How to Hide IP Address on Roku

If you own a Roku stick, then you’re probably a cord-cutter who heavily relies on streaming services for entertainment. It’s all fun and games until you come across a channel- you’re dying to watch- that is blocked due to geographic restrictions and copyright issues. The Roku does an excellent job hiding behind your TV but a lousy one hiding your IP. That’s because it has absolutely nothing to do with it. Surely, it opens a portal to worldwide services and channels, but that’s just about it. It’s actually up to you “Roku users” to get the content on your Roku unblocked, and for that, you’ll need to hide your IP address. We can’t say it’s the easiest thing in the world, but it’s definitely not mission impossible. Here’s how you can hide IP address on Roku.

How to hide IP address on Roku

How to hide IP address on Roku

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You probably know that hiding your IP is a VPN’s job, and without one, you can forget about watching your favorite streaming services. As long as your identity is out in the open, and your location is traceable, accessing worldwide content is a long shot. Now, don’t throw your Roku away just yet! Although there’s no way a VPN can directly be installed on a Roku, it can still receive a VPN connection. So better start thinking of a reliable VPN service provider that guarantees unblocking streaming services and channels of all kinds. Because we know how debilitating of a task this can be, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to provide you with what we think are the best VPNs for Roku. You can take our word for it or check the table we have presented to you below. We’re good with whatever gets you a VPN on your Roku.

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How to your Roku’s IP using your Router

You can’t set up a VPN on your Roku, so you set a VPN on your router instead. That way all of the devices connected to that router, including your Roku would share its VPN connection. Bear in mind that not all routers are VPN compatible, which means you should look for DD-WRT or Tomato based routers to successfully install a VPN. This guide might help. If you don’t own a VPN ready router, you better get one if you want to a VPN installed on your Roku. Getting a VPN compatible router will save you a lot of trouble in the long run. You wouldn’t want to end up setting up virtual routers on your Mac or PC, now would you? Speaking of which, we are about to tell you all about this crafty method below.

How to Hide IP Address On Roku – Virtual Router Method

Grab your Mac or PC and read carefully, it’s about to get detailed. This method requires setting up a VPN connection on either your Mac/PC thus transforming them into a virtual router, which you connect your Roku to. By doing so, your Roku will be getting the VPN connection of that virtual router. It will be like having an actual VPN on your Roku but in a virtual sense.

How to Share Mac VPN connection with Roku

  1. On your Mac, go to the System Preferences menu, then click on Sharing.
  2. In the Sharing menu, select Internet Sharing from the left panel. The Internet Sharing options will appear on the right side of the screen. Set the following settings:
    • Share your connection from [the L2TP VPN connection you just created]
    • To computers using: check the box for Wi-Fi
  3. Select Wi-Fi Options and enter the following details:
    • Network Name: [choose a network name]
    • Channel: [leave as default]
    • Security: WPA2 Personal
    • Password: [choose a password]
    • Verify: [re-enter your password]
  4. Then click OK.
  5. On the Sharing menu, check the box next to Internet Sharing. You will see a prompt asking you to turn on Internet sharing.
  6. Click Start.
  7. When Internet Sharing has been activated, a green light will appear next to the text: “Internet Sharing: On”.
  8. Now, turn on the Chromecast app and follow these instructions to set it up.
  9. When you reach a screen that states “Connect Chromecast to your Wi-Fi”, select the virtual router that you set up earlier.
  10. Enter the password for your virtual router, then click Set Network.
  11. Congrats! You are now connected to your VPN-enabled virtual router.


In order to use this method, you first need to turn your Windows PC into a virtual router or hotspot. Once you have achieved that, you simply configure the VPN connection on the PC itself. Finally, you need to connect the Roku to the WiFi network you have created on the computer instead of connecting it to the router.

How to Hide Roku IP – Smart DNS Proxy Method

We understand if you find these steps to be a bit overwhelming, which is why we’re going to present you with a faster and easier method using a Smart DNS. Just like a VPN, a Smart DNS can be directly installed on your router. Both a VPN and Smart DNS can help you bypass geo-restrictions, but they differ in how they operate to achieve that. A smart move on your behalf would be subscribing to a VPN service provider that offers a Smart DNS proxy service. A good example of such a service provider would be ExpressVPN. For a Smart DNS, give Unlocator a try. They aren’t a VPN service provider, but they do take care of some unblocking business.

While most routers allow you to change DNS settings, others don’t. Generally, Linksys, TP-Link, Cisco, Asus, D-Link routers all support manual DNS configuration. If you own a modem supported to you by your ISP, you probably won’t be able to change the DNS on it. In that case, you can purchase a secondary router that allows you to change the DNS. Then, you can connect that secondary router’s WAN port to your modem’s LAN port using an Ethernet cable. And for the final step, connect your Roku to the secondary router so that it receives a Smart DNS connection.

Hiding IP address on Roku – Final Thoughts

What could be better than getting your money’s worth from your Roku streaming service? Seriously nothing! Where you really just going to let all that ridiculously good content go to waste just because you had the faintest idea about how you can get those streaming services and channels unblocked where you are?! Well then, we’re glad you landed on our page, and hopefully, you’ll never have to miss out on any series, movie or tv show ever again.

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