Watch EastEnders outside UK online for free

EastEnders is one of the most famous British TV series, if not the most famous one. If you are British you have at least watched a few seasons of Eastenders. However, once you are working as an expat abroad, studying overseas or simply on vacation outside the UK. You will notice right away that you can not watch BBC Iplayer from outside the UK. This simple guide will show you how you can overcome this geo-restriction and bypass the BBC block and still watch Eastenders for free from USA, Dubai, Spain, Australia, France or anywhere else
Watch Eastenders online for free outside UK.

Watch Eastenders online for free outside UK.

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Watch EastEnders on BBC from abroad – The basics

At it’s simplest all you have to is click here to visit the BBC Iplayer site and start streaming. However, when you attempt to watch you will get an error stating you are from an unsupported region/country which makes sense given that you are in USA, Dubai, Spain, Australia, France or anywhere else. The solution to this is to use either VPN or Smart DNS Proxies. Either one of these solutions has it’s own unique set of benefits. But in either case, setup is kids game with plenty of documentation and support. All in all, it should not take you more than 10 minutes from setup until watching Eastender episodes.

Watch EastEnders on BBC from overseas – VPN

If you are concerned with online security and want to stay anonymous online VPN “Virtual Private Network” is a proper choice. VPN pipes all your Internet traffic and sends it a UK VPN server. In result, you won’t get an error while trying to access all UK TV channels from overseas. VPN does have its disadvantages though. VPN does not work on Smart TVs and AppleTVs unless you have a dd-wrt or VPN enabled router.

I do use a VPN provider called  ExpressVPN which features the following perks :

  1.  Easy to install applications for iPhone, Ipad, Ipod, Android, Mac, and PC. It takes a minute from Signup to Watching EastEnders from overseas.
  2. Top level encryption.
  3. All your traffic is encrypted and protected and sent to through UK servers. As a result, ALL UK content is unblocked including UK Netflix and ITV.
  4. If you want to watch American channels, you have to do is choose an American VPN server from the VPN app.
  5. If you want to use your Apple TV or Smart TV you have to use a VPN enabled router.

Watch Eastenders on iPlayer outside the UK using VPN.

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Watch EastEnders on BBC outside the UK – DNS Proxy

Smart DNS differs from VPN in that it focuses on flexibility instead of online security. Smart DNS Proxies work on all devices and support multiple regions simultaneously “at least the good ones”. So if you are in the USA and use Smart DNS proxies to watch Eastenders your traffic speed won’t be affected as only partial traffic is redirected. But again, speed, supported devices, and channels really depend on the Smart DNS Proxy provider at hand.

I have used Unlocator for over a year. Unlocator support for the following UK channels “ BBC Iplayer, ITV, Sky, 4oD, Netflix UK and Demand5” on ALL supported devices – For all support channels see here. See a few more notes below :

  • All available devices are supported, all you need to do is change your DNS IPs. If you do not know what that is, have no worries. It takes 2 minutes to do so. The process is well documented with Video Tutorials. See Video and Picture guides for devices here
  • A free 7-day trial is provided.
  • If you are using Vodafone Spain, it is highly likely that Smart DNS won’t work for you due to DNS Hijacking, in that case, you need VPN.
  • Unlocator unlocks more than 85 channels. So in addition to BBC Iplayer, you can get the likes of American Netflix, HBO, FOX, Hulu Plus and WWE Network. 

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