton (d/n) (13:30 BST)
  • 9 India v Australia, The Oval (10:30 BST)
  • 10 South Africa v West Indies, Southampton (10:30 BST)
  • 11 Bangladesh v Sri Lanka, Bristol (10:30 BST)
  • 12 Australia v Pakistan, Taunton (10:30 BST)
  • 13 India v New Zealand, Trent Bridge (10:30 BST)
  • 14 England v West Indies, Southampton (10:30 BST)
  • 15 Sri Lanka v Australia, The Oval (10:30 BST)
  • 15 South Africa v Afghanistan, Cardiff (d/n) (13:30 BST)
  • 16 India v Pakistan, Old Trafford (10:30 BST)
  • 17 West Indies v Bangladesh, Taunton (10:30 BST)
  • 18 England v Afghanistan, Old Trafford (10:30 BST)
  • 19 New Zealand v South Africa, Edgbaston (10:30 BST)
  • 20 Australia v Bangladesh, Trent Bridge (10:30 BST)
  • 21 England v Sri Lanka, Headingley (10:30 BST)
  • 22 India v Afghanistan, Southampton (10:30 BST)
  • 22 West Indies v New Zealand, Old Trafford (d/n) (13:30 BST)
  • 23 Pakistan v South Africa, Lord’s (10:30 BST)
  • 24 Bangladesh v Afghanistan, Southampton (10:30 BST)
  • 25 England v Australia, Lord’s (10:30 BST)
  • 26 New Zealand v Pakistan, Edgbaston (10:30 BST)
  • 27 West Indies v India, Old Trafford (10:30 BST)
  • 28 Sri Lanka v South Africa, Chester-le-Street (10:30 BST)
  • 29 Pakistan v Afghanistan, Headingley (10:30 BST)
  • 29 New Zealand v Australia, Lord’s (d/n) (13:30 BST)
  • 30 England v India, Edgbaston (10:30 BST)


  • 1 Sri Lanka v West Indies, Chester-le-Street (10:30 BST)
  • 2 Bangladesh v India, Edgbaston (10:30 BST)
  • 3 England v New Zealand, Chester-le-Street (10:30 BST)
  • 4 Afghanistan v West Indies, Headingley (10:30 BST)
  • 5 Pakistan v Bangladesh, Lord’s (10:30 BST)
  • 6 Sri Lanka v India, Headingley (10:30 BST)
  • 6 Australia v South Africa, Old Trafford (d/n) (13:30 BST)
  • 9 *First semi-final: 1st v 4th, Old Trafford (10:30 BST)
  • 11 *Second semi-final: 2nd v 3rd, Edgbaston (10:30 BST)
  • 14 *Final, Lord’s (10:30 BST)

*Semi-finals and final have a reserve day

Stream England vs Pakistan Anywhere with VPN

How to Stream England vs Pakistan Anywhere with VPN

How to Watch England vs Pakistan Cricket Live – Final Thoughts

England vs Pakistan looks like it’s going to be one heck of a match with very little margin for error. Both teams would want to advance to the semifinals, and a win would certainly help their case. That’s why you shouldn’t miss out on this game simply due to geo-blocks. So get a VPN and brace yourself for a hectic World Cup.

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