How to Watch American Netflix in Japan – Smart DNS or VPN?

How to watch American Netflix in Japan? Netflix plans to launch its streaming service in Japan next fall. However, there’s no need to wait until then. You can unblock US/UK/Canadian Netflix in Japan right now. All you need is Smart DNS or VPN. Find information and instructions about both methods in this help guide.

Note: You can skip reading most of this article if you have used Smart DNS or VPN before. For people who prefer VPN, I recommend ExpressVPN. Once you sign up, install VPN on your streaming device. Choose a US VPN server to unblock US Netflix. Enjoy!

How to unblock US Netflix in Japan - Smart DNS or VPN

How to unblock US Netflix in Japan – Smart DNS or VPN

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How to Watch US Netflix in Japan – VPN Solution

VPN is another effective solution to unblock US Netflix in Japan. VPN redirects all your traffic through a VPN server located in a country of your choice. Given you choose an American VPN server, you’ll obtain a US IP address. Therefore, Netflix will treat all your streaming devices as if they are located in American territories.

  • VPN allows you to change your IP address to US. Thus, you’ll be able to unblock all streaming channels that are only available in USA. (Netflix, Hulu, WWE Network, Vudu, Sling TV, CBS All Access..)
  • VPN encrypts all your traffic and prohibits websites and hackers from spying on you while you’re online.
  • The process of data encryption as well as redirecting your traffic will reduce your Internet speed by about 10 to 15%.
  • VPN is easy to install on your iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows PC, or Mac thanks to dedicated VPN apps.
  • For all other streaming devices, you have to own a VPN router in order to unblock US Netflix.

There are lots of VPN providers available. Some are reliable while others are average to say the least. I’ve tried a handful of VPN provider and can fairly say that ExpressVPN has satisfied me the most until now.

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How to Unblock American Netflix in Japan – Smart DNS Solution

Smart DNS is my favorite method to bypass geographic restrictions. Netflix, like many other geoblocked channels, checks your location by looking at your IP address. That’s why you get this message “Sorry, Netflix is not available in your country yet.” Smart DNS allows you to hide your true location from Netflix. Once your streaming devices are set up with Smart DNS, you’ll be able to watch Netflix in Japan.

  • Smart DNS allows you to unblock all Netflix regions using one configuration. Watch US, UK, Canada, France, Germany Netflix. Each Netflix region has different content.
  • Smart DNS works on all your streaming devices. Unblock US Netflix on your PS Vita, Xbox, PS3, PS4, Smart TV, Apple TV, iPhone, PC, or Mac.
  • Your Internet speed will not slow down as a result of using Smart DNS.
  • Smart DNS allows you to keep your local IP address. You won’t be blocked from accessing Japanese websites and services.
  • Some ISPs use DNS Hijacking or Transparent Proxies. If your ISP is one of them, you’re better off using VPN to unblock US Netflix.

Always search for a Smart DNS proxy service that provides DNS codes for most geoblocked Internet channels. Unlocator, for instance, has an impressive list of 197 channels. Check out their videos/setup guides. They do offer a free 7-day trial period as well.

How to unblock US Netflix in Japan – Additional Info

Netflix-ready streaming devices are increasing by the day.

  • iPhone/iPad
  • Xbox One/Xbox 360
  • PS4/PS3/PS Vita
  • Roku
  • Apple TV
  • Android
  • Smart TV (Samsung, Sony, Philips, LG, Toshiba, Sharp..)
  • Blu-ray Players
  • Chromecast
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Wii/Wii U
  • Nintendo 2DS/3DS
  • Google Nexus Player

The two methods explained above can unblock all US-only online channels.

  • Netflix
  • Hulu Plus
  • Amazon Instant Video
  • HBO GO
  • CBS All Access
  • Sling TV
  • WWE Network
  • UFC
  • Fox Soccer 2Go
  • Lifetime
  • M-go
  • Crackle

Watch American Netflix in Japan

Both Smart DNS and VPN have been thoroughly tested and tried. Both successfully unblock US Netflix in Japan. Whether your choose Smart DNS proxies or VPN to unblock US Netflix in Japan is totally up to you.



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