How to Watch Hulu in India

I’ve been a long time Hulu user, and I wasn’t going to give that up in India. Some level of quality entertainment is a must on business trips. Shows, programs, and movies help take your mind off of things. The nature of Hulu’s availability in India has become a concern.

Hulu, the popular streaming service and the source of many people’s viewing pleasure is blocked in India. But, living in a world driven by the advancement of technology means there must be ways Indians or American expats in India can access Hulu despite the restrictions. Indeed there are ways, and they involve VPN service providers and Smart DNS proxies. 

How to Watch Hulu in India

How to Watch Hulu in India

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How to Watch Hulu in India

The first thing you’ll see when trying to access Hulu in India is this message: “We’re sorry, currentlyour video library can only be streamed within the United States.” This means that Hulu is inaccessible outside the US, and the safest way to access Hulu abroad is through a VPN.

Hulu geoblock message

Hulu geo-block message

The rule is simple: If you’re in the US, you get Hulu. If you’re not in the US, you are out of luck. So, where does this come from? It all starts with licensing agreements. Hulu plays its content in the US where it is originated. Unless other countries agree to broadcast Hulu’s content abroad, no one outside the US can access it.

Hulu ensures that no international and unauthorized access happens by placing geo-restrictions on its content. So, if the other countries don’t purchase copyrights for showcasing Hulu, it will remain inaccessible to those who are not in the US.

In order to make Hulu available to you outside the US, you have to pretend like you are there. The one thing that reveals your geo-location is your IP address. Change that, and you’ll get a free pass to whatever country you want. Get a US IP address, and you’ll get the privileges of an American local. Everything in the US will be available and shown to you, thinking that you are a real US resident.

How Does it Work?

So that’s great and all, but how do you make it that happen? With a VPN.

This is a cybersecurity tool that allows you to change your IP address and by that access geo-restricted content. The VPN takes your data and passes it through a server (located in the place you chose). Then, all of your data appears to come from that particular location. You’ll falsely be considered as a local of that country, but not for a lost cause. The internet will only allow you to access content if you are located in the same place as where it is.

Aside from rerouting data and traffic, the VPN is not called a cybersecurity tool for no reason. When the rerouting occurs, the data is passed through not just any tunnel, but an encrypted one. So, when the data comes out, it’s wrapped in layers of protocols that cannot be deciphered.

Enough of that, what you want to know is how you unblock Hulu:

  1. The first thing you need to do is get a VPN subscription.
  2. The second step would be downloading and installing the VPN application.
  3. Third in line, launch the VPN application.
  4. Now, you have to sign in the account you created.
  5. Look for an American VPN server and gain an American IP address.
  6. With an American IP address, you are eligible to access Hulu.
  7. Go ahead and stream  Hulu in India whenever you want.
Unblock Hulu in Belgium

Unblock Hulu in Belgium

Best VPN for Hulu

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Its unblocking properties and security standards cannot be found in any VPN, making ExpressVPN an unmissable provider. For additional information, check out other VPN providers displayed in the following table as well as this best VPN for Hulu article.

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How to Watch Hulu in India Using a Smart DNS Proxy

Although a VPN makes for the safest unblocking tool, a Smart DNS qualifies as the fastest. Why? The data that passes through a Smart DNS server does not undergo any encryption. This means the IP address remains the same and visible to the public. Do you see why it’s less of a safe option? But, in case you weren’t that into security, you can subscribe to a Smart DNS. You get to access your favorite content at fast speeds but with less security.

This is how you can unblock Hulu in India with a Smart DNS:

  1. Check out Unlocator and then sign up for a free 7-day trial.
  2. To successfully configure your Smart DNS, you must follow these videos/setup tutorials.
  3. Visit Hulu’s website or application.
  4. Are you in? Great, then it worked.

The only reason why I was successful is because I used Unlocator. Note that not all Smart DNS proxies can unblock the content you want. What you get to access largely depends on what the Smart DNS is capable of.

However, if you’re subscribed to Unlocator, you’ll know that you have over 200 channels you can unblock. You can also benefit from a 7-day free trial. This option can be very helpful for those who have difficulty making up their minds. It’s the best Smart DNS you can get your hands on.

Watch Hulu in India

Hulu is the ultimate service you have to unblock abroad. It’s the first streaming service that comes to mind when you’re looking for a way to stream movies and TV shows online. It doesn’t matter if you’re in India or halfway across the world, if you employ either a VPN or Smart DNS, you’ll definitely get Hulu streaming outside the US.

Which device do you think you’re going to use? Share with us whichever device you decide to connect to.

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