Best Wizards for Kodi in 2019

Kodi wizards are like Swiss Army knives. They basically are all-in-one program addons that allow you to perform multiple tasks. For instance, you can install various community builds, factory-reset your Kodi app, or even test your Internet speed from within your Kodi app. Additionally, Kodi wizards enable you to install all the best Kodi addons without the need to manually configure their repositories. In this review, we take a look at the best wizards for Kodi 17.6 Krypton as well as Kodi 18 Leia in 2019.

Best Wizards for Kodi 17 Krypton in 2017

Best Wizards for Kodi 17 Krypton in 2019

Installing Best Wizards on Kodi – Beware!

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The Merlin Wizard – Best Wizard for Kodi

The Merlin Wizard - Best Wizard for Kodi

The Merlin Wizard – Best Wizard for Kodi

If we were given the choice of installing only one Kodi Wizard, the Merlin Wizard would definitely be on top of our list. All in all, the Merlin Wizard is an absolute gem and a must-have for any Kodi user.

Ares Wizard – Best Kodi Wizard in 2019

Ares Wizard - Best Wizards for Kodi in 2017

Ares Wizard – Best Wizards for Kodi in 2019

The Ares Wizard probably is the most famous of them all. In terms of functionality, this wizard has it all. Tasks you can perform using Ares include installing builds and addons. You can also test your Internet speed and reset your Kodi app to factory settings.

Community Portal

Community Portal - Best Wizards for Kodi in 2017

Community Portal – Best Wizards for Kodi in 2019

The Community Portal is a program addon that allows you to install the most popular addons on Kodi 17. You can also use the Community Portal to create your own custom build. The program plugin also has a maintenance section as well as a large list of useful tutorials. The all important SportsDevil Launcher, an addon that is essential for the SportsDevil addon to run smoothly, is also included in this wizard.

Durex Wizard

Durex Wizard - Best Wizards for Kodi in 2017

Durex Wizard – Best Wizards for Kodi in 2019

Don’t let the name fool you. This Kodi program addon is quite handful. You can use Durex Wizard to set up the popular Durex Kodi build. The plugin also has a maintenance section and an addon installer tool.

Wookie Wizard

Wookie Wizard - Best Wizards for Kodi in 2017

Wookie Wizard – Best Wizards for Kodi in 2019

The Wookie Wizard allows you to perform other tasks. You can, for example, install patches of unofficial addons from different regions. You can also reset your Kodi app, test your Internet speed, You can use the wizard to install other community builds as well.

Best Wizards for Kodi in 2019 – Final Thoughts

Is there a Kodi wizard that we missed out on? Do you know of any other top wizard for Kodi that should be included in the list below? Feel free to let us know which wizard tops your list in the comment section below.
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