Watch Downton Abbey Free Online Season 6 on ITV via VPN or Smart DNS Proxy

Downton Abbey is one of the most popular British drama series. Currently in its 6th season, Downton Abbey is followed by viewers all around the globe. This includes British expats living in countries such as USA, Canada, Spain, Australia, Germany, UAE, and France. In the UK, ITV allows online streaming of the 6th season of Downton Abbey for free. Unfortunately, ITV is geoblocked outside UK. You can still unblock ITV and watch Downton Abbey online for free by using VPN or Smart DNS proxy. Read the following guide on how to watch Downton Abbey online on Android, iPhone, iPad, Roku, Smart TV, PS3, or Xbox.

Watch Downton Abbey Free Online Season 6 on ITV

Watch Downton Abbey Free Online Season 6 on ITV

Watch Downton Abbey Season 6 Free Online with VPN

If you try to watch any video on ITV Hub outside UK, you will get an “ITV Player Error message.” All programmes on ITV are geoblocked outside the UK. What you need to do is spoof your online location to make ITV believe you’re located in UK. By using VPN, you can obtain a British IP address while being abroad. Thus, your streaming device will virtually appear to be located in UK.

  • VPN helps you unblock all UK channels abroad. Watch BBC iPlayer, Now TV, 4oD, Sky Go, TVPlayer, and My5.
  • VPN also encrypts your traffic. This is especially helpful if you’re staying at an hotel, airport, or cafe.
  • VPN apps can be installed on Android, iPad, iPhone, PC, and Mac.
  • Perhaps VPN’s only disadvantage is that you’ll lose some of your Internet speed when connected to the VPN server. That’s due to the fact all your Internet connection is being rerouted through the VPN server.

I’m getting to watch all Downton Abbey episodes outside UK on ITV thanks to ExpressVPN. There are other reliable VPN providers you could also use to unblock geo-restricted content online as well.

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How to Stream Downton Abbey Episodes Online with Smart DNS Proxies

You can bypass geographic restrictions overseas by using Smart DNS, too. In this case, you do not get a new IP address. Smart DNS strictly takes care of the necessary geo-related URLs which would normally prevent you from watching a certain channel like ITV Hub or BBC iPlayer outside UK. That means that the rest of your traffic remains untouched.

  • Although Smart DNS does not encrypt your traffic, you will not suffer any drop in your Internet speed either.
  • Smart DNS is compatible with far more streaming devices when compared with VPN. Watch Downton Abbey outside UK on Roku, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, or your Smart TV.
  • Using Smart DNS does not tie you to one specific location online. In other words, you can unblock streaming channels from different countries simultaneously while using proxies.
  • DNS hijacking or transparent proxies, often used in public places such as hotels and restaurants, could potentially prevent you from using Smart DNS to watch Downton Abbey overseas.

Unlocator is one Smart DNS proxy service that does support unblocking ITV outside UK. You could use their free 7-day trial to watch Downton Abbey online. Setup instructions and video tutorials are available for most streaming platforms too.

Downton Abbey Streaming Channels

ITV Hub is not the only online channel you can use to watch the latest episodes online.

How to Watch Downton Abbey Season Season Six Online – VPN or Smart DNS Proxy?

Besides Coronation Street, Eastenders, and Doctor Who, Downton Abbey is definitely one of the best British drama series ever produced. By using VPN or Smart DNS, you can stream the latest episodes no matter where you are.


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