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True sports fans all over the world are always looking for a way to watch NBA, NFL, MLB, College Football, and NHL live online. To be honest, there are not as many channels that provide sports coverage that’s as comprehensive as that of ESPN. This is why it makes sense to unblock ESPN in Australia, Canada, Belgium, Spain, or UK with VPN. If you live in USA, you can also use VPN to bypass ESPN blackouts. This is why we have prepared the following Best ESPN VPN 2019 Review Guide.

Best ESPN VPN 2017 Review Guide

Best ESPN VPN 2019 Review Guide

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ESPN Geo-Location Errors

Many expats and students studying abroad often complain of an ESPN location error that reads something like this when they try to stream ESPN outside the US.

“This content cannot be accessed outside the US.”

If you live in the USA, regional restrictions might also prevent you from watching live MLB, NFL, NBA, College Football, or NHL games on ESPN3.

“This games is available to subscribers in the “Green Area”. Customers in the “Black Area” should see this game on local stations.”

It’s a huge downer especially if you were hoping to stream a live sporting event. Here are two reasons why the error could have occurred:

  • You were trying to stream ESPN outside the US without a VPN.
  • You are trying to watch a live game on ESPN that is blacked out in your region.

Whichever the case, it’s clearly time you considered signing up with the best VPN provider to watch ESPN online.

Best ESPN VPN Review 2019

For those who don’t know, VPN is a trusted technology that allows you to access geo-restricted channels and sites by changing your IP address to one that’s within the country whose content you want to stream or view. ExpressVPN is one provider whose test results place it squarely above the others that I tested and here’s why:

  • ExpressVPN offers around the clock support through a team that’s ready to sort out your issues regardless of the time.
  • You get up to 3 simultaneous VPN connections with ExpressVPN.
  • You can unblock ESPN outside the USA.
  • ExpressVPN also supports bypassing ESPN blackouts.
  • You get easy-to-use software for your device. You’ll be able to set up a VPN connection on your Mac, iOS, Windows or Android device in minutes.

One indicator of a high-quality service provider is their ability to offer their customers a genuine guarantee. Those who sign up with ExpressVPN enjoy a 30-day money-back guaranteed refund policy in case they’re not impressed with the service they get. Here’s my list of top ESPN VPN providers in case you want to try out several for yourself.

RankVPN ProviderLink
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Best ESPN VPN Review 2019 – Smart DNS Alternative

If you feel like VPN is a little difficult to wrap your head around, you could try Smart DNS as an alternative since you’ll still be able to stream ESPN abroad with it as your solution. Here are a few pointers to give you an idea of how it works:

  • Using Smart DNS won’t change your IP address.
  • You can use Smart DNS to watch ESPN outside the USA.
  • You cannot bypass ESPN blackouts using Smart DNS.
  • Smart DNS is compatible with whatever streaming device you’re using. Get to stream WatchESPN on PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Xbox, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, Android, Chromecast, PS3, and PS4.
  • Smart DNS doesn’t encrypt your traffic. Your ISP will easily be able to view your activities online.
  • You should probably look at other alternatives if you’re sure your ISP uses transparent proxies.

Switching to Smart DNS is relatively simple, but it can get really frustrating if you don’t know much about the provider you want to sign up with. Unlocator offers a 7 day trial period just so that you can get familiar with them, and see that they do support unblocking WatchESPN outside the US.

Best ESPN VPN Review 2019 – Final Thoughts

Whether you will decide to unblock ESPN via VPN or Smart DNS depends highly on your list of preferences. You see, if you want to bypass ESPN blackouts in the USA, go for ExpressVPN. If you only want to watch ESPN outside the USA, then Smart DNS through Unlocator is a good alternative.

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