How to Redeem a Google Play Gift Card Outside the US [November 2023 Update]

Have you ever received a Google Play Gift Card? Well, I did, and to my shocking discovery, I couldn’t redeem the code due to my location. Apparently, American gift cards can only be used within the United States.

How to Redeem a Google Play Gift Card Outside the US

However, with some research, I figured out a way to get around that restrictions. Read on and find out how you can redeem your Google Play Gift Card from anywhere in the world.

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How to Make Purchases Using Your Newly Redeemed Credit in 2023

Purchasing games, apps, or in-game items should be straightforward once you have your Google credit all filled up. However, according to a couple of users, a new issue has recently emerged on Google Play.

Apparently, despite successfully redeeming the Gift Cards, users are unable to purchase anything. In fact, Google Play presents them with the following error message:

“Couldn’t complete your transaction. Gift cards can only be used in the country they were purchased. See the gift card Terms of Service.”Android Transaction Error

The problem here isn’t just about the purchase, it’s the fact that everyone’s able to redeem the Gift Card but can’t use the credit they got. In fact, this all happened all of a sudden.

Some users spent their google credit just 2-3 days ago, but now they cannot use the credits, and it’s showing them this error. The new Google Policy has sent Android users into a huge frenzy.

But to soften the blow, here are a few workarounds you can try if you’re facing the same predicament:

  • If you’ve redeemed a US Gift Card, make sure you connect to a US VPN before making the purchase. Use Qamo VPN (Free Android VPN).
  • Try selecting a different US server if you’re still getting the error message.
  • Delete your Google Play cache and data:
    1. Go to Settings > Apps.
    2. Look for Google Play Store and click on it.
    3. Force Stop the application and go to its storage section.
    4. Clear Cache and Data.
    5. Exit and relaunch Google Store.
  • You may need to sign out of your Google account before clearing the app’s data.
  • Create a new Payment Profile. Make sure to set its region to that of the Gift Card you redeem.
    1. Head over to
    2. Next, click on Settings.
    3. Under Country/Region, select Create New Profile.
    4. Tap on Continue, choose your region, and fill in the required information.
    5. You’re done.

In case you try any of these workarounds, please let us know which methods work best for you the best in the comment section below. Feel free to share the guide as well to help us grow.

How to Use Your Google Play Gift Card Outside the US

It’s been some time since Google added the gift card option in the US. Millions of users can’t redeem their gift cards if they’re in an unsupported region. I know it can be quite frustrating, but that’s how it is.

You can either cope with that or learn how to redeem your Google gift card wherever you are.

The main reason for being unable to redeem your codes in your country is that your region’s currency is not US dollars. These codes usually add credits in $.

So, if this is not your country’s currency, then you probably can’t take advantage of it. Trying to use a gift card abroad will only result in this geo-error message:

“This code cannot be redeemed from your country.”Redeem Card

To solve the issue at hand, you need to have a US-region Google Play Store. That’s why we’re here, guys. Here’s how you can change your Play Store’s country to the USA and redeem your code overseas:

  1. Sign up for VPN service and download their official app. Qamo VPN is our top recommendation for Android.
  2. Go to the VPN list and select a US server.
  3. Once the connection is established, go to Settings > Apps.
  4. Look for Google Play Store and click on it.
  5. Force Stop the application and go to its storage section.
  6. Clear Cache and Data.
  7. Exit and relaunch Google Store.
  8. You’ll notice that your currency is now in dollars.
  9. Go to Google Store’s Settings (Three lines on the top left).
  10. Tap Redeem.
  11. Enter your code.
  12. Click on Redeem.
  13. You’ve now successfully redeemed your gift card outside the United States.

Qamo is, by far, the best free VPN service we have come across. It has a wide server network that allows you to change your IP address in an instance. Not only that, it also provides unlimited bandwidth, a kill switch, and a strict no-logging policy. Did we mention that all of this is for free?

For this to work, you need to establish a VPN connection first. We also recommend ExpressVPN as a premium service since it always unblocks geo-restricted content in our region. It also protects your data while you’re browsing the web.

