Twitter – How to Unblock at School, College, Workplace

Twitter is banned at many schools, companies, and colleges. Countries like China, North Korea, and Turkey have constantly imposed firewalls and Internet filters. All is not lost though. You can still bypass censorship and access restricted Twitter and other social network sites like Facebook or Youtube. All you have to use is VPN. Read the following guide for more info.

How to unblock access to blocked or banned Twitter using VPN

How to unblock access to blocked or banned Twitter using VPN

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How to Unblock access to Twitter at school, Work, or foreign Countries

VPN is a virtual private network that basically encrypts all of your data. VPN has other benefits too. If you connect to a VPN server located in a foreign country, your IP address will also change. For example, connecting to a US VPN server allows you to get an American IP address. This also grants you access to all online services available in the US. The same process enables you to bypass proxies and Internet filters at schools or colleges.

  • VPN apps are available for Windows PC, Apple Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android.
  • The VPN setup is fairly simple. Download the app. Connect to a VPN server of your choice. Access Twitter and all other blocked websites.
  • VPN allows you to surf the web anonymously. This means no more government spying on you.
  • The whole process will slow down your Internet speed by roughly 10%. If you do have a fast Internet connection there’s nothing to worry about.

The VPN provider listed below have all successfully unblocked Twitter at schools, workplaces, and colleges.

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VPN’s Other Benefits

  • As well as granting you access to blocked websites like Twitter, Facebook, or Youtube, VPN also unblocks torrent websites like in countries like UK and Australia.
  • VPN allows you to watch geoblocked channels like Netflix, Hulu, Showtime, WWE Network, Sling TV, and many more.

Unblock Twitter – Final Thoughts

Given the increasing demand for censorship by government agencies across the world, the demand for VPN will continue to rise. If you haven’t tried setting up VPN yet, maybe it’s about time you give it a try.

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