Unblock American Channels on Fire Stick with VPN

What is the best VPN for Fire Stick? The Amazon Fire TV is a great streaming device if you live in USA. Luckily, you can unblock and watch US channels on your Amazon Fire TV Stick abroad. (UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Mexico, Spain). Learn how to bypass geographic restrictions and unlock geoblocked channels on Fire TV Stick by using Smart DNS or VPN in this guide.

Important: You can skip this informational article if you understand Smart DNS and VPN. Use Unlocator‘s Smart DNS Proxy service to unblock American channels on Fire TV Stick. Or visit ExpressVPN. Sign up. Select an American VPN server. Access all restricted US channels on Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Unblock and watch American channels on Amazon Fire TV Stick using Smart DNS Proxy or VPN
Unblock and watch American channels on Amazon Fire TV Stick using Smart DNS Proxy or VPN

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Unblock US channels on Amazon Fire TV Stick outside US – Smart DNS Method

US-only channels like Netflix, Crackle, and Amazon Instant Video are not available on the Amazon Fire TV Stick outside US. To unblock and access these channels, you need to set up your Fire TV Stick with Smart DNS. A Smart DNS Proxy service conceals your true location from streaming devices like Fire TV Stick. Therefore, you can unlock and stream geoblocked channels on your streaming stick once you set it up. Smart DNS Proxies are very efficient when it comes to unblocking Netflix and the likes for a handful of reasons.

  • Smart DNS proxies work on all your streaming devices including the new Amazon Fire TV Stick.
  • Watch content from multiple locations using one Smart DNS setup. Avoid NFL blackouts, watch US Netflix, and access BBC iPlayer at the same time.
  • There’s no need for any additional software.
  • Internet speed is literally unchanged. Stream your favorite channels without interruptions.
  • Check that your ISP does not use Transparent Proxies or DNS Hijacking before using Smart DNS. Such policies can stop Smart DNS from working properly.

Try to find a Smart DNS Proxy service providing DNS codes that can unblock channels from different countries. Unlocator offer around 159 streaming services. Take a look at their guides and videos before signing up for a free one-week trial.

Best VPN for Fire Stick

VPN is just as effective as Smart DNS in unblocking restricted streaming services. The way VPN works slightly differently and offers is own benefits however.

  • Amazon Fire TV Stick and similar streaming devices cannot be directly set up with VPN. If you choose VPN to unblock US channels on your Fire TV Stick, you have to install VPN on a VPN router. Connect Fire TV Stick to that router and share its VPN connection.
  • There’s no need to check whether your ISP uses DNS Hijacking or Transparent Proxies. VPN will work in either case.
  • VPN efficiently increases your Internet privacy by encrypting your traffic.
  • Using an American VPN server unblocks all US streaming services at once.

The fact that all your traffic gets encrypted and re-routed decreases your Internet speed. The speed penalty you have to endure varies between 10 to 15% for fast and reliable VPN providers. Poor VPN providers can drag your Internet speed down even further. That is why I highly recommend using providers such as ExpressVPN where Internet speed drops are unnoticeable. The table below includes the best VPN for Fire Stick.

VPN Provider
Best VPN
  • Best for streaming and privacy
  • High speed servers in 160 VPN locations
  • Works for Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu
  • 24/7/ live chat support
  • 3 extra months free on annual plan
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Second Best VPN
  • UltraHD streaming
  • Free Smart DNS proxy
  • Unblocks all major streaming services
  • Limited Time 72% Discount
Third Best VPN
  • Unlimited VPN connections
  • Over 1000 servers
  • Ad-blocking feature available
  • User-friendly application
  • Exclusive Smart VPN feature
  • Standalone Smart DNS subscription available
  • Extra security features
  • Extensions for Firefox and Chrome
  • Split-tunneling available

Watch US Channels on Amazon Fire TV Stick outside US – Miscellaneous

Many gadget experts have compared Amazon Fire TV Stick Google’s Chromecast. Any streaming device is only as good as the apps and channels it offers. That’s why it important to take full advantage of such streaming sticks by unblocking US channels on them. Here’s a list of channels you can unblock by using Smart DNS or VPN on Fire Stick.