Nevertheless, if this isn’t your cup of tea, here’s a list of other best premium VPNs for the Google Play Store.

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Redeeming a Google Play Gift Card Outside the US – An Alternative Method

While using your Android phone to redeem such gift cards might seem like the easiest way to go, it surely isn’t the only one. No matter what device you’re using, you can simply redeem these Gift Cards using your browser.

Remember, a VPN is essential if you live outside the US, so get one, connect to a US server, and follow the steps below:

  1. With a US IP address, thanks to the VPN you’re using, the page’s currency changes to $. Google Play $ Currency
  2. On the left side of the page, click on Redeem.Redeem Arrow
  3. A small window will pop up instantly. Enter the Code you have.Enter Gift Card Code
  4. You’ve successfully redeemed your US Gift Card.

ExpressVPN and the providers in the table above all have dedicated applications for desktop platforms. If you’re using a Mac or a PC, you can easily establish a VPN connection to the US and redeem your gift card no matter where you reside.

How to Redeem a Google Play Gift Card Outside the US – Final Thoughts

You should be all set. Remember that once you change your Google Store’s region, you’ll be able to download apps, movies, and TV shows from the US library and other regions based on the server you’re connected to.

We don’t know whether Google is ever going to expand this service to include people from other regions.

Nonetheless, for the time being, you now know how to change your Store’s region and redeem your codes regardless of your location. Enjoy a whole new Android experience.

166 thoughts on “How to Redeem a Google Play Gift Card Outside the US [November 2023 Update]”

  1. Jamal Bhoewar

    For a while now redeeming a google gift card has only been possible for a few countries that have google support. What about the people living in countries that also want to make use of google gift cards that they received as gifts or that they purchased themselves, but are not able to redeem. This due to them not living in a country that has Google gift cards or because they have a gift card of the same currency but due to not living in the country of purchase they are unable to redeem. This cannot continue on like this. Things need to change. We need to come together and try to make this change possible. So I ask of you please sign this petition and share it with others, so we can be the change.

  2. Hi, i am ahmad. I am from Pakistan. I am redeem my €5 Europe play store gift card. But any purchase has be failed.
    Please tell me another option to use this gift card.

  3. I got a $250 Google play gift card sent to me by my aunt in US and I reside in Nigeria, before now I could always redeem it but presently it returns as error and I think the new Google play policy restricts the card to the US. I’m willing to trade the card with Anyone in the US for either Steam card or vanilla. I need help please. Anyone out there who is willing to get my google play card in the US and give me any other card like Steam or Vanilla, I don’t mind.. Thank you

  4. I tried your method but it keeps asking me for a us number so that I can create a Google play credit account so how to get the us number or how to dodge it. I’m using Android btw

  5. I’m running into issues these days where I have a game that is not on my region (US) but I play through side loaded APK. I created an LDPlayer android instance and use a VPN to connect to a region where the game is launched. The play store says it’s in that region and I bought a Play Store card for that region. When I try to redeem the key, it says it’s not only available for “Canada” , even though my play store is set to Canada.

    This also is done with a “new” google account that was created while on VPN for the region I want to use.

  6. Thank you for sharing this information Charles. I have two questions if you would be kind enough to answer. What would be a reason to use a gift card from another country? Like would buying a Mexican gift card and using it in the US give you more money/buying power? Lastly, does this method still work, or has it changed or become ineffective. I saw someone comment saying they used sock5 and it worked. Looking forward to ur response, Cheers!

  7. I’m from NZ, I purchased the criminal enterprise pack for GTA V Xbox one. I gifted it to someone over in Australia and it couldn’t be redeemed as the region or something…..

  8. Google might have their reason but overall this is a bit unfair (I didn’t read the terms and service document). I’m wondering how many people are struggling with those gift card worldwide. People are losing their money. Why preventing them to redeem their card if it was legally purchased. Thankfully, mine is only 15 USD. This is actually frustrating

  9. I tried using two VPNs, NordVPN and ExpressVPN but it did not work no matter the location. Tried on desktop and my browser cache was cleared. I also created a new google pay profile with actual existing US address but I had to add a UK debit card, so maybe google verifies that too.

