WWE Network on Android with GPS Fix UK CA

So you have got your WWE Subscription and used either VPN or Smart DNS to get WWE Network to run on your devices such as “Ipad,Android,Xbox,Kindle,PS and Smart TVs” outside the USA except for Android. If you have not yet done so, please refer to my guide on how to get WWE Network outside the USA “Confirmed working in UK, Australia, Germany .If you already have WWE Network streaming in UK, Australia, Germany or any other place in the world and only have issues with streaming WWE Network on Android and Kindle, for example as the Android GPS error screen  “Unable to reliably verify your location” when you try to watch WWE Network. Then see the help guide below please.

Unblock WWE Network on Android
Unblock WWE Network on Android

WWE Network GPS Block on Android – The basics

In short WWE Network works on all supported devices using either VPN or Smart DNS Proxy, the only device that does not appear to be working for users is Android. The reason being that the WWE application on android does require both an Internet location that appears to be coming from the USA and a GPS location that appears to be in the USA.

WWE Network on Android the GPS Fix – The Network

This part is the easy one, please do follow WWE Network outside the USA, and configure your Android device to use either SmartDNS or VPN so it appears to be coming from a USA Internet address. Then move on to the Android GPS part below.

WWE Network  on Android the GPS Error – The GPS

If you enable Mock Locations from Developers options your GPS might not work properly in Google Maps Navigation, make sure to disable Mock Locations again, if you want to Navigate. If you cant find Developer options go to Method 2 below and do step 2 to re-enable it

The GPS part is the problem with Android and WWE Network, please see below a few methods that were shared by some loyal WWE Users who had some success to getting Android to work with WWE Network using a GPS fix.

Method 1 by @iquayle

It seems like the app picks up on the mock locations being enabled to spoof the GPS. Only way I’ve gotten around this is enable developer mode on the device by repeatedly tapping the build number in settings. Then running the spoofing app (I used location spoofer). After it asks you to enable mock locations say yes, set your required location and duration. Then go into the developer settings turn off “allow mock locations” then run the WWE app. The app will take a while to check your location but will eventually run the videos. You’ll still need to use a DNS or VPN Solution on top if the GPS workaround to play videos. A royal pain in the arse and one that seems exclusive to android unfortunately. Worked on my HTC One and Transformer infinity. 

Update by Karl

when you turn off the allow mock locations setting, also go to locations and switch the mode to gps only and then open the wwe app. Seems to work every time. You might need to force close the wwe app before you start to make sure it does it’s location checks.

Method 2 by Froderik

On my Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 it was a little bit tricky but with VPN and FAKE GPS LOCATION SPOOFER FREE and the developer setting set to allow fake gps location it also worked after 1 hour of testing.  tested on an Galaxy Tab 3.0, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S4 mini and Huawei P6.
Step by Step for Android Unblock of WWE Network:

1. Install all 3 Apps (WWE, FAKE GPS FREE,Setup VPN)
2. Go to Settings – About (Info) – Buildnumber (Tap Buildnumber about 6-7 Times fast) – You have to go to your Android Phone, Tablet or what ever Settings. So the General Settings of your Device, not from an App. It is there where you can also see your Android Version, for example 4.1, 4.2 and so on. Below that you see the Build Number. Thats where you have to Tap.
3. Enable allow fake location
4. Go one Step back and you see a new Menu “Developer Settings”
5. Enable Mock (fake) Location (Pseudostandorte)
6. Install and Start VPN From ExpressVPN or otherwise– configure a USA Server “ExpressVPN has apps for IOS/Android and Desktop”
7. Start Fake GPS and choose any place in the USA
8. Start WWE App and Tap “Tap Here to….” and whait, it says “Getting Location” for about 30 sec. or more
9. Log in and enjoy

Worked perfect for me!

Update by Froderik on 10/04/2014 “Worked on S4 – I just Made one Change. Before launching the WWE app, so right after step 7 i dissabled the mock location in developer settings of the phone because the app says unable to locate as long as the setting for a faked or mocked location is on. But you already set a faked location in step 7, so its no problem to turn it off. Location will stay in the US.

WWE Network on Android the GPS Block – Your Help

The above work arounds are the result of comments on of readers of my WWE Network Outside USA article and my own research.  The methods are either SMART DNS or VPNIf you have any more hints and results of whether the GPS fix for WWE Network  does or does not work for you. Please update with a comment below so I can add your results, this way we can build up a reference table of what Android devices work WWE Network after applying the GPS hack or fix and what devices do not work. If you wish to participate please do state the following :

  • Method tested
  • Phone brand and Android OS version
  • Result


18 thoughts on “WWE Network on Android with GPS Fix UK CA”

  1. Amazing, worked perfectly, with VPN and the fake GPS location app and turning off the mock location on my Samsung Galaxy S3! Thanks so much for the admin of Method 2!

  2. I am using asus tablet tf700t rooted. I have the spoofing app in system/app. WWe network app plays video for few seconds and then freezes and restarts the tablet..any help in this regard would be highly appreciated

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  4. It work for me, but only on live content, when i try the VOD, i just got the sound, no image. I’m on galaxy note 10.1. On my nexus 5 everything is ok

  5. You can still tick and untick mock locations as normal. It’s just while it’s ticked that app still works which is not the case without root. My GPS is still perfect. If I can figure out how to root my nexus then nearly anyone can. At least anyone who has enough knowledge to even be on thevpn guru! :D

    1. :D :D thanks for the update, the GPS being perfect is great. I certainly do know how to root an Android device, but I prefer to default Android ROM to a rooted ROM on Nexus, simply because it is pure Android without the Samsung/HTC ..etc shit added, and you always get the newest stable Android OS without any extra efforts. And from prior experience not all rooted ROMs are stable enough for my own likening.
      Thanks again !

  6. Root your android device. Then use System app mover to move your location spoofer app. This allows for mock locations to remain enabled but wwe app doesn’t know. App works instantly with no delays waiting for location. You are welcome.

    1. That is a valid argument, there are two issues I would not like with this approach
      1- Not all users do want or can root their device. For me it is that I do use a Nexus Google phone, so I always get the latest stable Android OS first, and that keeps me from rooting.
      2- Having mocks enabled all times does affect real GPS for navigation and the likes. At least on a non-rooted device.

      Thanks for your input ! I am sure it will benefit somebody else.

  7. OK, I had a breakthrough. To allow spoofing you need to set the android location settings to high accuracy or battery saving. Follow the first instructions, but when you turn off the allow mock locations setting, also go to locations and switch the mode to gps only and then open the wwe app. Seems to work every time. You might need to force close the wwe app before you start to make sure it does it’s location checks.

  8. Necramoniumvideo (@Necramonium)

    Tried it all myself as well, and it won’t work, App keeps stating that it cant find your location…

  9. I very briefly got the first solution to work, but it quickly went back to not working and haven’t recreated it yet. I don’t think either are going to work in the long term. The first won’t work because as soon as you turn off allow mock locations the app thinks you are outside the US again. The second won’t work because the wwe app checks for the mock locations and won’t play if it is set.

    Hopefully someone will come up with a working solution soon.

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