Best VPN for Showbox

Content streaming has nowadays become one of the most popular pass times for anyone who has a reliable Internet connection. This has seen many video applications and streaming services get really popular, especially among users looking to the Internet as their main source of entertainment. Many of the apps offer access to a wide range of TV shows and movies, but you really can’t be sure that they all offer quality content. With Showbox however, things are really quite different.

Best VPN for Showbox

Best VPN for Showbox

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What Is Showbox – Is It Legal?

Showbox is an Android app that in many ways, is much better than most of the popular streaming services that you might already be used to. The app offers premium content that you really won’t need a subscription for. Therefore allows you to access a lot of licensed, copyrighted content. Its library is also quite large, so to help you find your way, the app allows you to search based on the IMDb rating, most recent release, by title, or even by popularity.

The Showbox app also allows for both HD streaming and downloading. However, as with everything else that seems too good to be true, we highly doubt that Showbox is actually legal. Showbox isn’t really bound by any geo-restrictive blocks, meaning you should be able to access it regardless of wherever you may be.

The one thing that could potentially come between you and streaming from the app is your ISP. ISPs all over the world have been known for really knocking down on anyone who uses a lot of their allocated bandwidth for streaming, and most of them try to manage their use by throttling your speed or entirely blocking Internet access by the Showbox app.

Why You Need a Showbox VPN

With the app unable to establish access to the Internet, you’ll be left unable to stream any content, and the app would, therefore, become useless to you. Fortunately, though, there is one guaranteed solution that you could apply to work around any of the blocks that might’ve been applied by your ISP, and that would be to use a VPN.

VPN in full stands for Virtual Private Network. This basically is a collection of servers placed in different locations all over the world that are meant to encrypt your connection. Using a VPN allows you to hide whatever you’re up to online, to the extent that even your ISP provider won’t have any idea what you’re doing. This will then make it difficult for them to throttle your speed, or even block your connection.

Using a VPN to protect your Internet connection means you’ll be able to use the Showbox app despite any blocks that may have been put in place by your ISP. Once you connect to a remote server, details such as your IP address get changed to hide information pertaining to your identity such as your actual location. With this done, you’ll also be able to stream content from geo-restrictive sites and channels, as they would assume that you’re streaming from within the original country of the site.

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Best VPN for Showbox

Choosing the right VPN service to subscribe to can be a very daunting task, especially if you have no prior experience dealing with such. To help make things easier, we’ve put together an elaborate list of providers that we’re sure won’t give you such a hard time to work with.

1. ExpressVPN

If there’s one provider that we had to single out for being well built for new VPN users, and still providing amazing service, it would have to be ExpressVPN. Based out of the British Virgin Islands, ExpressVPN helps ensure that users stay protected online through its vast network of about 2000 servers, as well as its 256 bit AES encryption service.

Its zero logs policy is well-implemented courtesy of being based in a country that doesn’t subscribe to any data retention rules, and its added capacity of 5 more simultaneous servers means users are able to have their other devices protected.

ExpressVPN also offers users a reliable ExpressVPN app, which is well compatible with devices running on Android, Linux, Windows, and iOS. The app also allows for split tunneling and can be configured to connect to ExpressVPN’s stealth servers, which hide the fact that you might be using a VPN if you’re browsing through sites in countries such as China and the Middle East where VPN use is restricted. To see more of what ExpressVPN can do for you, have a look at our ExpressVPN Review.

2. BulletVPN

BulletVPN has continued to maintain its reputation as one of the most reliable providers in the market, thanks to its objective approach towards online security.

The service has about 150+ servers to its name, and it also happens to scatter them across 55 countries. Once you subscribe, you’ll also have access to all its different protocols, such as OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP. The service also has one of the highest capacities for simultaneous connections, since it allows for up to 6 multiple devices to stay protected all under one account.

Security through the service is also fully assured, as BulletVPN employs 256 bit AES encryption along with a firm zero logs policy to ensure that their users know their history isn’t being recorded even by their online security provider. If you’d like to learn more about BulletVPN and what they have to offer, have a look at our very well-detailed BulletVPN Review.

3. NordVPN

For most people, hearing that a service has more than 4000 servers should be more than enough to convince them that it is worth subscribing to. NordVPN, however, goes above and beyond mere convincing, by offering features that most of the other providers can’t even compare with. For starters, NordVPN allows for up to 6 devices to connect to its service and also has a strictly enforced zero logs policy as a result of being based in Panama.

The large network of servers makes it possible for NordVPN to offer services such as DoubleVPN, which adds to your security by routing your traffic through two servers, and CyberSec, which prevents malicious ads or malware from interrupting your browsing session. NordVPN also allows you to choose which server you’d like to connect to depending on whatever it is you’d like to get done online. The service has servers that can optimize activities such as streaming in HD, torrenting, large volume downloads, and online gaming. Get to see what NordVPN can do for you by going through our NordVPN Review.

Conclusion on The Best VPN for Showbox

Choosing either Express VPN, BulletVPN or NordVPN will help ensure that your browsing activities stay secure, and also ensure that your Showbox app maintains unrestricted access to the Internet. Have any questions or comments regarding our review? Leave them in the comment section below and we’ll be glad to respond.

Best VPN for Showbox
Best VPN for Showbox

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