  10. I have experienced a weird situation regarding Google play balance. I had redeemed US google play gift card more than six months ago. Right now my location is not in US so I cannot utilize those balance due to an error quoting “you can only use the balance inside US….”. I am unable to purchase any app or any subscriptions. Recently I downloaded an App which has trials period before the subscription kicks in. I choose google play balance as my primary payment method and started the trial. After completion of 7 days trial, my subscription continued i.e. google store deducted money from my Google play balance! I tried this trick in another app again and it worked! I cannot use the Google balance to directly purchase an app or any subscription. However if I download an app that provides trial period before the subscription starts, I can definitely use those balance after the trial period ends….
    You can try and see if it works for you. I had my VPN on, UK server and I was using A GPS mocking app, mocking my GPS location in US

  11. Hello sir, I live in the Netherlands. I bought a card for €120. I thought to send it to UK, but was’t possible. I understood that the card cannot Further I don’t know what else to do with the card sir. Can you help me out of this? Thanks Jerson

  12. I had redeemed a google gift card worth of 100USD 6 months ago, and I was not in US. I was unable to use the Google balance due to a famous error “couldn’t complete your transaction. Your play balance can only be used in US”. Yesterday, I used a VPN, as usual, with a japanese server. I attempted to purchase a subscription for an App and the transaction worth of 19$ was successful, I was not in US yesterday. I was shocked, I thought everything is back to normal. I tried to purchase another App and it didn’t work. So what happened?

  13. Long story short. I was using that method on april and it worked perfectly. Right now there is no way to redeem new code or even use the money which I have. So I can confirm they have changed sth.

  14. Hello,

    I’ve redeemed my US gift card to Google play US while physically being in Japan. Unfortunately, when I try to make a purchase I get the error that I’m not able to use my Google play balance outside of my country. Is there a way around this? I tried using several VPN’s to make in game purchases but that doesn’t work either. It won’t even give me the option to make in app purchases while I’m connected to a VPN.

  15. October 2021 – I have tried everything that was said here and it didn’t work. I even asked a friend who lives in the states to redeem the codes for me, and it still did not work. Someone in Google is a big jerk. You have people who legitimately purchased gift cards and just want to have a good time and for some reason they won’t allow it

  16. I tried to use this method in Poland using NordVPN but it shows “Couldn’t redeem this code. This code can only be used in United States. See Gift Card terms of service.” error.

    I tried both on mobile and PC. My currency is definitely showing USD. I also did all of the force stopping and cache clearing each time.

    Weirdly enough, when I first tried it on mobile it allowed me to type in phone number and postal code, but now I can’t even get to that part without error.

  17. I have tried all of your suggestions and didn’t work is there any other way. do i create a new google account? it was working before but now it is not working anymore. I think they figured out a way to block vpn IPs. I get the message Couldn’t redeem this code. This code can only be used in United States. even though im connected to vpn and i can see that the region is US.

  18. my region and store is Switzerland…. am currently on business trip in another country.. can not use my phone to redeem the Google card due to wrong region. I asked my brother in Switzerland to log into my account on and redeem, because he is physicallyin Switzerlandand google may block based on VPN recognition. He gets same error! Seems like google has realised that my main device is still not in the country…. I don’t know a work around 🙆‍♂️

  19. I’m from Indonesia and have a gmail with US region and PS balance in dollars, for some reason I can still buy movies with the balance but can’t buy apps or games

  20. Im using US wallets but locating at SG now… im able to make any successfully transaction, if anyone manage to workaround it. Please help! Thank you

  21. are there any updates on the fixes? tried all the steps here and cleared the cache several times and multiple servers but it still does not seem to work. thank you

  22. So, a few years ago i managed to reedeem any US gift card pretty easily, however it seems that things have changed. I tried all sets provided by this guide, however i wasn’t sucessful. Altough the currency did change to US dollars, i still get the message “Gift cards can only be reedeemed in the country they were bought”. Can anyone help or atleast give an explanantion? Thanks :D

  23. Goodday, I have purchased 50 google play credit directly from google play store. My google play account is in US but I am still getting the error when trying to purchase something with the credit. I message google and they said due to geo location I cannot use the card. Is there anyway around this since my google play account is still in US. I am currently not in the US but in the Caribbean. Is there anything I can do?

