How to Watch Sundance Now outside USA

Sundance Now brings you the best documentaries, award-winning films, and binge-worthy TV series, and hard to find classics. Oh, they are hard to find, alright! This is especially true to those who are not in the US as Sundance is unavailable to them there.

 From my understanding, Sundance’s providers impose restrictions that prevent users in other countries from accessing its content. However, this shouldn’t be a problem for those who make use of a VPN and Smart DNS proxy. Both methods can bypass geo-restrictions and grant users access to worldwide content, including Sundance Now. Check out how that’s done in the following article below. 

How to Watch Sundance Now outside the US

How to Watch Sundance Now outside the US

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Get Sundance Now Outside the US – VPN

Upon attempting to access Sundance Now abroad, you’ll find a message that reads: “Sundance Now is not yet available in your region. We are working on expanding our library of captivating and cutting-edge films, docs, and tv series to a screen near you soon.” Despair not, for there is a way to watch Sundance even if you’re not in America. If you use a VPN, every channel, website, or service can be made available to you.

A VPN, which stands for virtual private network has many functions, and one of them is encrypting users’ data. There’s a reason behind its naming. The VPN creates a virtual private network through which users data travels through and gets encrypted in. The device you’re using gets to connect to a server that is based in the country you select. If you choose to connect to a server in the US – where the content you want to access is – all of your data will pass through that US server. As a result, you gain an American IP address and the privilege to access US-based content.


This is what you’ll need to do to watch Sundance outside the US:

  1. Get the VPN service provider of your choosing.
  2. Set up a VPN account.
  3. Download then install the VPN on your streaming device.
  4. Activate the application and search for a US server.
  5. Connect to the server in the US and wait for the connection to establish.
  6. Now, you’ll have an American IP address that makes you appear to be in the US.
  7. Access Sundance Now from any country in the world.

While ExpressVPN might be more expensive than other VPNs, its fast and optimized server network along with other features make up for its price. You’ll experience seamless streaming and high connection speeds with this provider, making it the right VPN to use with Sundance.

To ensure you gain access to Sundance Now from any part of the world, I highly recommend that you sign up with ExpressVPN. In case you choose not to, there are other VPNs you can use with this streaming service. Check them out in the table below.

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Stream Sundance Now Abroad – Smart DNS

A Smart DNS allows you access to unblock Sundance’s originals, new films, documentaries, and TV series by changing the DNS of your streaming device. This is a technology that can get you past geo-restrictions from all around the world. What you should be aware of is that a Smart DNS is not as secure as a VPN. While the Smart DNS does bypass geo-restrictions from around the world, your data remains untouched, unprotected. The IP address you own will stay the same and visible to the public.

  1. Subscribe to Unlocator and sign up for its 7-day free trial.
  2. Go through the videos/setup tutorials to configure a Smart DNS on your device.
  3. Open the Sundance Now website/app.
  4. Stream all of Sundance Now’s content from anywhere outside the US.

If you want to find out whether Unlocator is a good provider, you can try it out for free for seven days. You’ll find that convenient considering Unlocator is highly compatible with most devices. If you are after a reliable Smart DNS proxy, I suggest that you make use of Unlocator. No other Smart DNS can unblock over 200 channels. You might as well give it a shot.

Sundance Abroad – Conclusion

Discover your next favorite film in one of our handpicked collections, curated by filmmakers and cultural icons in any part of the world. With both a VPN and Smart DNS, you can discover independent, inspiring, and influential films and series on Sundance Now regardless of your physical location. I’d love to read your picks in the comment section below. 

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