4 Smart Devices With Not-So-Smart Security

IoT is a revolutionary way to interact with things that surround you. You can tweak your home settings, change the way things respond, and even enhance your comfort of living – all through a few simple apps. But did you know that your ‘smart’ devices may not indeed be so smart when it comes to protecting your privacy? With hackers growing more and more sophisticated every day, it is important to protect yourself and your family’s privacy from online damage.

4 Smart Devices With Not-So-Smart Security

4 Smart Devices With Not-So-Smart Security

4 Smart Devices With Not-So-Smart Security

With all that in mind, here are some of the most easily hackable devices that you probably already have in your home:

Smart TVs – Shocking Privacy Breaches

There is no doubt that smart TVs are awesome for having a wholesome viewing experience. Who wouldn’t want to watch that latest Netflix series on HD Widescreen and 1080p? How about that movie you want to stream through Amazon Prime? We can all agree that when it comes to having a great time with visual media, smart TVs are among the best in the market at present.

However, as is the case with most devices connected to the Internet, they are very easily hackable and have only the most basic security features that even you could bypass (if you tried). Hackers can potentially use your Smart TV to watch you while you are watching the TV! This is a serious concern for everyone and should not be taken lightly.

Moreover, you need to worry about how your data is being used by companies to give targeted ads and compromise your privacy. Many companies like Vizio have been berated publicly for tracking the online activities of users without their consent.

While you might think targeted ads are not so bad because they do provide you with a more customized shopping experience, you may not realize that they can be used in more nefarious ways. You have to ask yourself if your smart TV’s features and convenience really worth the privacy compromise it comes with.

Smart Thermostats – Crazy Hacks and Security Compromises

These nifty little gadgets are great for those cold winter evenings when you just don’t want to get out of bed to raise the room temperature. Who wouldn’t want that? By hooking up to the internet, these devices make life easy for us all.

But did you know that your own privacy behind closed doors might be getting compromised because of these smart thermostats? That right! Some lines like Google’s Nest have been shown to track user movements and send their behavioral patterns back to their parent company! Shocking right? It’s a serious breach of privacy.

If this wasn’t bad enough, anyone can easily hack into your Smart Thermostat and steal that info we just mentioned. Imagine how useful this might be to some criminal eyeing your house. Your Smart Thermostat is also an ideal route directly to your home network and once we get there, many online hacks are just a click away.

Once again, you have to ask why you should risk your security and privacy just for the sake of having a more connected home temperature control device.

Smart Baby Monitors – We Don’t Even Know What to Say Here

Yeah, this one sounds like a dream device! All those moms and dads who want to keep track of their little bundles of joy have been scanning the market for these devices. And why shouldn’t they? They sure beat having to carry that radio around everywhere you go.

However, there is a major problem with these devices and that is that they are incredibly easy to hack. So, you can imagine the sheer creeping horror you would feel if and when you find out that an unknown person is using your baby monitor to spy on your precious little tiny tots.

While there has been a new spate of devices launched more recently that have upgraded security, it is still a breeze hacking into any one of them. You have to wonder just how useful these devices really are, given the fact that your entire life can be up for display to anyone with the right skills and a creepy intent.

Smart Fridges – Simple Breaks

Smart Fridges are a great way to stay connected in ways that you never thought you would need. Just think about how convenient it is to be able to chat up your spouse through Skype while you look for that leftover lasagna. How about being able to browse through social media while reaching for that second pint? It sure sounds like an ideal thing for people who want to multitask with minimum effort.

Nevertheless, you should know that while these things do make life connected and convenient. They also seriously compromise your security. Any hacker with a malicious agenda can tap into your Smart Fridge, steal your passwords, and then you might as well say goodbye to your personal data.

Is any of this worth the risk?

The Solution

Fortunately, there is something you can do to give yourself a sufficient level of security even while using these devices which are clearly a step ahead of the rest. And that is a VPN!

A VPN is a Virtual Private Network which basically encrypts all your data and makes your network as secure as possible. Most major companies and corporations already use this service to secure their digital assets. Ever since the Internet of Things has been ranging in the market, VPNs have grown in popularity by a lot. This is because they offer the chance to secure your private home network against any and all threats.

You can just install the VPN on the router and all your devices will be secured by it. There are several companies that provide routers that are pre-configured with VPNs. You can also configure a VPN on your own router.

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