  24. I think I might have isolated the problem. I initially purchased a Google play and was able to redeem it but I couldn’t purchase anything with it. Telling me the card can only be used where purchased so I bough another card this time with another email I couldn’t even redeem the card. What I was able to do was use a new email or any email never logged into play store before then use a very good VPN or sock 5 and go to the Url you will be able to redeem the card. What i noticed was Google was able to know informations about my phone and carrier network i belive the carrier network is the issue here as its alway from your originating country and not the USA on the VPN you will see your device information when you click on settings. On there website.

  25. Roseline Simmons

    I did everything you posted but it still doesn’t work. I created a new account with my VPN on and it still not working. I can’t purchase anything.

  26. From what I read on the aforementioned forum, the system has already been repaired, but I also confirm the information that I cannot implement it (I have a suspicion that Google has blocked VPN IP addresses)

    Straight from the Google Suppor itself, I know that Google Play works on the basis of geolocation and on this basis blocks the implementation of gift cards outside the US. At the same time, they also explain that it is related to the issue of currency, state restrictions, etc.

    However, if my suspicion of VPN IP blocking is wrong, then I don’t understand one more either. After connecting to the server of my VPN provider in the USA, the “ipleak” website is given my IP and DNS from the region I chose and there is also a fictitious geolocation, so how come their system claims that I am trying to do it outside the USA? After all, the “Google Pay” profile, as I said before, has the country “US”. Anyone understand any of this? Because I am not. I’m waiting for some sessiony comment.

    1. Hello Michael. One possible explanation would be that Google has blacklisted a range of American VPN server IP addresses. So whenever a user is connected to one of those VPN servers, Google’s system would know. Have you tried connecting to different VPN servers?

  27. Hi, Charles. About paying for non tax purchased, I havent tried. But i just have the need to use the GPC for in game purchases, so even though it may work for non-tax purchases, it defies my purposed. hehehe. I look at others using emulator, and replace the google play to older ones. I just dont know where to get the files. (Luckyp*tcher, xposs*d installer, and (i think) Older version “dunno which” of google play store. And when they works. If you can get more info, please let me know. Thanks

  28. Sorry mate none of these work. I tried literally everything you put here. Now I have $10 that I can’t use and this is frustrating. Google better be finding ways to refund people or there’s gonna be class action lawsuits.

  29. Any other possible fix for the redeem problem? Tried all possible fix listed using express VPN still can’t redeem it on my phone or PC

  30. So I took an address from New York (Franklin Square, NY, 10001) that should be ok to be accepted, right? Generally, I am from Poland.

  31. And I have one other question. If I have set up a second Google account in the USA (to a new email), will I not have such a problem with these cards? The payment profile is set to Region / Country (because it is one field) to “US”. Is the address important for Google in “Google Pay” in terms of gift cards (Google Play wants to do it for the first time, especially for the US region)?

    1. Yes, the address in your payment profile is crucial and must be set to the USA if you wish to redeem American Google Play codes.

  32. There’s an official statement by Google today about the global failure of the gift card system. Today they published them, but this issue has been known for 6 days (with this).

    As a page, I have provided a link to the article.

    1. Yeah, there definitely is some issue on Google’s side. Lots of people are unable to redeem their gift cards or use their balance even though they’re in the correct country and are using the right cards.

    1. Hi Smith. We’ve added several workarounds to the guide above. Please try them and let us know how it goes.

  33. HI, Charles. I think Google changed the mechanism now. Your way using the VPN was working, but not anymore now. Do you find another way to use Google Play Store credit? I live in Indonesia, and using USD Google Play Store Credit, and the problem was when trying to make payment. It said the gift card was bought in another country/region. so can not use. Thanks.