  • Netflix
  • Amazon Instant Video (US library)
  • Crackle
  • WatchESPN
  • Hulu Plus
  • Showtime Anytime
  • NBA Game Time
  • History
  • Flixster
  • NFL Now
  • WWE Network
  • MLB.TV
  • Disney Channel
  • AOL On
  • Lifetime

American Channels on Amazon Fire TV – Best Smart DNS and VPN on FireStick

Which American channels are you trying to get on your FireStick outside USA? Have you tried any of the workarounds listed above? Please do contact me if you need advise on how to use Smart DNS or VPN to unblock and watch US channels on Amazon Fire TV Stick.



150 thoughts on “Unblock American Channels on Fire Stick with VPN”

  1. I live part time in Los Cabos mexico. I have Telmex fiber optic internet and router and use a newer fire stick with express VPN on the fire stick. I also have dish in the states. I am able to get some streaming channels but some seem to be blocked. Is express VPH on fire stick enough to access USA streaming? Do I need a different router or VPN on the router?

    1. Hello Ed. In terms of unblocking streaming channels on your Fire Stick, there should be no difference whether you setup the VPN on the Fire Stick itself or on the router instead. What are the channels you aren’t able to access?

  2. Hi bought Express VPN after I installed my Amazon Fire Stick. I live in Canada and want to get US channels. The VPN install worked but now my firestick is displaying a geo lock message. I changed my location only on the firestick in the Amazon Alexa App… What setting should be changed and /or what is preventing my ability to watch US? HELP!!

  3. Have had a fire stick streaming all channels and for the last 4 weeks. We can’t pick up all the network channels trued everything what would be the problem we called the fire stick people we bought it off of they have no reason it shouldn’t pickup would you have any idea thanks Brenda

  4. Hey, my friend just got more VPN. He is living in Baja California Sur, Mexico he also has an Amazon fire stick. After setting up the router to open you to get Amazon prime, krackle Me other store.ing channels, it still will not unblock g3o restrictions? In fact More support says it is not possible to unblock US prime (Amazon) with nordvpn ?

  5. Jailbroken US Amazon Firestick with Alexa Voice. Check!
    ExpressVPN purchased and downloaded. Check!
    I am in Italy, so I connected the VPN to the US/NY. Check!
    Error message on Covenant (something about pairing access?), Amazon Prime (INVALID_GEO_IP), but Netflix US seems to be working just fine. Any help would be AWESOME!.

    1. Hello William,

      Thanks for your article!

      I am planning on moving to Germany next year but I already have one Fire Stick for my family in the U.S. Can I buy another Fire Stick and following all of your steps to jailbreak it, successfully watch American channels?

      You probably already answered this, but I would like confirmation.

      Thank you.

      1. Hello Varsha. Yeah, you can use the instructions listed above on multiple Fire Sticks. Let me know if you need further help.

  6. i have HMA (Hide My A##) VPN and i tried watching US based shows in my laptop setting the location to the US when I was in Greece this summer and i kept getting the message “you are using a proxy server blah blah..” it would not let me watch anything on my laptop. no Hutu, no Netflix, even the shows on regular channels like CBS, NBC did not like it. Would it work better with one of the VPN software mentioned here?

    Also I am considering using the Fire Stick as well.

    1. Charles Roswell

      If you’re looking for a VPN that works great on FireStick and allows you to bypass regional restrictions on the channels you’ve mentioned, BulletVPN is your best bet.

  7. Hello, I purchased an Amazon Fire Stick in the U.S. and am trying to use it in Mexico. I paid for Unlocator so that I can change the smart DNS on my Fire Stick. Unfortunately, it is not working. I am still unable to access any U.S. channels. What am I doing wrong. I have tried about 15 times using the directions on Unlocator’s website, but I’m not getting any results.

    1. Charles Roswell

      Hi Jennifer. Have you tried getting in touch with Unlocator support? They should be able to sort these issues out.

  8. I have just bought the AMAZON fire stick. I have installed Kodi and VPN (both IPVanish and PrivateVPN).
    However, I cannot watch the American netflix, it comes the blocked proxy.. I have tried several DNS codes, nothing works.
    What do I do?
    You write it can be installed on my router? How?

  9. Hello,

    Appreciate your website very much as it is a very great help.

    Apologies if this topic has already been discussed here but I wasnt able to see any Philippines user using Amazon fire stick yet.

