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  1. The VCC method deosn not accept says there’s a problem with this payment method. Im using Switzerland location for VPN and i created an VCC from India. The verify your card step comes but after entering the otp and submitting it doesn’t work and says theres a problem. I dont know whats my billing zip code of my vcc. Please help.

  2. how to get a phone number to validate netflix account i i not have this is not possible to get the free trial ….

    i test a free number with google not works on any website …

  3. Hi, this maybe be a dumb question, however, if I were to sign up to Netflix via a VPN (as stated above), will I still then be able to access Netflix when not logged on to a VPN after I had signed up? And will it notify the Netflix servers that I am logging on via another country based outside the US?

    Thank you very much. Any help is greatly appreciated :)

    1. Hi Chris. When using VPN, you need to stay connected to the VPN server in order to continue watching content from the Netflix region you are unblocking.

  4. Hi there, very much informative post indeed but I have a question with entropy card which is, I think that Entropay is a registered company under Malta so the zip codes of different states won’t be applicable apparently, and I have tried using it but it does not work at all… Can you confirm whether this trick with Entropay VCC works as of now and what specific zip code do I need to provide and how much do I have to top up the card with minimum amount?
    Is there a need for a VPN Network or just a DNS from Unlocator would be fine
    Thanks and waiting for your reply

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