How to Watch Shaw Freerange TV outside Canada

Do you want to watch and discover content on the fly? Then you should get Shaw Freerange TV no matter where you are. The service is based in Canada, but it still can be streamed outside its country of origin using a VPN service provider. Read on to learn how.

How to Watch Shaw Freerange TV outside Canada
How to Watch Shaw Freerange TV outside Canada

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How to Watch Shaw Freerange TV Outside Canada

Watch on-demand shows, live sports, movies and download kids’ shows using multiple devices with the FreeRange TV.  It’s a completely new way of experiencing TV, and it’s available to those who are located in Canada. With a VPN, however, this situation can be reversed. A VPN allows you to create a secure connection to another network over the Internet.

The VPN encrypts your data and traffic before even reaching the Internet. Not only are they used to access region-restricted websites, but also to provide you with the security you need. A VPN creates a digital tunnel through which your device accesses the Internet. It manages to reroute your connection through a designated server in the country of your choice. Not only does this grant you the IP address of the country you selected, but also provides you with a level of privacy and security. Here’s how you use a VPN to unblock Shaw Freerange TV outside Canada.

  1. Sign up for a VPN service provider.
  2. Click on the link you’re provided with.
  3. Download and install the VPN app.
  4. Now, connect to a Canadian server (this will provide you with a Canadian IP address).
  5. Visit Shaw Freerange’s website or app.

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About Shaw Freerange TV

Shaw is the first cable company in Western Canada to offer Download-to-go functionality. Shaw FreeRange TV allows you to stream or download content over any internet connection. It can be accessed using your in-home Internet connection, or on-the-go using Shaw Go WiFi. This service includes the following features: Up to 80 live channels, over 30,000 on-demand titles, over 1,500 download-to-go titles, live sports on-the-go, and an all-in-one content aggregation.

Watch Shaw Freerange TV

With Shaw Freerange TV, you can enjoy your favorite TV shows, movies, live sports and more at home and on the go. All you need to do is to get a VPN, and Freerange TV can be all yours. Take binge-watching to a whole new level, and have all the content you want in the palm of your hands no matter where you reside.

35 thoughts on “How to Watch Shaw Freerange TV outside Canada”

  1. I am in Mexico and have a VPN and can access Shaw now but TSN is asking for precise location and won’t allow me to watch it?

    1. Hi Val. On what device are you facing these issues? If location services are mandatory then there is no way around the geo-block even when using a VPN.

  2. I’ve tried Surfshark and Cyberghost and neither of them can break the Shaw VPN block. Shaw does admit ( to me) that VPNs are not allowed. Some sort of cross border content and reciprocity agreement between countries, or something like that.

  3. I solved this problem ~5 years ago by buying a Slingbox . One-time cost was about $100-$150 for the box which is connected to your cable/sat box and to your router. This allows you 100% control and viewing of your home TV service through the interenet, including all PVR functions, as if you are sitting at home on your sofa. I shows an exact graphic of your TV remote and you just push the buttons as at home. No need to use a VPN at all. Big advantage is dealing with time zone differences : record programs, like a hockey game or news broadcast and replay it at your away from home time zone. BUT BUT BUT, Slingbox just announced Nov 2020 that they are discontinuing the product and not selling them anymore (although you can probably buy used ones), although they are still supporting the service until Nov. 2022. Works perfectly on iPhone, Android phone, pc laptop and Fire Tablet. I’m now trying to find some company that will still provide this kind of service beyond 2022. Any ideas?

  4. Shaw has the software that blocks all VPN providers IP address. Therefore, unless you have your own VPN server nothing will work.


  6. Same problem here. I am within canada but if i use the vpn I’ve flown to far. Contacted nord, no answer yet. Turn nord off work perfectly. Don’t know why they care, you have limited number of devices and have paid for the service.

    1. Hi there
      Most channels like Shaw do block certain VPN servers. But VPN providers like ExpressVPN that have a huge network “1000+ IPs” always have servers that work. You have to make sure you are using the correct server

  7. I called Shaw today (August 1, 2019)to ask whether they block VPN connections, and if not why does my VPN (Nord) not work. I am trying to connect in Canada through a Canadian server, and have tried several across the country. Shaw said they don’t block any VPNs, and can’t otherwise help because its a third-party issue.

    1. It has to be an issue with NordVPNs servers in this case, please do contact NordVPN. Or try another provider, I did do a quick test and I can confirm it does work with ExpressVPN

  8. While Shaw Freerange does not work with a VPN (tried with PIA), you can use Crave at with a VPN using your Shaw credentials (assuming you have a Crave subscription). Hopefully that helps someone.

  9. Have been unable to get Shaw Free range using ExpressVPN in DR for 2 months so they must be blocking,able to watch CTV and Global

  10. I am physically in Canada using NordVPN to give me a different Canadian IP and FreeRange TV says I’m not in Canada. I think maybe Shaw is blocking VPNs? I know that many people can’t use their VPNs with Shaw on the go wi-fi. Also Shaw seems to be very strict with FreeRange tv, absolutely no screen mirroring, some channels will not display full screen (try T&E) even when I’m using it on my tiny phone screen. overall, FreeRange TV isn’t nearly as good as Shaw makes it out to be.

  11. To access Shaw Free Range, solution to this, is that the server for Canada must be in Winnipeg as Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver is not acceptable due to copyright issues. So if a VPN provider can provide the user with the ability to select Winnipeg, you should be able to access Shaw Free Range

    1. Joe, I don’t have Winnipeg as an option to select for connecting to How do I get it in my VPN express connection sites?

  12. Same problem others are experiencing. I am in Puerto Vallarta Mexico and unable to access my Shaw Free Range TV. Worked perfectly last year. VERY disappointed as the primary reason I purchased ExpressVPN was to access my Shaw lineup of channels. If anyone knows of a solution, I would appreciate hearing about it. Thank you.

    1. Any work-arounds discovered for this issue yet? I have been trying various things including proper VPN (obviously), clearing browser cache, setting time zone to a Canadian timezone, and nothing has worked so far.

  13. Has anybody figured out how to get it to work? Don’t want to have to pay for the hockey games when I get them free with SHAw in Canada

  14. Confirmed. does not work out of country anymore with ExpressVPN, NordVPN, CyberghostVpn. tried all 3. Was previously able to stream with ExpressVPN. Something changed a couple of months ago. Even tried a few of the popular DNS unlockers. No luck.

  15. In arizona using NordVPN and shaw free range TV not working. Worked well last year but have had no success this year. Spoke with Nord VPN support and they were unable to help.

  16. Shaw not working for me anymore either. Recently worked in Cayman Islands (early Oct 2018) but now not working from Florida (Xfinity internet)

    1. Not sure what’s the issue you’re having but it works fine with NordVPN for me. I’d say try to chat with their support, might be just some configuration issues that they’re probably already aware off.

      1. I can’t access with NordVPN either, as soon as I access the VPN (even when physically still in Canada, it says I have “flown too far”. Seems like Shaw May have put a VPN detection in place…

        1. It should not matter if you use a VPN. Why should Shaw care? You pay for thie service. I would complain to shaw. If they don’t fix it. Cancel it.

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