The Truth Behind Unlimited Lifetime VPN Subscriptions

The prospect of a good bargain is always tempting. And when it is something “unlimited” people waste no time in jumping at it. From unlimited talk-time to unlimited Internet data, an unlimited deal is hard to argue against. Marketers are aware of the value proposition presented by “unlimited” deals, and are smart enough to lure consumers into buying what they are selling. When it comes to a VPN, you have the option of either a paid or a free service. Both the free and the paid VPN services come with their own pros and cons, and the free services often come with major limitations like a strict monthly data quota and only a few servers. Keep in mind that free VPNs aren’t really free; they need to make money and they do so by draining your data fast. It is often hard to keep track of your data when you use a free VPN. Many people are actively looking for lifetime VPN service providers. In other words, you get an unlimited VPN subscription for life by paying a one-time subscription fee. But are these deals legit, or is it simply a case of “too good to be true”?

Truth Behind Unlimited Lifetime VPN Subscriptions

Truth Behind Unlimited Lifetime VPN Subscriptions

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Lifetime VPN Service Providers

There is something more attractive than free VPNs, and that is lifetime VPNs. It involves purchasing a service with a one-time payment and then enjoying it free for the life of the VPN. The one-time payment is usually massive, but you don’t have to pay anything more. There are no monthly rates. If you look carefully on the Web, there are unbelievable deals and discounts on these unlimited or lifetime VPNs, and the offers are tempting.

For instance, sometimes these unlimited VPN subscriptions are sold for as low as $20. That means, you pay $20 as a one-time fee and then enjoy the VPN for as long as you use it. The actual price could be somewhere around $300, but the deals and discounts bring the price down to $20. Isn’t that unbelievable?

Yes, it is. More often than not there’s a lot more going on than what we notice. These mega deals are usually not sold by the VPN service providers directly, but actually by third-party resellers. Even though they might give a lot of logical explanations on their website as to how they can afford to give such great deals, it is worth taking the time to dig deeper and find out the truth.

Be Aware of VPN Scams

Very often, when you look up the reseller on Google, you will find scams and fraud and downgrade service related to them. Before trusting any one of these deals, it is always better to check out reviews and do a bit of asking around to get to the bottom of it.

The simple reason why such deals are unreal is because VPNs need to make money. When you give a lifetime service for just $20, you cannot maintain servers all around the world or have your own mobile and desktop apps. It is impractical, and definitely a business model that will not succeed which says a lot even when businesses are doing well in America because of lower taxes and less regulations.

The basic aim of these services is to lure as many people as possible and get their money upfront. By doing this, customers are risking their money only to have the business shut down suddenly.

So how do these shady VPN companies make money? It can be safely assumed that they don’t make money from the subscriptions, so there must be some other option. And usually it involves selling customer data and logs to third parties like advertising partners. Therefore, not only are you risking your money but also your privacy.

How to Choose a VPN Service?

Ideally, a lifetime VPN should last you a lifetime, but if the business shuts down suddenly, there is no getting back your money or enjoying the service. By trusting a deal too good to be true, customers just end up being fooled and cheated. Customers need to be more aware and do a little research before trusting any deal that they see online.

To avoid being cheated, it is best to pass tempting offers and go for a reputed VPN service. There are several reputed VPNs that offer a good deal for your money and provide quality service. As with any sustainable business model, these services charge a one-time payment and then a nominal monthly fee. After all, a VPN is used for online security, and a service that isn’t sustainable in itself cannot provide security to its subscribers.

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