    I have purchased the said fire stick last June2016
    And have installed Kodi Krypton v17 – success

    Install addons – UK Turks, Elysium, Specto Fire – Success

    Watch streaming movies from those addons – success

    Used IPVanish to block my IP address – signup, login and change IP from Philipines to US- success

    Updated my subscription to Amazon Prime, and by updated, I changed my billing address to a US address in NYC. My credit card details is still the Philippines credit card I used to sign up before. – success

    1. Some movies and streaming services from Kodi Addons – ok as I figures that some will work and some wont

    2. Amazon prime subscription works but when I try to stream movies (e.g. The man in the high castle, etc.) I get the same geo sources error which I cant seem to get working.

    Help in Unsuccesful item Number 2 please.

    Thank you!

  10. I cant decide between the firestick or the andoird tv box, i need it to be able to watch tv when i am in mexico, i have a usa debit card if needed but i also use cuberghost vpn, which is best for me to buy and can you tell me which app i need like kodi or whatever thanks

    1. Charles Roswell

      As far as I am aware, CyberGhost VPN doesn’t have a native VPN app for FireStick whereas VPN services like IPVanish and BulletVPN do. Kodi can be used on both the Fire Stick and Android TV box.

    1. Charles Roswell

      Hi Pat. Yes that should be possible. Either setup ExpressVPN on your router or use ExpressVPN’s DNS on your FireStick.

  11. Alonso Zapata

    Does Amazon Fire Stick work in Colombia? I’m very interested in buying it but want to make sure I can use it in Colombia before buying it. Thanks!

    1. Charles Roswell

      Hi Alonso. Yes, the Amazon Fire Stick works in Colombia as long as you’re either using Smart DNS proxies or VPN on it.

  12. please help…. I’m using IPVanish for my vpn service. I got it for the sole intention to watch live streams in Kodi via Firestick 17. everything is up to date. no abandoned addons. cache doesn’t need to be cleared I believe since I just installed Kodi on my brand new Firestick. BUT everything is still the same…no live streams!!!! No SportsDevil! no Turks playlist or whatever its called. my husband wants to watch the NBA playoffs and this is the 2nd vpn ive tried. I used Troypoint and installed IPVanish directly onto my firestick but……NOTHING!!!! WHY??????? I have it on my android phone doesn’t work. and my Windows 10 PC nothing as well! what am I doing wrong!??! plz help if you can. I’m in the US.

    1. Charles Roswell

      Hi Erin. Do you mean the list is empty once you click on SportsDevil or UK Turk Playlist? Please elaborate more.

  13. Gday, How do i get my fire stick to work in Australia? It just tells me that my billing address is not usa based so it wont let me access anything. Does anyone know how to get a USA credit card and billing address to get it to work?

    1. Go to your Amazon account search for manage content and devices, set your country settings to United states, make sure that you have 1 click method enabled no need for a US credit card just use a US adress (make sure its a valid, use google).
      After this you can download apps on firestick, to bypass geolocked services like netflix,hulu,hbo now etc you’ll need to subscribe to a smartdns or vpn service.

      1. thank you for your help. it is very appreciated.

        i would like to subscribe to HBO and Showtime aswell. for that i need a US creditcard or is there another way to do it?

        1. You could also purchase an American iTunes gift card and then use that to sign up with HBO Now and Showtime.

        2. You can do that through Apple App store, just make sure you setup a US app store account and select none as your payment option. Purchase some US itunes giftcards and your good to go.

  14. I want to buy a Fire stick from the UK to watch UK programs but I currently live in Bahrain. I currently watch 4 On Demand and BBC iplayer on my laptop by hiding the VPN address. Will I have to do the same? plug the Fire Stick into my laptop and connect to my tv that way? or can I just go straight from the tv? Can I also watch US channels? I saw online I have to install Kodi and unlock it I think?

  15. I went the Smart DNS route and the amazon prime videos are playing, but all the apps that is not available before are still not available for example HBO etc.?

      1. Isso, I have an account with an address in the US but not a US credit card! With that said I managed to get the prime videos to work.

        I managed to download the apps via the website and sent it to the fire stick. Some worked like sling tv, but others did not like direct tv now, and CBS worked only to view live tv but not any other of their programs. The PlayStation channel also did not accept my payment info to create an account and choose a plan, is there any way around that?

