Best VPN for Cambodia

Cambodia has been one of the few countries that have endured a lot of turmoil for the larger part of its history, but things now seem to be looking up for the once violent nation. This changing state of affairs, unfortunately, does not extend to members of its press, or those that rely on their local connections to access the Internet. Cambodia is listed by the Freedom house as having “partly free” Internet access, meaning there’s a large list of Internet sites and channels that have been blocked out from access by locals.

Best VPN for Cambodia

Best VPN for Cambodia

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This can mainly be attributed to the relatively unstable political landscape in the country, where we have the Cambodian People’s Party hoping to downplay any efforts of their critics to voice their displeasure with their rule through restricting access to social media sites and blocking online forums.

The Royal Government of Cambodia is currently able to regulate the information spread through traditional media such as television, radio, and newspaper. Back in 2015, a law disguised as a measure that will help deal with their escalating level of cybercrime set the stage for the government to have legitimized control over the Internet.

Internet Use In Cambodia 

Cambodia is considered one of the worst places in Asia when it comes to Internet freedom. With the rising rate of Internet penetration in Cambodia, you might not experience that much of a problem when connecting to the Internet. The problem comes about when what you want to do is share out your opinions without having to necessarily censor them to avoid getting screened down by the government.

To do this, you’ll need a tool that will allow you to first work around any restrictions that the government might have placed on the websites and channels that you’d want to post on, and also a tool that will ensure you remain anonymous in case anyone feels the need to track you down.

Why You Need a VPN in Cambodia

The one tool that allows you to work around any web restrictions, and still maintain your anonymity online is a VPN service. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, and it allows users to establish a connection to a remote server which then goes on to encrypt the data that goes between your device and the Internet. This way, even your ISP is left unable to interpret the data transmitted between your device and the Internet, meaning they’ll be unable to track you down, or even see exactly what you’ll be up to as you browse.

A reliable VPN service should also allow you to access international content by allowing you to bypass any restrictions that may prevent you from streaming from popular platforms such as BBC iPlayer, Hulu, US Netflix and the like. Selecting the right service to use often means being critical of what each service has on offer, and comparing it to personal preferences such as how many devices you’d like to have under protection, or whatever you’re willing to spend to get the service you need.

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The Best VPNs for Cambodia

We’ve compiled a list of reliable services that you should be able to count on for an efficient connection, that’s sure to keep you secure regardless of whatever site you wish to visit. We’ve also ensured that every mentioned provider has some sort of trial period or money back guarantee for you to try out and compare. Have a look:

1. ExpressVPN

Starting off our list is a provider that has been around for almost 11 years, and has managed to capture the market in ways that no other service provider has. ExpressVPN has been credited with having one of the best customer care services in the market, and with the assurance that customer issues will be well taken care of, new VPN users feel all the more encouraged to sign up.

ExpressVPN offers military-grade 256 bit AES encryption to users worldwide, through their more than 2000 servers, which are well distributed across more than 148 servers all over the world.

ExpressVPN is also the provider to use if you happen to need to stay undetected with your use, and this is possible through their range of Stealth Servers.

These servers make it possible for you to access content from highly restrictive regions such as China and the Middle East. ExpressVPN also has the capability to support up to 5 simultaneous connections and allows for unlimited server switching without any imposed data caps on bandwidth use. To read more about what ExpressVPN has to offer, we’ve put together a detailed ExpressVPN Review that you should find the time to go through.

2. BulletVPN

BulletVPN got set up back in 2017, and this has allowed it to gather the much-needed experience in the VPN industry to provide a service that millions of users can rely on for both their security and access to geo-restricted sites.

The service has around 150+ servers well scattered around the world, and it actually happens to optimize them in order to maintain perfect speeds. BulletVPN also offers its much-needed online security service through its 256 bit AES encryption service, and with it, it allows for unlimited bandwidth use, as well as unlimited server switching.

The service is particularly hailed for its super-fast server connections, which are known for keeping a connection steady especially for online gamers who can’t do with a connection that lags or delays even for a few seconds.

BulletVPN is also one of the few services that offer up to 6 simultaneous connections for its users, meaning it’ll help you save on your costs especially if you’d like to have a wide range of devices protected. For all these devices, BulletVPN offers VPN apps that can connect and work on devices running on Windows, iOS, Android, or Mac without any issues. You can learn more about IPVanish through this well-put-together BulletVPN Review.  

3. NordVPN

NordVPN has its roots based in Panama, and the service made a good decision to base its headquarters there as there’s no form of Western data regulatory policy that affects them. This means they can assure their customers of a reliable zero-logging policy, meaning subscribers are able to browse without having to worry about their provider eavesdropping on their service. The provider has access to a network of more than 4000 servers, and this helps make sure that users have access to whatever form of restricted content regardless of wherever it may be sourced.

NordVPN allows customers to connect up to 6 multiple devices simultaneously, and this makes it fit for use even by small business owners. NordVPN offers a wide range of features that are well catered to enhance the 256 bit AES encryption security that’s already provided, and they include a Double VPN service that further secures a user’s connection by passing it through two servers instead of one.

NordVPN also offers its users a CyberSec feature that prevents adverts and unwanted malware from disrupting your browsing experience. To know more about what NordVPN can do for you, take a look at our comprehensive NordVPN Review here.

Wind Down For The Best VPNs for Cambodia

Subscribing to a VPN service means taking charge of your right to freedom online, and being able to visit any website or channel you’d want to without any form of restriction standing in your way. Have any questions or comments you’d like to ask us? Leave them in the comment section below and we’ll be sure to respond.

Best VPN for Cambodia
Best VPN for Cambodia

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