Free American US DNS Codes for Netflix ?

Free DNS Codes seems to be what everybody is behind these days. Smart DNS Proxies, allow you to change your location and unblock geo-restrictions for Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu, WWE Network, BBC Iplayer, and the likes. Furthermore, unlike VPN, Smart DNS Proxies work on Android, iPhone, Ipad, Xbox, PlayStation, Apple TV, Roku, Smart TVs, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Chromecast and more. But the question that remains is Are Free DNS Codes safe? and Are Free DNS Codes stable?  

What is a Smart DNS Proxy

Free US/UK DNS Codes for American Netflix Online – The basics

I have been using free DNS codes online for a long time, I started out with free codes I found online, but then I started to ask myself questions how Smart DNS Proxies work and how safe it is to use them. I ended up ending an article about it.  I will summarise the main points below :

  1. DNS is the core root of the Internet, if you have slow DNS you have slow Internet. If DNS goes down you have no Internet at all
  2. DNS proxies, change the IP of the destination server and then redirect your web traffic through their US servers. As a result, the DNS Proxy can virtually read all your Internet traffic, depending on how much traffic is redirected and the privacy policy.

In short, your Internet traffic stability and security are on stake here. That is why I decided to switch to a well known and paid Smart DNS Proxy to get Smart DNS Proxy Codes for American Netflix, mainly for the reasons below :

  1. A well crafted and well-written privacy policy, from a provider in a well-known country.
  2. DNS codes to unblock geo-restrictions that work and don’t keep changing.
  3. DNS Codes that don’t affect the speed of your Internet traffic, and only redirect a minimum of your Internet traffic.
  4. The ability to change Netflix regions from the UK to USA etc without further changes.
  5. Support that helps out when help is needed.

There is quite a number of paid Smart DNS Proxies that provide the above, I personally do use Unlocator, they do sport a 7-day free trial, over 214 supported streaming sites, a Netflix region changer, an Amazon Instant Video region changer and excellent support.

Free US/UK DNS Codes for American Netflix Online – The result

If it is too good to be true, it is probably not true. Free DNS codes are unstable and keep changing at the very least. On the other end, Free DNS codes can be used to steal your credentials from credit card information to website logins. So you might want to give another thought to whom you trust with your Internet traffic.


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