How to Watch Eurosport Player outside UK?

How to unblock Eurosport Player outside UK? Eurosport is a premium sports channel that broadcasts major sporting events from around the world. While Eurosport is available in most European countries, the British Eurosport Player version is the best of the bunch. In this tutorial, you can find instructions on how to watch Eurosport Player in USA, Australia, Canada, or anywhere else abroad. Thus, you will be able to bypass regional restrictions and stream your favorite sports events on PC, Mac, Android, iOS, or Apple TV 4.

Unblock Eurosport Player in USA, Australia, Canada
How to Watch Eurosport Player outside UK?

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Is Eurosport Player Available in USA, Canada, or Australia?

Unfortunately, Eurosport Player is strictly available in Europe. That means if you are a swimming, cycling, or tennis fan, you won’t be able to watch Eurosport in America. Unless you use VPN that is.

How to Unblock Eurosport Player outside UK with VPN?

If you try accessing Eurosport Player in USA, Australia, Canada, or anywhere else where it’s not available, you will be presented with the following geo-error. “Sorry, Eurosport Player is not available in this country”. Eurosport is able to detect your location by looking at your IP address. That means that if you hide your real IP address, and appear online using a UK IP address instead, Eurosport Player will think you’re in the United Kingdom, regardless of where you currently live. Getting a UK IP address overseas isn’t as difficult as you might think thanks to virtual private networks, better known as VPN. Follow the instructions below to unblock Eurosport Player outside UK with VPN.

  1. First of all, sign up with a premium VPN service. Stay away from free VPNs like Hola. Such services can harm your online security and do not work properly in most cases.
  2. Now that you have created your VPN account, download and install the VPN app from the VPN provider’s website.
  3. Launch the app and connect to a VPN server in the United Kingdom.
  4. You now appear to be browsing the web using an UK IP address.
  5. This approach allows you to unblock all British channels anywhere overseas. This includes Eurosport Player, BBC iPlayer, ITV, Channel 4, My5, Sky Go, and Now TV.
  6. You can even use VPN to change your Eurosport Player region to UK, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, or any of the 70 different countries where Eurosport is available. That’s a great feature given that each Eurosport region broadcasts different sports events.

Keep in mind that using VPN does not eliminate the need for a subscription to the channel you wish to unblock i.e. you still need to sign up with Eurosport Player if you haven’t done so already. If you have signed up for a Eurosport Player subscription from a different country, you can use that subscription to access the UK Eurosport Player version. Anyway, here are the best VPNs you can use to unblock Eurosport Player outside UK.

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Eurosport Player Compatible Streaming Devices

  • Windows PC
  • Mac OS
  • Android
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Apple TV 4

Major Sports Events on Eurosport


Grand Tours

  • Giro d’Italia – May 5-28
  • Tour de France – July 1-23
  • Vuelta a España – August 19-Sept 10

UCI World Tour

  • Paris–Roubaix – Sunday, April 9
  • Liège–Bastogne–Liège – Sunday, April 23
  • Giro di Lombardia – Saturday, October 7


  • Australian Open
  • Roland Garros
  • Wimbledon
  • US Open


  • African Cup of Nations
  • Bundesliga
  • La Liga (only for Denmark)
  • Ligue 1 (only for the Netherlands)
  • Italian Serie A (only for Denmark and the Netherlands)
  • Ekstraklasa (except for Germany, UK and Ireland)
  • UEFA Europa League (only for Poland and Scandinavia)
  • UEFA Women’s Championship, UEFA Women’s Champions League
  • Major League Soccer (except UK and Ireland)
  • CAF African Cup of Nations
  • AFC Asian Cup
  • U-20 World Cup
  • FIFA Women’s World Cup,
  • FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup and
  • Futsal World Cup

Other Sports

  • World Championship Snooker
  • ICC World Twenty20
  • Sudirman Cup
  • ICC Cricket World Cup
  • ICC Champions Trophy
  • All England Open Badminton Championships
  • Australian Football League
  • Eurocup
  • Euroleague (only for Greece)
  • Greek Basket League (only for Poland)
  • PGA Tour
  • Paris Dakar Rally
  • Monte Carlo Rally
  • World Athletics Championships
  • European Athletics Championships

How to Watch Eurosport Player in USA or Anywhere Else in the World with VPN?

VPN is a great tool you can use to bypass geographic blocks and access a truly free Internet. Eurosport Player is just one of the sports streaming channels you get to unblock. You can even turn to VPN in order to bypass blackouts imposed on MLB, NHL, NBA, and NFL in USA and Canada. In case you live in Australia, you get to unblock ITV, Channel 4, Sky Go, and all other UK channels. All in all, it’s definitely worth paying a few bucks for VPN each month, given all the extra perks you get out of it. Not to forget the fact you get to browse the web anonymously as long as you’re connected to a VPN server.

30 thoughts on “How to Watch Eurosport Player outside UK?”