    1. Hi Moldy. Someone had mentioned that they only ran into issues when trying to purchase items that have a tax imposed on them. Have you tried buying something on the Play Store that doesn’t include a tax?

  34. Lee Richardson Jr

    Yeah i thought this solution would work, i paid for this subscription but it didnt work, im stuck with $115 codes and cant even redeem nor get a return its just frustrating

  35. Any solution?? Seems like Google has blacklisted all VPN ips or has another way to determine your actual location. I tried VPN, cleared Play Store cache and data, disabled device location, also my device has no sim card plugged in. Nothing’s working. Perhaps my google account is blacklisted as well. Has anyone tried to create a fresh gmail account behind a VPN and try to make purchases via gift card?

    1. This seems to be a widespread issue. Many Play Store users are having the same problem i.e. not being able to use the credit they redeemed. We did some digging around and tested several workarounds which worked for us. We’ve added them to the guide above. Please do try them out and provide us with feedback if possible.

  36. I noticed that It is still possible to buy stuff, that has 0% tax, from Google Play with the gift card balance, such as ebooks. I just purchased an ebook with my VPN off, so VPN has nothing to do with it at all. When I try to purchase something that has a tax however, i.e. games or apps, the purchuse is declined. (gift card can only be used in the country it is purchased). So, it has something to do with the taxes in Google Play. I assume you have to prove your that you are a US resident with documents or by linking a US bank. In conclusion, gift Cards can only be used for tax free stuff from now on. Unless someone finds another fix, this is probably the case and we are out of luck :/

  37. Adit sen dhakal

    After code is redeemed when you go to in app purchases. It says gift cars can only be used in country it is purchased.. till yesterday it worked now it says this.. no vpn worked.. any solition.. i have my play store usa and been purchasing for a year..

    1. Hi Adit. Apologies for the late reply. We conducted some research and found that what you said to be true. However, there are additional steps you can take in order to be able to make purchases on Google Play Store again. Check the extra instructions we added for more info.

  38. This method no longer works since a few days ago. Google is using something else now to block this.
    I tried using my PC and redeeming through the web by using VPN and it worked. I have credit now in my google play. But once I try to make a purchase from my phone and my pc using bluestacks, (VPN connected to US-San Fran through expressVPN) through in-app purchases, “Couldn’t complete your transaction. Gift cards can only be used in the country where were purchased. See the gift card terms of service” message shows up and I cannot make any purchase. I tried making a purchase through google play, Movies and TVs. Though the credit is there, no purchases can be made. Would you be able to advise on this? Thank you very much.

  39. This no longer works. You can redeem a gift card but when you try and use the gift card even behind a VPN you get the error “Couldn’t redeem this code.Gift cards can only be used in the country where they were purchased”. I have tried various locations in the US and support wasn’t able to help me. I was even able to add 5.00 to my gift card total without any issues and then had the error trying to redeem it. Google is being shady as hell accepting gift cards but not allowing you to use them.

    1. Have you tried using your PC/Mac’s browser to redeem your codes instead of your Android device? Also, make sure to disable location services on your mobile.

  40. hi Hello, when inserting the card in Google play account, the following message will be displayed. Please help me
    couldn’t redeem this cards can only be used in the country where they were purchased.see the gift card terms of service

  41. Getting the following error even with VPN:
    Couldn’t redeem this code. Gift cards can only be used in the country where they were purchased. See the gift card Terms of Service
    By clicking Redeem, you agree to the Gift Card & Promotional Code Terms and Conditions, as applicable.

    1. This is caused by a recent change on the behalf of Google. There are some extra steps you need to take for it to work again. We’ve added them above.

