How to Watch Singtel TV Go Outside Singapore

Did you know that you can take 150 channels with you outside Singapore? Well, if you make use of a VPN, you can get that and so much more while you go all about your business outside Singapore. Learn how you can watch Singtel TV Go outside Singapore using a VPN service provider.

How to Watch Singtel TV Go Outside Singapore

How to Watch Singtel TV Go Outside Singapore

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How to Watch Singtel TV Go Outside Singapore Using a VPN

With Singtel TV Go, you can take your streaming experience to a whole new level. It doesn’t matter whether you are in or outside Singapore, unblocking the streaming service is a definite possibility with the help of a VPN. Although many of you might have already lost hope in ever being able to stream Singtel TV abroad, a VPN can restore your faith in overseas streaming.

As you all know, geo-restrictions imposed by developers, producers, or creators are the reasons why you can’t access overseas content. It’s considered a violation of copyrights, and the country that wants to show some sort of content from another country has to buy permission for it first. Regardless of copyright issues and licensing agreements, a VPN doesn’t need any of that. By simply connecting to a server in the country you want to be a part of, you become eligible to access its content no matter where you are.

Watch Singtel TV Go Outside Singapore Using a VPN

A VPN is a software service that is used to both help online users gain internet freedom and ultimate protection. The software creates a private network across a public network and allows users to send and receive data across shared or public networks. In fact, they get to transmit data back and forth just as if their devices were immediately connected to that private network.

What happens is once you connect to a VPN server, your traffic gets rerouted through it, making your traffic unrecognizable. The VPN encrypts your data and thus anonymizes your identity. No one can tell who you are after that VPN connection. This is because with a VPN, you reroute your traffic through a server located in the country where the country you are trying to access is based. As a result, you get treated just as if you’re a local of that country thus gaining the ability to access its content.

Watch Singtel TV Go With a VPN – Steps

Follow the steps below in order to learn how to unblock Singtel TV Go with a VPN.

  1. First, you will need a VPN. Not just any VPN, ExpressVPN. Sign up for the a premium VPN of your choice.
  2. Then, download and install the VPN app on the device you wish to use for streaming.
  3. After that, launch the application. Of course, after creating a VPN account.
  4. Then, choose a sever from the list of servers that pop up on your screen.
  5. Since we’re aiming to watch Singtel abroad, we should look for a server in Singapore.
  6. Connect to a Singaporean server to gain a Singaporean IP address.
  7. Now, you’re free to access Singtel anywhere outside Singapore with ease.

We recommend that you choose ExpressVPN for the best services and results. Remember if your goal is to gain online anonymity, unblock websites, and maintain online privacy, than nothing tops ExpressVPN. For more options, you might want to check out the table below. Make sure you check out the best VPN for Singapore to make the right choice.

VPN Provider
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  • 3 extra months free on annual plan
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Third Best VPN
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  • Extensions for Firefox and Chrome
  • Split-tunneling available

About Singtel TV Go

Singtel TV Go offers two extraordinary features the “Watch TV” and “Catch Up”. With the first feature, you get to get a hold of live channels on any of your streaming devices. Watch TV offers 80 channels with its “On the Go Mode” and over 120 live channels with the ability to stream simultaneously on up to 3 devices with the Home View Mode. “Catch Up” on the other hand, offers viewers the flexibility of watching content at their convenience anytime, anywhere.

Its “On the Go Mode” offers over 20 on-demand channels available and its Home View Mode has 30 on-demand channels. Also, you can visit the “Sports” feature for the latest news, fixtures, statistics, news highlights about PL and UEFA Champions League. Luckily, Singtel TV Go is compatible with Chromecast and AirPlay and is also available both Apple TV and Android TV.

Singtel TV Go Channels

Here’s a list of some of the channels offered by the Home View Feature and On the GO:

On the Go Live Channels

  • mio Stadium (HD)
  • Lifetime (HD)
  • mio Sports
  • Fox Sports
  • eGG network
  • Star Cricket
  • Outdoor Channel
  • NHK World TV
  • Sky News (HD)
  • CNBC Asia
  • CGTN
  • National Geographic
  • Discovery Channel
  • Animal Planet
  • Kids Channel.

Home View Feature

  • mio Stadium (HD)
  • Lifetime (HD)
  • mio Sports
  • Fox Sports
  • eGG network
  • Star Cricket
  • Fyi
  • tvN
  • Baby TV
  • TLC
  • Travel Channel
  • MTV Asia
  • DMax
  • MTV Live
  • {V} HD
  • Fox Life
  • Warner TV
  • KIX HD
  • Fox Crime
  • HITs
  • Animax
  • itv Choice (HD)

Watch Singtel TV Go – Last Words

A VPN has made a huge difference in the online streaming world. The fact that this software is capable of bypassing geo-restrictions and granting online viewers from all around the world to catch up with their favorite content is a blessing indeed.

Singaporeans will be pleased to hear that Singtel TV is accessible abroad should they subscribe to a VPN service. It’s really a two for one sale with a VPN. Not only will you get to watch Singtel TV outside Singapore, you’ll also gain online protection as well as ultimate security.


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