        I also tried buying via Amazon a series, but it does not allow me to, even tried buying via a gift card which was suggested on another site with no success!

        But then last night after all the struggle it was like the DNS stopped working or something and I was unable to view anything? I redid the setup as set out by Unlocator, but with no success so I am now back to square 1?

        1. Hi. You could possible get to sign up with PS Vue using PSN gift cards although I haven’t personally tried that approach. Keep in mind that Unlocator do not support PS Vue.

          As for the fact you’re having issues at the moment, try contacting Unlocator support. They usually reply fairly quickly and get to the bottom of the issue.

            1. I don’t think there’s any Smart DNS proxy service that supports unblocking Playstation Vue. Your best bet is VPN although you’d have to setup your VPN connection on a DD-WRT router to get it working on your Fire TV Stick.

  16. I bought a fire stick in the USA. A friend of mine jailbroke it last week. I am presently in Canada and it doesn’t work. It worked in the USA but doesn’t seem to work here in Canada. How do I get it to work

    1. Frank Appiah Mensah

      Please how many free channels will I get if I use the Amazon fire tv stick in Ghana and also want to know the fire stick works in Africa if you don’t want the US only channels

  17. Hello, I am currently in Portugal and want to be able to watch American and English channels, what is the simplest way to do this ? I have bought a fire stick from the uk.

    1. Hi Many. I reckon the best option in your case would be using Smart DNS since it can be directly setup on the Fire Stick itself.

      1. She may have to set the router. I just learn that you cannot use a smart DNS in a fire stick, a least with Express vpn.

  18. I currently live in Australia do you know any websites that sell the firesticks as most us ones won’t ship to Australia

    1. Hi BJ. You can use a Fire Stick bought in Australia. What you need to get American channels on it is an American Amazon account.

  19. Hello! Thank you for the informative article. So here is my situation, I have just moved to Italy and I want to use my Amazon firestick with Kodi. I also want to use the firestick to access my US Netflix and NFL. Based on your article it appears that Smart DNS is better than VPN. My question is how do I set it up so I can use all the free channels and access my paid subscriptions. Thank you!!!

  20. hi alinux,
    thanks for the good sources, i am a old fun of vpn and used expressvpn and currently with seed4me. but it always affect my internet speed. i know, it’s because the signal is going through the foreign server.
    but you said that unlocator doesn’t effect speed, why?

    Internet speed is literally unchanged. Stream your favorite channels without interruptions.

    ps — i checked the notification option ?

    1. Hi. With VPN , all your traffic will go through the VPN server whereas with Smart DNS, only geo-related URLs will be redirected. That means that in most cases, the URLs responsible for the video streaming remain unchanged i.e. do not have to pass through a remote server before getting back to you. The fact VPN encrypts all your traffic can also drag your Internet speed down.

      1. Interesting. Could you add, how secure it is? if I use online banking abroad and will change my location to use the service (my home IP with SmartDNS), will it also protect my private information: password and cvv?

  21. I have the firestick, but I’m unable to stream hulu on it, I live outside the US but I have a working VPN a friend of mine is sharing her Hulu account with me, my method of sharing the VPN connection to the firestick is creating a virtual VPN server on my PC then sharing it to all my devices, works flawlessly with prime,netflix,hbo now on my firestick but somehow doesn’t with hulu plus constantly getting the anonymous proxy error. Weird thing is that I can stream hulu fine on all my other devices connected to that same VPN connection, devices that Ihave tested are samsung galaxy phone , iphone,ipad,PC,and samsung smart tv they all stream great, firestick however is a no go. Any idea what’s causing this??

  22. Going to buy fire stick tomorrow what do I need to do after hooking up system and do I have to subscribe to anything.

    1. I want to get all the free channels that I can get it want to get the movie channels that show movies that are in theaters.etc

      1. Firestick is not listed in the guides… I want to make sure that I can download this on my firestick. I cant use anything on my router as I work from home and I have to be able to log into my works server and I am afraid it might interfere with being able to do that.

        1. Hi Carie. Setting up Smart DNS on your FireStick can be done by following the guide for the Amazon Fire TV as both run the same operating system.