  42. hii.I can’t redeem my google gift code , it shows ” Couldn’t redeem this code.Gift cards can only be used in the country where they were purchased” . It never happens before and i live in another country and also my google playstore is registered on United States.please help

  43. I need help please, I am outside of US, I have won US gift cards numerous times from video games. I won a gift card yesterday and I have redeemed it yesterday when I went to buy in game purchase(Call of Duty Mobile points) I got an error saying transactions couldn’t complete, gift cards can only be used in the country they purchased!! I don’t understand, I have bought CODM points numerous times before with US gift cards why this time it’s not working? I really appreciate your help guys, I am 16 years old I don’t have bank accounts, gift card is only way for me to purchase from Google play

    1. Hello Hans. Did you get the error from within Google Play Store or from within the Call of Duty Mobile app itself?

  44. Hi, I just wanted to ask, if Im from the Philippines, then followed your instructions to redeem a code a friend sent me from Australia, what will happen after i revert everything back to my country? Will I be able to use the AUSD to make in-app purchases? Or do I have to switch to australia everytime I want to make a purchase? Thanks in advance! :)

  45. Willie Oosthuizen

    I live in South Africa and even though Google gift cards are available in my currency, I cannot add PayPal as a payment method. However I can use PayPal to purchase US Google redemption codes which are in USD. My question is this, after redeeming a US code, will the equivalent USD be then reflected in my local currency? Or an I forced to carry on using the US Play store because my local bank is currently listed as a payment method on my South African play store.

    1. Hi Willie. You will be forced to spend US Google Play gift cards on the American Play Store version. There’s no way to transfer them to the South African version.

  46. I tried to do it multiple times about a week ago but it wasn’t successful as it says that error code. Now I tried it again, it now shows that I already redeemed the code but haven’t received the credits yet. Please help me.

  47. I am in Australia. My friend sent me $10 google play credit from the us. Can’t redeem code. I am using an iPhone 8. Don’t have access to laptop or android device. I have gotten a VPN and still not working. Any advice for it to work on an iPhone please

  48. I follow the steps but it doesn’t change my location to u.s and the price of all things in the play store remain the same on my country.

  49. Came here because gcash sent me this tutorial after buying a 10$ voucher from them. Ive tried doing all the steps over and over but it doesnt work. After doing the clear data for google play and reopening it, my currency is still set to my local currency so I still cant redeem my google play card.

  50. I did all of the steps but still it doesn’t work I tried multiple vpns and still does not work why is it like that

    1. By code, it means that code that you’re trying to redeem. It is usually written on the gift card itself.

  51. Tried the steps but it didnt work. I received an error message “error redeeming code. Error Code: PRS-PGCSEFC-01

    1. You can find US Play Store gift cards on plenty of online e-shops. Once your purchase is made, they usually send you a code you can redeem through the Play Store app to your email’s inbox.

  52. If it says code doesn’t work I would suggest you create a new account with the starting country being US, it worked for me before and I just figured out that it was because my payment options were disabled for my previous account.

  53. Trying to redeem my $200 Google play gift card but they are telling me that they need more information for the card before it can be redeemed it and it was bought by man husband from United States, I’m in Brazil right now

    1. Hello Jakub. Have you tried redeeming the Google Play Store voucher using your laptop instead of your mobile device?

    1. Hello Julie. Whether you can get a refund or not depends on the manner of which you purchased your Google Play Gift Card.

  54. Hi, the currency still doesn’t seems to changed even after using vpn and following the steps above provided, is there any other alternate solutions?

  55. i bought a $100 gift and try to redeem it but i get this error ” We need more info to redeem your gift card. Send us details “. i have no idea what should i do :(

  56. If i have redeemed a US gift card and retain use of the US store. If there were any updates to the paid apps, do i need to use vpn to update it as well? Or does it not matter?

  57. Hey man, I need a little help. For some reason now, Google Play no longer gets ‘tricked’ into thinking I’m in the US. It just stays as my home country and won’t change. When I attempted to redeem, it says that I need to ‘send them details’, of which include receipts (which I don’t have), store bought and more. What should I do?