  1. Hello, I have the VPN, I have made an account with Eurosport BUT, I can’t pay for the subscription as I don’t have a UK credit card, I tried Amex and Paypal neither worked. I live in Australia can someone help. Thank Jo

  2. Why doesn’t EUROSPORT come to the party and make it possible for fans of Eurosport around the globe to access its service anywhere ? Surely Eurosport will attract thousands of subscribers around the globe? It was very annoying for us Eurosport fans in Australia when FoxSports AUS pulled the plug on the service!!!

  3. I tried for weeks during the Giro. NO go. I went through it with Express VPN people who were great but they have closed the hole, so to speak.

  4. I just had my Eurosport account auto-renew with my US based card and it’s US billing address. Address on the account is UK, but the billing address is US. It seems that at least for existing accounts, they don’t seem to be picky on where the money is coming from.

  5. You could try The Regent Hall Salvation Army,
    275 Oxford Street, W1C 2DJ but a UK billing address won’t do you any good with a credit card registered to another country.

  6. My Express VPN for Windows automatically coonected me to Milano, How can I change it for the UK? It offers options on iPad but not on my laptop.

    1. You have to disconnect your VPN connection first and then choose a new VPN connection from within the ExpressVPN app.

  7. Yes, for PC users the new dilemma is how to pay for your subscription. If your PayPal or bank card have a US address associated with them, you are out of luck! Any known hacks for this would be greatly appreciated.

    1. When you are on the page for purchasing your package, switch out of the VPN into your normal IP. Then if you want to watch Eurosport, you will have to use the VPN obviously. It took me a while to learn this, but that is what you have to do.

      1. That did not work.
        They ask the payment method based on the original country anyway(If Eurosport UK, the credit card billing address has to be in Britain). Paypal didn’t go through either. I exit VPN upon payment but their system is firmly set for their own country based credit card /paypal. Tried many times but no way to make my American debit card /paypal payment work. Too bad. I used to be able to pay regardless at least June 2018, but not anymore.

        1. Agree, it seems that they finally caught up to this method. Now it looks as if the super-expensive options of Fubo or FloBikes is the only way to go for US viewers.

  8. Eurosport Player will NOT work this year like it did last year as it now requires location services to be turned on and VPN change won’t disguise this, at least on iPhone

  9. I want to repeat Bill Curry’s question because you haven’t answered it.

    Will the payments page take an Australian credit card?

  10. I have Eurosport player subscription active from Finland where I live. Now I am travelling in Japan, and it seems that Eurosport has blocked most of the vpn provides which I did test. So this article might work, but probably Eurosport will continue blocking of new IP-adresses.

  11. I am using VyperVpn and I have tried several times to let it work on my IPad but when I open the Eurosport Player app, it says to me that I am not authorised to watch. What I normally do while I am abroad, I buy a local sim with data and use it on the IPad but the VPN I have works only with Skygo, not with Eurosport Player. Is it maybe cause the last app of Eurosport recognise where you are with the GPS and not only via IP address?

  12. Claude ter Huurne

    I recently set up a dual router situation with NirdVPN on the vpn router using a Uk IP address . I downloaded the Eurosport app from the Uk iTunes Store . I can connect from my laptop but not from the Apple TV 4K. NordVPN are now saying that I cannot get Eurosport uk through them. Can you suggest a solution ?

    1. The VPN will not work with the app since the latest update. You have to use your VPN with your UK IP address on your laptop or desktop computer and get to the Eurosport player via its URL. If you use your Mac laptop you can then use Airplay to view on your TV via Apple TV.

  13. I have a French subscription and when using VPN I can sign in but get NO CONTENT AVAILABLE.
    Eurosport Player says you can watch it in the UK when you are there but I can only think they are able to dedect I am using a VPN address?

      1. Just for info. As isaid I could not sign into the uk Eurosportplayer. I managed to sign in to the German version using an address there for about 7 days. The the no content message popped up. At the moment I am signing in through the Austrian VPN port so far so good.
        It appears that somehow eventually they are able to dedect that one is using a VPN.

  14. This only gets you half way, you still need to download the Eurosport’s Player App from the Apps Store and that won’t work if you have set up your device in one of the restricter countries as the device looks at your country set up not the VPN locator. Any ideas?

      1. This no longer works because iTunes no longer does apps, you can only get them from the iOS app store and you can’t change your iOS app store region without having a valid method of payment from the region you want to change to. Any other ideas?

          1. I’ve gotten so far as to create a UK iTunes account and download the app, but it appears that the app looks at the device location. I’m getting “not available in your country” on both my iPhone and iPad mini 3 with vpn active.

            Website recognized location as valid, but sadly it tells you to download the app, or if you request the desktop site (chrome, etc), it says it’s an unsupported browser.

            Might still work on a jailbroken device with a GPS spoof, but I can’t find a workaround for straight Apple iOS.

  15. This only gets you half way, you still need to download the Eurosport’s Player App from the Apps Store and that won’t work if you have set up your device in one of the restricter countries as the device looks at your country set up not the VPN locator.

  16. Ok, VPN unblocks a portion of Eurosport, and gets you to the subscribe page w/UK filled in. What then do I use for a billing address? Buckingham Palace?

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