7 Reasons Why VPNs Are Good Value for Money

VPN or Virtual Private Networks are among the best ways to be safe online. While they cost a few dollars every month (and who likes paying for stuff?), they actually return more than you spend on them! It doesn’t take much talent to spot a good deal. With the stellar rise in cybercrimes across the internet having a VPN can be a blessing. More specifically, you can buy this blessing. They are a multipurpose, flexible option for your online cyber-security.

7 Reasons Why VPNs Are Good Value for Money

7 Reasons Why VPNs Are Good Value for Money

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7 Reasons Why VPNs Are Good Value for Money

If you do not have much experience with VPNs or simply haven’t come across, look at these 6 reasons you should.

No Geo-Restrictions

If you’re a Netflix fan from outside the US, you’ll be heartbroken to know that you’re just getting a fraction of the library that’s available to US Netflix users.

While you might be paying the same, your options are pretty limited. To get a bigger library, you can use a VPN and watch American Netflix outside USA. Thus, get more movies and TV shows for the same price!

So while you might spend a couple of dollars on a VPN, it will allow you to get more entertainment for each dollar you spend. That’s a huge bargain right there.

Secure Your Private Data

Local networks are not the most reliable for keeping your data safe. If you frequent a café and use their Wi-Fi services, you just might be giving away your precious information. You could be opening yourself up to cyber-attacks without knowing.

There have been many reports over the past few years of people having their devices hacked when using public Wi-Fi. It is no secret that hackers even use hacked computers to mine cryptocurrencies indefinitely. This naturally results in your computer slowing down.

And that’s not the worst part. The hackers can get access to your bank accounts and other important credentials. If you have a decent amount in your account, can you afford to have it compromised?

Stay safe with a good VPN. By spending just a couple of dollars each month, you can keep your details protected from hackers. And you can’t put a price tag on that.

A VPN can also protect you from ransomware. A ransomware can hit your computer and ask for a sizeable amount of money to grant you access to your own files. And a ransomware won’t ask you for a couple of dollars. An average ransomware demands thousands of dollars! Just a few dollars every month on a VPN don’t seem like anything now, do they?

Exclusive Discounts!

Frequent online shoppers know that when it comes to discounts, e-commerce sites tend to be a bit selective about the regions. Some discounts might not be available in your region.

Say you’d like to buy a designer handbag for example. You might notice that the same product has two different pricing at two different locations, with one being significantly lower than the other. You shouldn’t pay more for the exact same product simply because of your location.

That’s where the VPN steps in. You can use your VPN to change your IP address and purchase the cheaper handbag, then have it shipped to your exact location.

Get Good Speeds

If you’re a gamer or a movie lover who streams HD videos, you know that speed is the essence. You’ve spent a lot of money on buying a console and purchasing games from Steam other platforms. It will be a waste of money if you can’t play the game smoothly.

But your ISP has other plans. They watch you consume data and they start throttling your connection. As a result, you start getting lag in your games. And lag is never good for multiplayer platforms. A one-second lag can be costly for your entire team.

With a good VPN, you can hide your data usage from your ISP. When your traffic is encrypted, your ISP won’t be able to see what you’re doing online. And this is why they won’t be able to throttle your connection.

So if you spend money on gaming or online movie watching, make sure you use a VPN and save some bucks. There’s no point in spending money on subscriptions of various services and then not being able to enjoy them.

Restriction-Free Access

The internet is not a level playing field. Rather it is an obstacle course riddled with challenges. However, VPNs can help you have a seamless ride. There are many countries around the world like Russia and China which have massive online restrictions. These restrictions are posed by the government to make sure the public doesn’t revolt against them.

If you’re traveling to China, you must know that common websites such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter are blocked there. If you value your internet freedom, you should download and install a good VPN that works in China.

If you value your freedom, you’ll be happy to know that there are many VPN companies that can bypass the Great Firewall of China and that too without burning a hole through your pocket. A decent VPN will cost you just a few dollars a month.

Assimilate Your Resources

If you use a network that comprises diverse nodes, a VPN can safely bring them together. Let’s say you have 10 different offices dotted across the US. You can secure their network and use their combined resources to full effect without compromising on security. Moreover, there are business-specific VPNs that can offer you enhanced security and a host of other assets for great control. So, your business no longer needs to suffer from low-speed low-security public networks. That’s a lot of profit for a very small price.

Download Protection

It is not just the government that is out to crack down on you for harmless things. If you use torrents to download movies or music, then a giant corporation can register cases against you. Using third-party content, particularly downloading it can land you in big trouble. However, VPNs can provide you with the digital camouflage that you need to stay safe.

They say prevention is better than cure and with digital rights teeth and claws, you better have safeguards in place.

7 Reasons Why VPNs Are Good Value for Money – Conclusion

VPNs come in many varieties and it is up to every user to check out what they are opting for. Not every VPN can cover all kinds of activities. Make sure you choose a VPN that suits your particular purpose. Further, you should know if they can be configured correctly to cover your digital track. Safety is always paramount. Choose the right VPN and enjoy risk-free internet – just as it was always meant to be.

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