Why Do Canadians Use a VPN?

Are you wondering why you’d need a VPN in Canada? This article will clear that right up for you. Read on to learn why you’d need a VPN in Canada and what are the 5 main reasons that Canadians use VPNs for.

Why Do Canadians Use a VPN?

Why Do Canadians Use a VPN?

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Do I need a VPN in Canada?

Short answer: Yes, you need a VPN in Canada.

VPNs are cybersecurity tools, they work on two basic functionalities:

  1. Encrypting your data.
  2. Re-routing your traffic through their own secure servers.

Because of these functionalities, VPNs can keep your data secure, your connection private, and online presence anonymous. The great added feature that you get with VPNs is their ability to access geo-blocked and restricted content. The act of re-routing your traffic automatically changes your public IP address. Websites usually restrict access to their services based on your public IP. Seeing as most VPNs give you the option to select the server of your choice, you can very much control which IP address you get and which content you can unblock.

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Why Do Canadians Use A VPN?

There are many reasons why Canadians, both inside and outside Canada, choose to use a VPN service.

1. Access Geo-Restricted Channels

A lot of Canadians use VPNs to supplement their streaming habits. Even though Canada is located in North America, it doesn’t have access to the same content that its neighbor, the US, does. In fact, most Canadians use VPNs to access US-based content specifically. This includes American Netflix, Hulu, as well as HBO GO.

Canadian expats, on the other hand, utilize this functionality to regain access to local content. When you leave Canada (and your Canadian IP), you lose access to the Canadian programs, shows, and channels such as CBC, TSN, and Shomi. VPNs can help you regain that access by giving you a Canadian IP whenever you feel like it.

2. Torrent Anonymously

The second reason why Canadians, inside and outside Canada, use VPNs is to gain the ability to torrent safely and anonymously.

Let me explain.

Your IP address should reflect your geographic location. That goes a long way in identifying you as a user. However, VPNs change your IP address. They mask your location and give you the ability to browse the web anonymously. Since Torrenting platforms use P2P file-sharing technology, anyone can see the IP address of the other users on the network. If your IP is masked, this is no longer a concern for you. Canadians use VPNs to guarantee a safer Torrenting experience at all times.

3. Bypass Blackout Restrictions

If you’re a sports fan, you understand that blackouts are rampant and incredibly annoying. Many Canadians use VPNs to watch the NHL and MLB games with ease. Top-tier VPNs offer a large list of servers to their users. When it comes to large countries, you can usually find more than one server to connect to.

Sportsnet, for example, is very clear in stating that some NHL games “must be blacked out in certain areas of Canada”. All you’d need to do is connect to a server in an area where the games are broadcasted and you’ll be able to watch them too.

4. Keep Your Connection Private

Another reason why many Canadians, inside and outside Canada, use VPNs is to maintain a private internet connection. Remember, VPNs are primarily cybersecurity tools. Many Canadians utilize this security to protect their data, their traffic, and to block any third-party monitoring.

Canadian expats use VPNs to secure their connections to public WiFi spots, to stop any ISP or Third Party monitoring in their current country of residence, and to protect themselves from possible hacks and attacks.

5. Browse The Web Anonymously

Finally, many Canadians use VPNs to simply browse the web anonymously. Since we as a species have started relying more on applications and search engines, we’ve more or less handed our data over to whichever app we’re currently using. With a VPNs, Canadians can make sure to use their devices and the internet anonymously, thus limiting the amount of data collected on them. Canadian business owners also use VPNs to conduct competitor analysis and research without alerting their competition.

NB: The VPN Guru in no way endorses or condones the use of these services for illegal activities.

Best VPN for Canada

Our VPN expert, Charles, has already written a detailed article on the best VPNs you can use in Canada.

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Why Canadians Use a VPN – Final Thoughts

There you have it, 5 of the most popular reasons that Canadians use VPNs for. Remember, VPNs can give you access to geo-restricted sites, but they won’t remove any subscription fee or registration process imposed by the site you’re looking to unblock.


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