Best VPN for Clash of Clans

What is the best VPN to use with Clash of Clans and Clash Royale? Clash of clans is one addictive game. Centered around defending your own base and attacking that of your enemy, Clash of Clans has risen to break records that its creators never really thought it would. The game at one point claimed the title of the number 1 highest grossing app in the Apple store and was said to be making up to $5.15 million a day courtesy of the numerous upgrades you would need to make to fortify your base. The game is also designed such that whenever you’re offline you leave your base vulnerable for attack, and this forces die-hard fans to ensure as they stay online for as long as possible to prevent that from happening.

Best VPN for Clash of Clans

Best VPN for Clash of Clans

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Best Clash Royale VPN Summed Up

In case you’re looking for a VPN to improve your online gaming experience, there are a few top choices you can sign up with. Here is a list of the best Clash of Clans VPN service providers:

  1. ExpressVPN
  2. BulletVPN
  3. NordVPN

Clash of Clans and The Need for An Internet Connection

Being an online game, it goes without saying that you will need an Internet connection to play it. It’s one of the games that doesn’t really allow you to do anything offline, so aside from getting an Internet connection, you’ll also need one that is fast. A fast connection prevents any lag from happening, as a few seconds delay is more than enough to have you lose your war and render you defeated.

Seeing that this is one of the games that you might need to check in on every now and then, you’ll probably want to make the most out of the Internet connection you find wherever you may be. This might mean logging in when at work or at school, or even in public places where you can find a connection such as an airport or a restaurant.

Problem is, such places normally have restrictions set up within their network to regulate the use, and because games like Clash of Clans take up a lot of bandwidth, chances are that such networks have firewalls that prevent users from playing such games.

This can be such a disappointment especially if all you want to do is just check on the status of your clan, not even to play. To work around such restrictions, you need a solution that is able to bypass any firewalls or network blocks that may be set up, regardless of the type of network that you’re connected to. One such solution is VPN.

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Why You Need a VPN for Clash of Clans

Using a VPN ensures you’re able to play Clash of Clans even when connected to restrictive networks, but how does this happen? To start with, VPN stands for a Virtual Private Network. This is basically a group of servers that users connect to so that their activity gets encrypted, thus making whatever a user is up to online hidden. Once a connection to the servers is made, a user is then able to conceal their online activities from anyone who might be thinking of eavesdropping on them, their ISPs included.

A VPN also allows subscribers to work around any firewalls or blocks that may have been put in place by their network, meaning Clash of Clans players shouldn’t have an issue playing the game even while connected to their school or work network. You can even access your favorite games online in countries where these games are banned or blocked. This is not the only advantage that a VPN offers its users. A reliable VPN service allows users to access geo-restricted websites and channels since after connecting to the remote servers, their IP addresses get changed to reflect the location of the remote servers. To access a geo-restricted site, you would need to locate a server in the site’s country of origin, and once you connect to it, you’ll seem as though you’re accessing the site from within its home territory.

The Best VPNs for Clash of Clans

Now that you know a few things about what a VPN can do for you, the next best step would be to look out for which would be the best service to sign up with. A reliable VPN service should be able to provide security, anonymity and the ability to work around network blocks. We have a number of suggestions that we’re sure are able to do just that below:

1. ExpressVPN

Playing an intense game like Clash of Clans means you should be able to connect to a VPN service whenever you’d wish to and ExpressVPN with their list of 2000 servers allows for exactly that.

The service is based out of the British Virgin Islands, which does not form part of any data retention jurisdiction. ExpressVPN is also a well-awarded provider, and this is thanks to their highly experienced customer care team. Their team is well suited to handle any customer complaints at whatever time of day, through email or direct messaging. The service offers customers the opportunity to have 5 simultaneous connections, and also promises not to keep any logs of their online activity.

Users are also free to count on ExpressVPN’s Stealth servers, which are a group of servers that can be relied on to browse sites based even in the most restrictive of territories.

The service is also gracious to subscribers who refer the service to their colleagues since if they get to sign up, both the new and current subscribers get a month of free service as a reward. Any user who really doesn’t want to use VPN could turn to their Smart DNS service, where only their location gets hidden. For an incisive look into what this provider is all about, we suggest you go through our ExpressVPN review.

2. BulletVPN

BulletVPN is one of those providers that you can rely on to deliver an exceptional service void of any misgivings whatsoever. This is because the service is focused on providing online security, and really doesn’t have as many sideshows disguised as added features.

The service has about 150+ of its servers well distributed across the world. BulletVPN also has servers that are specially optimized for gaming, and this should be great news for Clash of Clans players since these servers are designed not to lag.

In other words, these are super fast servers that offer a very efficient connection. BulletVPN is also among the few providers that condone and encourage torrenting since their servers can easily handle it.

The capacity of additional connections that BulletVPN can also support is among the highest in the market, allowing for up to 6 simultaneous connections under the same account.

If you’re thinking about signing up with BulletVPN, there’s a lot more you need to know about the provider, and you can do so through our detailed BulletVPN review.

3. NordVPN

Another provider that seems to be garnering a lot of well-deserved attention is NordVPN. This able provider is based out of Panama and is one of the few providers that allow for as many as 6 simultaneous connections under one account.

The service has about 5000 servers listed within its network in 59 countries. The service is also very open about adopting a strict no-logging policy, ensuring that nothing is stored, collected, or shared with third parties.

The service also supports top VPN protocols, giving its customers a wide range of options to choose from. In terms of security, the service offers 256 bit AES encryption, and also has added features such as CyberSec, which protects your device from any malware, virus, or malicious software that might target you. 

The service also has a VPN app that is easily compatible with a wide range of operating systems that include Windows, Mac OS, Android, and Linux. Take the time to go through our NordVPN review here, and you’ll know all you’ll need to know about this reliable provider.

Conclusion on the Best VPN for Clash of Clans

If you haven’t had the chance to play Clash of Clans yet, you have no idea about all the action you’re missing out on. To ensure you’re able to access the game despite whatever site you could be on, subscribe to a reliable subscriber like ExpressVPN, BulletVPN, or NordVPN, and you’ll be set to reach the greatest heights of this amazing game no matter what online network you’re connected to.

Best VPN for Clash of Clans
Best VPN for Clash of Clans

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