  23. I would like people to know that Private Internet Access does NOT work as a vpn to watch American netflix. Somehow its ip’s are blocked even though it’s supposedly an encrypted vpn service.
    I contacted them about this and they said, basically, “No it doesn’t work; too bad for you”. No refund given.

  24. I have a wifi only internet connection – Huawei mobile wifi device via Claro in Costa Rica. This is the only internet connection I can get. I use a vpn (Private Internet Connection) at my computer but the Fire picks up the wifi unit and sees I’m in Costa Rica.
    So how can i watch amazon prime via my Firestick? What’s weird is that I can watch it on my laptop because my laptop changes the ip, but when I plug the fire stick into the tv it sees only the wifi unit which is a costa rica ip.
    I think I might be able to change settings online via the Huawei device. But I don’t know how and am afraid of screwing up my only internet connection!

    1. p.s. I looked at unlocator but the bottom line is it’s pretty technical and I’m not a wiz at network stuff. Also won’t my Fire TV stick still have to be hacked somehow inside itself or my Huawei device somehow hacked to change ITS ip?

      1. Hello Jim. Unless you setup VPN on your router, there is no way to change the IP address of the Fire Stick itself. I don’t think your Huawei router is VPN-compatible. The only other way around would be by using Smart DNS since it can be directly configured on the Amazon Fire TV Stick without having to setup anything on router level.

  25. Hi !!! I am in Costa Rica ! I just got one amazon fire stick with control (not voice control) and like many other people all over the planet .. i was shock that i could not use Netflix with it … if i get the Unlocator service.. am i going to be able to get Netflix or Hulu ??

    1. Hi Charlie. Yes, using Unlocator will allow you to unblock and watch US Netflix as well as Hulu on your Amazon Fire Stick in Costa Rica.

  26. Mark Williams

    Hi, my fire stick will not hold the dns changes. Any tips. I use unlocator and follow all instructions 5 times! Thanks for your help. Great site.

  27. Am taking my Amazon Fire Stick TV to Kenya, What do I need to do so I can watch American Movies and TV shows?

  28. (sorry for editing Alinux, discard my previous comments) Hi Alinux! I hope you can help me in this one. Im Linux user (Mint 17 64 bit) . The problem is that I’m from Argentina and Netflix appears me as “unavailable”. So I though about the VPN the method. I have crated a VPN connection fallowing this http://www.linuxandubuntu.com/home/how-to-setup-virtual-private-network-vpn-in-linux-ubuntu-based-distributions . But I realize the problem is that I need a virtual router and some way to link it to this VPN connection , isnt it? And I have no idea how to get that . Im very sad because I bough this brand new fire stick with voice control and I cant use my netflix account :(. Can you help me please?

  29. Joseph-John Martel

    i presently have A TVPN device here in Los Cabos Mexico, which is slowly being blocked after 2 years of service. Brand name is ASUS wireless N router Model RT-N16 with a proxy IP address 0f… Can i keep this device and have it reconfigured so as to not lose U.S programming or do i need to purchase a brand new VPN device from the U.S and then what do I do?

    1. Hi. You should be able to continue using that router, but you might have to switch to another VPN provider like ExpressVPN.

  30. Is there any difference in getting a fire stick here in Japan? or one in the US? I plan on unblocking it to access my US Hulu account while I’m here in Japan.

    1. Hi Yokes. It should not matter where you buy the Fire Stick. However, you still need an American Amazon account in order to install US channels on your Fire TV Stick.

  31. If I buy an amazon fire stick jailbroken, would I still need to do something else for it to work outside the United States?

    1. Hi. Even if the Amazon Fire Stick is jailbroken, you still need Smart DN or VPN to be able to unblock geoblocked US channels outside USA.

  32. I have a jail broken fire stick will the kodi apps ie genesis work in Portugal I no I won’t get Amazon prime just want kodi apps can I just plug it in the hdmi and WiFi thanks

    1. Hi. Using Kodi alone will not make it possible to bypass geo-restrictions. You still need Smart DNS or VPN to achieve that.

  33. Hello. I’m in Mexico and I changed the DNS and Netflix, abc, cbs are working . But there are few , for ex. USA network, which they are not and they are asking me to subscribe and to choose my provider… How I can make them work also?

