How to Install ExpressVPN on FireStick

How to setup the ExpressVPN app on Amazon Fire TV or FireStick? Connecting to a VPN server on your FireStick has several benefits. For example, you get to hide your external IP address on Amazon Fire TV. You can also unblock streaming channels and apps that would normally not be available in your region. With all that in mind, we’ve prepared a tutorial about how to install ExpressVPN on FireStick.

How to Install ExpressVPN on FireStick
How to Install ExpressVPN on FireStick

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How to Install ExpressVPN on FireStick – The Requirements

  • Amazon Fire TV or FireStick with Alexa Voice Remote (2nd or 3rd Generation)
  • An ExpressVPN account.

How to Install ExpressVPN on FireStick – The Guide

First of all, ExpressVPN have recently released an app that is fully functional on Amazon FireStick. Previously, the ExpressVPN was mainly aimed to work on Android phones and tablets. That means that the app would appear distorted on your TV screen. A USB mouse was also necessary to navigate through the ExpressVPN app since you wouldn’t be able to use your FireStick remote to do so. That is no longer the case. You can now use the ExpressVPN app on your Fire TV Stick without any issues. IPVanish or BulletVPN are other top VPN service providers you can use on Amazon Fire TV as well.

Here’s how you can setup ExpressVPN on Amazon FireStick:

  1. First, register your ExpressVPN account.
  2. Now launch your Amazon Fire TV Stick.
  3. Click on the Search function.
  4. Type in ‘Express VPN’.
  5. Now, click on ‘Get’ -> ‘Download’ -> ‘Install’.
  6. Once the ExpressVPN app installation process is complete, click on ‘Open’ to Launch the ExpressVPN app.
  7. Sign in and connect to a VPN server of your choice.
  8. Press the Home button on your Amazon Fire TV or Fire Stick remote and keep the ExpressVPN app running in the background.

Can I Install ExpressVPN on 1st Generation FireStick?

Unfortunately, VPN apps do not work on first generation Amazon Fire TV. You can actually connect to a VPN server, but once you do so you will lose your Internet connection. This isn’t due to the VPN app itself, but rather due to limitations on the FireStick itself. To get around this issue, you can use one of the following solutions.

  • Setup VPN on your router instead. See this guide for more info.
  • Sign up with a VPN service provider that offers Smart DNS proxies. Smart DNS does not hide your IP address or encrypt your traffic. However, you can still use Smart DNS to unblock geo-restricted apps like Hulu, HBO GO, BBC iPlayer, and Amazon Prime on FireStick. ExpressVPN, BulletVPN, and Unlocator all offer Smart DNS proxies.

Best FireStick VPN 2018 Review

With the large number of reliable VPN providers out there, you’d be forgiven for not being able to make up your mind as to which VPN service to choose. We have conducted thorough research and reviews. Here’s our official list of the best VPN providers you can use for Kodi on Fire Stick in 2018.

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How to Install ExpressVPN on FireStick – Wrap Up

Regardless of whether you use Kodi, geoblocked channels like Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, or Hulu on your Amazon Fire TV, VPN is a great way to open up a whole new level of entertainment on your streaming device. Have you tried ExpressVPN or any other VPN on your Amazon FireStick? Share your thoughts and experience below.

17 thoughts on “How to Install ExpressVPN on FireStick”

  1. I am in Canada and I have amazon prime. Just bought the Fire Stick 4K and I have expressVPN. I just want to watch Boston Legal, which is available for Amazon US only. Please help! It shows that I am in Seattle.

  2. I have just purchased express vpn and tried to load it onto my Amazon firestick. Unfortunately I keep getting a message “please check that your billing address and payment method are from a supported country/region”. I live in Spain, which is supported. How do I get around this?

  3. I have an Amazon firebox…i have installed ExpressVPN On it and set up a subscription….is that me all done with the app now? Do I need to stay logged into my account in order for it to run?

  4. Expressvpn doesn’t work on my Firestick for either hulu or Amazon Prime. Installed properly, reinstalled properly, restarted and restarted, but noting works while in Mexico. Don’t waste your time or money.

    1. Hello Jim. I’m using ExpressVPN on my FireStick and am not facing the same issues. Perhaps connecting to a different American VPN server can help fix the problem.

  5. I have tried both ipvanish and express vpn on 2nd generation firestick. Neither work with BBC iPlayer and so far Support have not been able to help. Has anyone found any other vpn which will work on the firestick?

  6. I used ipvanish and it didn’t work with second generation firestick. I spoke to customer Care and they refunded the amount. I don’t know if Express VPN will work. The app does not exist on Amazon marketplace and it will be a pain to install it on firestick. Has anyone been able to use their firestick with any of the vpn software? If yes, please share the process.

  7. Avelino De Freitas

    Hi there I am considering to get IPVANISH. Just 1 question where do you put the USB connector for the mouse to be able to use it?

  8. Hi–when I get to the last step, it tells me to tap the button to turn on ExpressVPN but it isn’t registering when I press the center button. It looks like it wants me to use a mouse because it won’t let me navigate or push the button to actually turn ExpressVPN on.

    1. Hi. As mentioned in the tutorial, you will need a mouse in order to navigate through the ExpressVPN app on FireStick.

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