  58. I live in Singapore and I want to switch my google play store currency to USD instead SGD, however, I want it to be temporary as I wish to redeem only once in USD. Will I be able to make additional purchases using my country’s currency ( Singapore gift cards)?

    1. Hello Zavier. Yes, you should be able to switch back your Google Play Store region to Singapore once you have redeemed your USD gift card.

  59. I’m not sure if this actually works but some parts of the information from this article are not completely correct. In reality the content on the Play Store is different for every country due to law regulations and terms and conditions of Google. As a general rule of Google the gift cards can be redeemed and used only in the same country they are bought for the content for this country. When you travel abroad for short period of time you should not change your Play country because when you change it you have to wait 365 days to change it back because this change is possible just once per year. Don’t ask why. It’s because of the terms and conditions of Google. Wherever you are you can use the content for your home country. That’s not only for the US, that is for every single country worldwide. I’m not sure if you can redeem gift card which you have bought for example in the US when you are abroad even if your country is set to US, because the PlayStore tracks that you’re in another country and when you open the three lines menu at the top left corner of the PlayStore and then tap Account you will see a message saying something like that: “Your Play country is set to US. Change it to (name of destination country) in order to use the content for this country.” And then you have the opportunity to add new payment method to change it. You ask why? It’s because you need a new payments profile for every single country you want to use the PlayStore. Again it’s due to law regulations for every single country. Then you will see the message that you will not be able to change it back for 1 year from now on.

    So as I mentioned I’m not sure if you can reedem gift card which you have bought in your home country when you are abroad even if your Play country is set to the same country because the PlayStore can track that you are not in this country. That’s why this method using VPN connection may be working because you’re actually lying the system that you’re in particular country when in reality you are not.

    I know it sounds very weird that you will be carrying your gift card with you to redeem it another time when you are abroad but I am just trying to explain that the gift cards that are sold in particular country can be used only for the content for this country. That’s how the system works.

    However if you have already redeemed the balance when you were at home you should be able to use it abroad for the content for you home country.

    What is confusing in this situation is the fact that the gift cards are connected with the country they are sold in.

    Even if you are in Europe for example in Germany where the currency is EUR and you buy gift card you can redeem it only if you set your Play country to Germany. To do this you normally need to be in this country and you are staying at least for one year.
    If you then move to Austria for example with your german gift card and you change your Play country to Austria you think that you can be able to redeem it for the Austrian PlayStore content because the currency is the same (EUR). Right!? … WRONG! It’s not how the system works. You can’t redeem it that way because it’s sold in Germany and it’s for the german PlayStore and you can redeem it only in your german payments profile. Once again it’s due to law regulations.

    As a conclusion I want to say that I am posting this comment NOT to expose that the author of the article doesn’t understand the system of the Google Play Store. It’s not so simple and you need more time working with such kind of information in order to understand how it actually works. Because of that I want this to be helpful for everybody who is interested in it.
    In order to redeem your gift card are many circumstances and Google made the system that way that it can hardly be cheated.

    Have a nice day!

    1. Hello Boby. First of all, thank you for your (lengthy!) explanation. Let me assure you that I myself have used the method described above to redeem American Google Play gift cards a couple of times. Both times it worked like a charm. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be explaining how to do it.

  60. I did but it didnot worked but my code is of japan.. I change payment setting and country from play store too .i tried with vpn also but it is not working . Now it keep on say ” problem with this code try different one”. Please help me :(

    1. Hello there. You could try changing your Google Play Store on your PC/Mac with the help of a VPN instead of doing it on your Android device.

    1. Hello Vidun. Yes, you can, but instead of connecting to an American VPN server, connect to a Korean one.

  61. If I use the method above, after I turn off the VPN and switch back to my country, what happens to the balance? Will it be converted into my currency or will it remain in dollars?

  62. najib abdulnasser

    I want to redeem my 50$ i fallow your step and its says. (You cant redeem this code try another one.) Is there any problem with my code that i buy? I buy from saudi arabia anyway. And i go back to the store they say i cant refund my money .. I feel frustred? Is thre any way to redeem it?

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