How to Watch 6Play outside France?

6Play is a French video on-demand service that offers programs from M6/W9 and live TV/replays. Because 6Plays is only available in France, you need to bypass geographic restrictions to watch 6Play outside France. Learn how to unblock 6play in USA, Canada, Suisse, Italy, Allemagne, België, Luxembourg, and UK  using Smart DNS or VPN in this tutorial.
How to unblock and watch 6Play outside France using Smart DNS proxies or VPN

How to unblock and watch 6Play outside France using Smart DNS proxies or VPN

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Important Note: This help guide has been created for people with no Smart DNS or VPN experience. For those of you with prior knowledge of how to access geoblocked channels, use Unlocator‘s Smart DNS service to watch 6Play outside France. If you find VPN easier to use, go to ExpressVPN and create an account. Choose a French VPN server after you install VPN. Voila! Watch 6Play abroad.

6Play outside France Unblock using Smart DNS Proxies

6Play is geoblocked outside France. This means you need to fake your location in order to watch 6Play outside France. Luckily there are two methods to do that. Smart DNS proxies allow you to fake your location and appear to be virtually located in France. After you set up your device with Smart DNS, you’ll be able to access 6Play as if you’re actually located on French territory. Smart DNS proxies do have other advantages.

  • The same Smart DNS setup allows you to unblock multi-regional online channels. You can unblock 6Play, Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, CBC Canada, or BBC iPlayer using a single Smart DNS configuration.
  • Smart DNS will unblock 6play for you no matter what streaming device you use including Xbox One/360 and Kindle Fire.
  • No data encryption and partial traffic rechanneling mean that your Internet speed will not be affected by Smart DNS.
  • Smart DNS allows you to fake your location without changing your IP address. You won’t be blocked from accessing and using any local website.
  • Sometimes ISPs use methods like DNS Hijacking and Transparent Proxies to stop Smart DNS from functioning properly. Although these cases are rare, it would be better to check that your ISP doesn’t use these methods before you use Smart DNS.

Different Smart DNS proxy services offer a different range of unblocked streaming channels. That’s why it’s safer to check the list of unlocked channels of the Smart DNS proxy service you intend to use. The Smart DNS proxy service I use, Unlocator, does have 6Play in its list of 165 unblocked Internet channels. Try it out by signing up for their free 7-day trial and take a look at the videos and screenshots they offer if you have problems with the setup.

Unblock 6Play outside France – Watch using VPN

Alternatively, you can use VPN to access geoblocked channels like VPN outside France. VPN directs all your traffic towards a VPN server located in a country of your choice. If you want to unblock French channels like 6Play or CanalPlay, choose a French VPN server. The list below shows VPN pros and cons at a glance.

  • Using a VPN server located in France unblocks 6Play, CanalPlay, Canal+, and
  • VPN can easily be installed on Android, iPhone, iPad and PC/Mac. There are even VPN apps for all these devices.
  • VPN encrypts all your traffic. Prevent government agencies, ISPs, and hackers from sniffing around and eavesdropping.
  • Since your IP address will be hidden, websites will not be able to track your online activity.
  • DNS Hijacking and Transparent Proxies have no effect on VPN.
  • While setting up VPN on devices with VPN clients, the same cannot be said about streaming devices which don’t support VPN. For a VPN connection on Xbox, Kindle Fire, Chromecast, Smart TV, PS4, VPN must be installed on VPN supporting router.

Make sure that whichever VPN provider you choose doesn’t keep logs of your online activity or personal info. I’m using ExpressVPN. They offer great online support and have VPN locations in around 55 countries including France.

6Play outside France – How to unblock and watch with Smart DNS or VPN.

6Play offers catch-up TV and on-demand shows and live programs from a range of French channels.

  • M6
  • W9
  • 6ter
  • Styles
  • Stories
  • Comic
  • Crazy Kitchen

6Play is available on a number of streaming devices.

  • Android
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Xbox 360/Xbox One
  • Kindle Fire HD/XHD
  • Windows PC
  • Apple Mac

I’ve included all the essential info about watching 6Play abroad. Feel free to add a comment below if you still have any questions about how to unblock and watch 6Play outside France using Smart DNS proxies or VPN.




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