How to Watch STV Player Outside Scotland

Home of Scottish news and dramatic soaps is the very popular STV television channel that has developed STV Player to keep the Scottish people entertained on the go. STV Player is where you can find all your favorite shows, drama series, and sports the likes of Emmerdale, Coronation Street, Fair City, Dancing on Ice, The Voice, Victoria, Liar, Scotland Tonight, STV News Tonight, and 6 Nations Rugby. It would be a shame if Scottish expats got to lose access to this app upon relocating, however, a virtual private network is powerful enough to keep them connected to it. With a VPN, you can bypass the restrictions imposed on STV player and access it outside Scotland on any device PC, Mac, Android, iPhone or iPad.

How to watch STV Player outside Scotland

How to watch STV Player outside Scotland

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How to Watch STV Player Outside Scotland Using a VPN

The popular catch-up and live streaming service, STV Player, allows its users to watch their favorite STV programmes live and on catch up without charge. Unfortunately, only Scottish residents get to enjoy STV’s services because the channel and its app are geo-blocked outside of Scotland. For the most part, this can be taken care of with a VPN service provider. Through the digital tunnel, a VPN creates, all your traffic gets encrypted and your connection gets rerouted through one of the servers. Consequently, you become eligible to access all the content based in the country where the server you selected is. Here is how you watch STV Player outside Scotland using a VPN:

  1. Sign up with a VPN provider.
  2. Download and install the VPN application on your streaming device.
  3. Launch the VPN application and sign in using your VPN account.
  4. Now, connect to a server in Scotland.
  5. You now have a Scottish IP.
  6. Never lose your appetite over the content made available to you through the Cooking Channel.

You need a service provider as equipped and efficient as IPVanish. It’s a provider well-known for its consistent performances and unbeatable services. This provider can bypass restrictions and lift bans once you connect to its many servers around the world. For more information on other service providers, check out the table below.

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VPN Benefits

A VPN is a technology that makes you appear as if you’re located in a different country, which is exactly what’s needed to access STV outside Scotland. Moreover, you can spoof your location with a VPN and get to access all the material that is normally blocked where you are located. Besides from virtual relocation, a VPN can boost your security features and add an extra layer of privacy to your data. Take a look at how beneficial having a VPN is:

  • Bypass any content filters, bans or blacklisting.
  • Protects your data from surveillance and spying.
  • Enables you to access geo-restricted sites and content.
  • Hides your geographical location.
  • Prevents bandwidth throttling.
  • Saves you money with border-related purchases.
  • Helps you get around blocks and other forms of censorship.
  • Allows you to download, share files, and torrent safely.
  • Secures your publicly visible connections through tunneling protocols.
  • Protects you from identity thefts.
  • Blocks incoming malicious traffic that could possibly reach and damage your devices.

Watch STV Player Outside Scotland

The blockade you encounter when attempting to access STV Player abroad is avoidable with a VPN service provider. Overall, a VPN makes you appear as if you are in Scotland. That way, STV allows you to stream whatever you want to watch no matter where you are. With all the benefits a VPN has to offer an Internet user, there’s no reason for you not to have a VPN installed on your devices.


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