How to Watch Fios TV outside USA

fios TV is the only streaming service you’ll ever want. It has live TV, premium channels, on demand and your DVR content. However, people traveling outside of the US know for a fact that Verizon fios TV is not easy to stream from anywhere due to certain geo-restrictions. This is why many of those who travel outside the country need a VPN by their side. American expats living in Canada, Australia, the UK, France, and Mexico have to make use of a VPN in order to stream Fios TV abroad. Read on to learn how you can watch Fios outside the US using a VPN on any PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, and iPad.

How to watch fios outside the US

How to watch fios outside the US

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How to Watch Fios TV Outside the US Using a VPN

There are laws and restrictions, copyright issues, ownership of material, companies getting paid to make things available in other countries, etc. When you try to access fios TV from outside the US you’ll be met with a blockade thanks to your IP address that reveals where you are connecting from. The only way you’ll be able to spoof your location and hide your IP is with a VPN service provider.

A VPN service, or Virtual Private Network service, is a software/ subscription-based service of many purposes. The main purpose is to protect your wireless network which necessary in the age of hackers and nosy governments. The second is to bypass geo-restrictions in order to get access to blocked content from all over the world. Here’s what you need to do to unblock fios TV outside the US using a VPN.

  1. The first thing you need to do is sign up for a VPN service.
  2. Next, you create a VPN account.
  3. Download and install the VPN app on the device which you want to stream fios TV on.
  4. Launch the app and connect to a VPN server in the US.
  5. After you connect to an American server, you’ll be provided with a temporary American IP address that makes it look like you’re located in the US.
  6. Now that you have an American IP, you can easily access fios TV from anywhere around the world.

ExpressVPN has made a big name for itself in the VPN market. It comprises an excellent range of servers and locations and unbeatable privacy credentials. It’s a solid VPN that gets you any service, channel or website unblocked wherever you are. Here’s a table of the other service provider that can help you bypass geo-restrictions.

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VPN Benefits

The ability to use a VPN is regarded as an important skill for any Internet user. Do you have any idea how dangerous surfing the web with no protection could be? A virtual private network offers these Internet users a new identity and serves as a cloak of anonymity so that they can browse the Internet all they want without having anyone spy on them or know what they’re doing. Here’s what a VPN can do:

  • Bypass any content filters, bans or blacklisting.
  • Protects your data from surveillance and spying.
  • Enables you to access geo-restricted sites and content.
  • Hides your geographical location.
  • Prevents bandwidth throttling.
  • Saves you money with border-related purchases.
  • Helps you get around blocks and other forms of censorship.
  • Allows you to download, share files, and torrent safely.
  • Secures your publicly visible connections through tunneling protocols.
  • Secures your data while using public Wi-Fi spots where you are most susceptible to online attacks.
  • Protects you from identity thefts.
  • Blocks incoming malicious traffic that could possibly reach and damage your devices.

 Watch Fios TV Outside the US

If there’s a streaming service you love, and it is only available in, let’s say, the US, all you need to do to watch it is get a VPN. You then get to choose a server based in a specific country, and the device you’re using gets a that country’s IP address. Making the websites you’re trying to access think you’re located in a place where you really aren’t is the best way to get your hands on geo-restricted content. And the perfect method to get that done is with a VPN. So, what are you waiting for? Get yours now to stream fios Tv outside the US.


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