How to Watch Mediaset Premium Outside Italy

Mediaset Premium is without a doubt one of the best Italian streaming platforms. The service operates slightly different than others. It includes both pay TV and pay-per-view in its bundle in addition to its regular video on demand service. Football fans are bound to enjoy its pay per view service as it is exclusively reserved for football matches. Once they subscribe, they’ll always be able to keep tabs on how their favorite teams are doing.

How to Watch Mediaset Premium Outside Italy

How to Watch Mediaset Premium Outside Italy

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Established in 2005, the service has grown steadily towards what it is today. Its offering of channels has also evolved to include movies, documentaries, cartoons, TV series as well as sports programming. This makes up quite a large selection of viewing and greatly adds to the popularity of the service. 

Is Mediaset Premium Available outside Italy?

Mediaset Premium is one of those streaming services that is difficult to access abroad. It is a geo-restricted service that identifies your location before granting access to their site. The service is able to pick up your location through your IP address. If you’re looking to access Mediaset Premium while outside Italy, you’ll have to look for some way of hiding it. A simple Internet search should reveal a couple of methods you can use. The most effective by far is through the use of a VPN service.

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How To Stream Mediaset Premium Outside Italy – Using a VPN

A VPN service is one of the most reliable forms of protecting your data online. It provides a layer of encryption that is used to ensure your data is well protected. Once you subscribe to a provider, you get access to their network of servers. Depending on the server you connect to, you’ll be able to change your IP address to suit the requirements of the site you’re trying to gain access to. In this case for example, if you’d like to stream Mediaset Premium while outside Italy, all you’d have to do is connect to an Italian VPN server. You’ll seem as though you’re accessing the service from home regardless of wherever you may be.

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  4. Now, connect to an Italian VPN server.
  5. Access your Mediaset Premium account regardless of where you currently reside.

You’ll be able to access Mediaset along with a bunch of other geo-restricted services by using VPN. Another thing with VPN is that you get to be anonymous while on the Internet. This can serve to your benefit in many different ways. When shopping online, you can access different versions of the same website according to their region. You get to benefit from the difference in pricing as a result. This also applies when booking your plane ticket or hotel.

Using a VPN also keeps your activity hidden from your ISP. This is important because many Internet Service Providers are known to have a data cap that they covertly impose on their users. 

Best VPNs to Watch Mediaset Premium While Abroad

To ensure that you get to use only the best form of protection, we have a number of top-level providers that we’d suggest you turn to. Here’s our list of the best VPNs for streaming from Mediaset Premium while outside Italy

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is one of the most trusted game players in the field when it comes to online security. The service is based in the British Virgin Islands and has control over about 2000 servers within its network. There’s also a nice bundle of features that you get to enjoy once you subscribe to the provider. They include a zero-knowledge DNS service, an automatic Internet kill switch, and support for up to 3 simultaneous devices all under one account.

ExpressVPN applies 256 bit AES encryption to keep your connection secure and supports OpenVPN, PPTP, SSTP and L2TP/IPSec as VPN protocols that you can use. The service also allows for split tunneling. It allows you to choose which parts of your traffic to encrypt or not to encrypt. ExpressVPN also has a very easy to use VPN client. This makes getting familiar with a VPN client quite easier for anyone getting involved for the first time. In case any issues arise, the service has a customer care team that can be accessed and consulted with 24/7. For a more detailed breakdown of what you’re likely to get from the service, have a look at our ExpressVPN Review.

2. NordVPN

NordVPN is another serious provider that’s been known for its well-rounded approach towards online security. The service is based in Panama. This allows them to uphold a solid zero-logging policy that’ll keep their customer’s privacy well maintained. The service offers a wide variety of features and tools, with one of their most well-known being their DoubleVPN encryption. This allows for the traffic to be routed through two servers instead of one, hence doubling the level of 256 bit AES encryption.

NordVPN also has specialized servers among its list of over 4000 that are optimized for services such as torrenting, bulk downloads, streaming as well as gaming online. There’s also support for Tor over VPN, and a SmartPlay feature that allows you to hide your location when connecting to geo-restricted sites. NordVPN also helps keep your browsing experience away from ads and malware through their CyberSec feature, and also supports P2P file sharing for those who would wish to torrent. To know exactly what to expect once you sign up with the provider, have a look at our NordVPN Review.

3. IPVanish

IPVanish is another well reliable provider that has been in the business for quite longer than most. They are headquartered in the US. Since the region is known for its invasive surveillance practices, IPVanish employs a strict zero-logging policy to keep its customers’ privacy secure. IPVanish happens to own all 1500 of its servers. Users shouldn’t have to worry about any third-party affiliates being involved in the management of their security.

IPVanish is also among the few providers who don’t compromise on speed when offering security. The service guarantees the same 256 bit AES encryption that you’ll get with most providers. The service is also great for torrenting as they promise anonymity for anyone hoping to use the service, as well as no limits on bandwidth or the number of times you can switch a server. For more information on why IPVanish is one to consider to watch Mediaset Premium shows from abroad, take a look at our IPVanish Review.

Conclusion on The Best VPNs to Watch Mediaset Premium Outside Italy

Mediaset Premium is one of the best streaming services you can rely on for the best in Italian entertainment. Due to the fact that it is geo-blocked outside Italy, you’ll need a VPN service that is as diligent as either Express VPN, IPVanish or NordVPN to stream from abroad. So that you’re sure what you’ll be getting into, make sure you have a look at the individual reviews we’ve done on these providers. This should give you an idea of what you’re getting into even before you start paying for the subscription.

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