  34. I will be staying at a resort in Cancun in a few months. I will be using their wi-fi. If is subscribe to Express VPN, will my Amazon Fire work to access NetFlix or my Amazon library?

    1. Hi. In your case, I’d suggest using Smart DNS instead of VPN since Smart DNS can be directly configured on your Fire TV. As a precaution, you should contact the resort if possible and make sure they do not use DNS hijacking. DNS hijacking does break Smart DNS.

    1. Hi Jamie. You can either use ExpressVPN or Unlocator to unblock American Netflix in Australia. Both methods have been tested and are working.

  35. I am going to Japan from the US. Can I set up the fire stick to work in Japan from my hotel room and watch my US shows.?

    1. Hi Ramie. If the hotel you are staying at does not use DNS hijacking, then you will be able to configure Smart DNS directly on your Fire TV Stick and watch US channels on it.

    1. Hi. You configure Smart DNS directly on your Amazon Fire TV and unblock American channels on it. With VPN, you need to install VPN on your router in order to watch US channels on a Fire TV.

      1. I am less than useless when it comes to all this. How does one set up a VPN on their router? And where does one go from there to get Netflix US working on amazon firestick? The simpler you could put it the better lol. Thanking you ?

        1. Hi. Setting up VPN is only possible if the router you are using supports that feature. VPN setup guides differ slightly from one router to another, but most VPN providers do have manuals you can follow to get the job done.
          Alternatively, you can use Smart DNS to unblock American Netflix on your Amazon Fire Stick. In that case, you do not need to configure your router since Smart DNS can be directly setup on the Fire Stick itself.

            1. Hi. First, sign up for a free Unlocator trial. Once done, follow the Smart DNS setup guide for Amazon Fire TV Stick which can be found here. If you get stuck, send the Unlocator support team an email. They usually respond fairly quickly.

              1. hi, i’ve been following along here but am a bit confused. i live in US and will be traveling to Italy in April. I want to watch NHL Hockey games while in Italy that are being broadcast from the US. I plan on bringing my fire stick. i will be staying at places with free wifi and hope to plug the stick into the tv there. i looked at the directions on unlocator and it says to get the IP address off the router, but above it says i can do it right on the stick with a smart dns. is what i want to do possible? if so, can can someone please clarify? thanks!

    1. Hi Wendy. Yes, I can confirm that you can unblock American channels on Amazon Fire TV Stick in Canada using Smart DNS or VPN.

  36. When I go into ‘advanced’ after entering my WiFi password are the default codes at the top (sort of darker font) actually my IPS etc or are they just generic?? Thanks

  37. I am looking to get an amazon firestick tv, but I live in colombia. if I chipped (unlocked) the fire stick and used it in Colombia would I have to further use the unlocator or would it just automatically work?

  38. Good Evening and thank you VERY MUCH for your time and help.

    I wanted to ask you, I have a firestick good and working here in the US, what do you think I would need in order to use it in Lima, Peru in South America? I am planning to move out for a year and have a lot of streaming that I do with the Fire Stick and also with using software. Please could you tell me what would i need ?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi. Smart DNS can be directly configured on your Fire Stick. If you wish to unblock US channels on your Fire Stick using VPN, you need a VPN-compatible router.

  39. Will this work the same way for this. I unlocked my firestick and am trying to get nhl gcl but want to watch local games. Will this allow me to do that as well?

  40. Do I understand correctly that you plug in the fire stick directly into the router that has vpn rather than the tv that I have hared wired from the router?

  41. i have a modified fire stick and ‘ll be traveling in Italy and want to watch NHL games. I’ll be staying at apartments with wifi- so no log in screen, so i’m good there but do i need a VPN or Smart DNS? thank you

    1. Hi. NHL GCL has no blackout restrictions in Italy so you should be fine. However, I’m not sure whether the Amazon Fire TV Stick officially supports the NHL GCL app.

      1. while there is a GCL add on you need a paid subscription. how about the streams where games appear now- would these typically be accessible outside the US?

      2. Hi I have been reading all the info everyone is asking but I have tried to get this fire to stick to work in Australia I bought it in uk and had it sent over can you help in any way thank you

  42. Hi,we have a UK amazon prime account, I have a place in turkey and it has a communal router, we brought an amazon stick for the TV over there, we was able to watch you tube, is there any other way of watching regular TV through the stick (we don’t have a smart TV) . Your help will be greatly apriciated.

