7 Roku Tricks You Should Know

With the rise in online streaming, a wide range of streaming devices has flooded the market. There are streaming boxes and the more portable streaming sticks, and they all let you watch your favorite shows anywhere you like. Among all the streaming devices available today, Roku is the most popular option, partly because of the affordability and partly because of the variety of Roku devices. You have the Roku Premiere, Roku Premiere+, Roku Express, Roku Express+, Roku Ultra, and the Roku Streaming Stick.If you’re like any regular user, you probably use your Roku device like everyone else. But there’s so much more to discover about any Roku device. There are hidden tips and tricks that will surprise you with the various ways you can tweak the device and the service to your advantage. Here are six hidden Roku tricks you can use for a better streaming experience.

7 Roku Tricks You Should Know

7 Roku Tricks You Should Know

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7 Roku Tricks You Should Know

The Roku Channel

As great as streaming services are, they do cost a bit of money. Wondering if there is a free alternative to streaming services? Yes, there is. The Roku Channel is a completely free service where you can get to watch movies from partner channels like Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Warner Brothers, and Lionsgate. 

If you don’t mind a few adverts, there is practically no other downside to this amazing free service that you get only with Roku. You don’t need to provide any login data or payment information. The best thing is that this channel -which rolled out last fall – is available on every Roku device.

Channel shortcut

Roku is organized into channels, and sometimes when you are in a hurry to watch your favorite show, it can be bothersome to navigate through the channels. If you have the Roku app, you can do away with this problem. There’s a What’s On icon at the bottom of the screen, which is basically a shortcut for movies and shows neatly organized into categories.

When you have this shortcut, you don’t have to click through all the channels to find a good show to watch. Just click on the What’s On icon and you get to see a list of everything that’s on at the moment.

Mobile Streaming

The Roku mobile app for iOS or Android is not only a remote control for your Roku device but is also loaded with plenty of features that let you use the service to the fullest. One of the most important features of the app is Play On Roku, which enables you to stream photos, music, and video content stored on your phone to your Roku device. All you have to do is go to the drop down menu in the app and click “Play On Roku”.

You have to choose the type of content you want to stream and you’re ready to go. However, remember that while you are streaming from your phone to the Roku device, every other app you access on your phone can be seen on the TV.

Smart Screensavers

If you pause what you are watching, you will usually find the Roku logo floating around the screen after sometime. This isn’t the best screensaver to look at. You can easily change this and choose a smarter screensaver by going to Screensavers & Apps from your Roku device. Choose from a range of screensavers, from an art gallery to latest weather updates.

Play Games

Even though not on the level of the XBox, your Roku does offer a number of fun games. Choose Games from the menu and you get to enjoy different games like Pac-Man, Chop Chop Runner, and Jeopardy. You can also enjoy motion-control gaming with the voice search option on the Roku Enhanced Gaming Remote. And with lower taxes and more jobs and all those bonuses, more of these games are on the menu now for so many people.

Instant Replay

Can’t understand what the actors on screen are saying? No worries. By going to Settings > Captions > Instant Replay, you can get captions on screen whenever you use the Instant Replay button on the remote. This can be done if you’re watching a foreign language show.

Access American Channels while Abroad

Planning on working abroad or spending a short vacations overseas? You’re probably thinking about taking your Roku streaming device with you. Unfortunately, due to geo-restrictions, most if not all channels you have installed on your Roku simply won’t work outside the USA. In order to bypass regional restrictions you need to spoof your online location using VPN service providers like ExpressVPN.

7 Roku Tricks You Should Know – Wrap Up

Armed with these hidden tips, do not use your Roku like everyone else does. Get ahead of everyone else by applying these six tips and tricks for better streaming and getting the most out of your Roku.

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