How to Unblock Shomi outside Canada via VPN

You may be roaming outside of Canada and of course you would want to have your favorite shows on the go with you; through Shomi. Although you may have noticed that Shomi doesn’t work outside of Canada, if you live in the US, Mexico, UK, Australia, France, or Germany, you will not have access to the shows and movies that Shomi offers. That’s due to the fact Shomi outside Canada is geoblocked. Therefore a method has been introduced to be able to bypass geographical restrictions by the site and give you access to watch unblocked content at ease. You can use a VPN to be able to appear as if you are in Canada to the site in general. There are many devices on which you can stream Shomi including a PC, Android, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, PS4, or Xbox One.

How to Unblock and Watch Shomi outside Canada with VPN

How to Unblock and Watch Shomi outside Canada with VPN

How to watch Shomi outside Canada using a VPN

So you decided that you want to watch content on Shomi without being in Canada, and it’s fairly simple and can be done using a VPN. All a VPN really does is change over the IP address of your device which is connected to the internet, and it assigns you a Canadian IP address. VPN’s are not only good for Shomi – you can also use them to allow you to stream on other famous sites such as HBO Go and Showtime. Shomi like many other providers geoblocks all users outside of Canada and does not allow them to watch on their platform.

  • You need a Canadian IP address to be able to unblock content on Shomi.
  • Make sure you get registered with a quality VPN provider who can offer you a hassle-free experience immediately after signing up with their terms of services.
  • When you have the VPN setup, you can immediately log on to Shomi and start watching unblocked content, although you will experience a slight decrease in your streaming experience.
  • Using a VPN will additionally add a layer of privacy and security which will be alongside your browsing and streaming to make sure you are safe on the web.
  • You need to install the VPN’s software on each device that you use it on. Most VPNs offer VPN apps which can be installed on Android, iPhone, iPad, PC, Mac.

If you are geoblocked by Shomi, using a ExpressVPN is one option you could use to unblock Shomi outside Canada.

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How can I decide whether to use a DNS Proxy or VPN to unblock Shomi outside Canada

Canadian streaming channels have been working on improving their movie and TV show libraries. Shomi, CraveTV, CBC, and others, can all be unblocked and watched outside Canada using VPN.

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