    1. Hi. You should be able to watch UK Amazon Prime content on your Fire TV Stick using a Smart DNS service like Unlocator.

  43. Hello,

    I am from the US but I have been living in Spain and using IPvanish for my VPN service. I just got a fire stick but I can’t figure out how to connect it and use my VPN. I have been reading that I can use a VPN router but most of them are expensive and I want to make sure it is going to work before I get one.My question is what is a reliable VPN router that is not too expensive and how do I set it up so my Fire Stick will work properly. I would also like to ask if it would be best to cancel my VPN and get a smart DNS service instead. Thanks!

  44. Hi, after reading all the comments I still have question … I live in mexico and I have 4 Tvs on my house so assuming I bought 4 TV Amazon Sticks and pay for the unlocator service (I assumed only one time for all 4 sticks) Can everyone on the house watch any channel they want? Or everyone has to watch the same program an all 4 Tvs?

    1. Hi. Each person gets to watch the channel they want. You only need one Unlocator subscription for all the devices connected to the same network.

  45. Hello, I’ve recently moved to the UK from the U.S. and want to be able to get my US sports channels (fox/cbs/nbc for American football, ESPN channels, nbc sports and its affiliated channels for English football). I’ve just purchased a new Sony smart tv and have a virgin media router for broadband. Thanks in advance for your help.

  46. I bought a UK Amazon fire stick. I am looking to use it over in Baku Azerbaijan. Can anyone suggest a good smart DNS site to use. I am looking for one that it is easy to set up on my Amazon fire stick. Maybe even a smart DNS site that might work on my Samsung smart TV

  47. Hi i have ordered a fire stick in germany with a prime subscription. Can I access the US library for prime???

  48. You state ‘If you choose VPN to unblock US channels on your Fire TV Stick, you have to install VPN on a VPN router.’ I assume that is just for an unbroken fire stick, but that if I wanted to access Amz Video from my home country that I could use a jail broken Fire TV & side load a VPN and view the content that way? I set up DNS on fire stick but am suffering from a confirmed DNS leak. I have a friend who has a smart TV & they have the same leak to AMz’s servers but VPN still works for them. So looks like DNS cannot work for me – I know you can fix a DNS leak on a PC but don’t know of any way to fix it on a Fire TV – I’m hoping I can still side load & access content via VPN. Any suggestions?

    1. Once you sign up with a DNS server like Unlocator setup the DNS codes on your router or streaming devices. Sign into your Amazon account and change your region. You do need a prime subscription in the region you intend to switch to.

  49. Can you swap out the DNS to pick up American Netflix in the UK?
    How easy is it to get into the settings? Do you have to change your IP as well?


    Hi I am in the UK & have just purchased an Amazon Fire TV stick with the hope of using it at my Villa in Turkey. I have MIFI in the Villa so can access the Internet. Would I need one of these VPN’s to use it or anything else. I’m not brilliant with IT but hopefully can follow basic instructions. Your help would be greatly appreciated.
    Regards Bob Pomfret

    1. FOR THE stick to work in Turkey get a dd-wrt enabled Wifi router and take it with you this will allow to use VPN in turkey on the stick.

  51. Hi, complete novice here…I want to use the fire stick out in Spain. I live in UK and subscribe to Netflix. I have Macbook pro attached to a monitor and run Netflix through that using a VPN. Could I just plug the fire stick into the monitor and it will work or do I still have to use Macbook & VPN? Sorry, bit thick and do not understand how it all works :( Any help would be good, Thanks.

  52. Hi can you do the same with chromecast? I have chromecast but as I understand it can only be used for mirror imaging? thank you

  53. Hi can you access Hulu etc on the Amazon firetv using a DD-WRT VPN router such as the nighthawk r 7000 without also having a paid for vpn sever such as hidemyass.

    1. Am not sure there are any free VPN services around that are worth trying “I.e. due to instability, delay etc”. Alot of paid VPN services are bad enough :)

  54. hey im not sure if i get it right… i can’t change the dns settings on that sitck direktly. so i have to set up my router with a new dns server right?

    1. Hi
      You can do either, you can set on the Amazon fire tv directly or on router, in the early stages there was some confusion about this.

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