How to Watch FOX outside USA – UK, Canada using VPN or DNS ?

Unblock and watch American FOX channel online outside USA. Use this simple guide in Canada, UK, Australia and anywhere else outside the USA and you will get access to the latest shows and moves on “some of the content requires a valid US cable subscription”. If you are an expat working abroad, or an American student overseas, you will know what I talking about. You have a valid US cable subscription, you try to watch your favorite movie or television show “Glee, American Idol or else” on FOX Networks. But, you are blocked out by a location error stating you are outside the USA. You have to choices to fix this, either use VPN or Smart DNS Proxies. Please see below for more information. 
How to Watch FOX outside USA

How to Watch FOX outside USA

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Watch FOX online outside USA – VPN

VPN has been around for a very long time. VPN encrypts and tunnels all your traffic through a server. Depending on where that server is located, all your traffic will appear to be coming from that location. So if you use a US based VPN server all your traffic appears to be coming from the USA. There are few downsides to using VPN though, see :

  • All traffic is encrypted, this means greater security and no one can spoof your traffic. But it comes at a 10% Internet speed hit if you are using a good Internet provider.
  • Not all your devices are supported. Some VPN providers such as ExpressVPN do provide apps for Mac, PC, Android, iPhone, Ipad to easily install and manage VPN. However, Smart TVs and Roku are not supported.
  • VPN is very versatile and flexible. It can overcome a lot of ISP restrictions, so if you are at a Hotel or in a country were your ISP applies Transparent proxies or DNS Hijacking, there is a very high chance that VPN is going to get around that.
  • Unlike Smart DNS, your traffic will be all coming from one location. The country of the VPN server.

If you would like to know what I am using as a VPN provider while traveling you will probably have guessed that it is ExpressVPN, their apps are just to easy to use and the speeds they provide are great.

You can also unblock Fox abroad using these VPN services.

VPN Provider
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Watch FOX online outside USA – Smart DNS Proxy

Smart DNS Proxy is a great technology. It has not been around for a long time “It was created as an answer to limited VPN support for devices facing geo-blocks”.At it’s simplest it simply re-routes all the bits and pieces of your traffic that identify what region you are coming from, and it re-routes only that traffic through a supported country. Please see the following for more info :

  • No traffic is encrypted.
  • Multiple different regions are supported at the same times. For example Fox and American Netflix in USA, BBC Iplayer in UK and Canal Plus in France.
  • Easy to set up “all it takes is a change of DNS IP” and works on all Fox supported devices “Mac, PC, iPhone,iPad, Android, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Roku, Samsung Smart TV, Windows 8 and Windows Phone
  • No speed hit, only relevant traffic is re-routed, the rest works as if nothing has changed.

I do personally use Unlocator Smart DNS Proxy. They do provide a 7-day free trial, 83 channels, and great support.

Watch FOX outside USA – Results?

So now that you have the knowledge about VPN and Smart DNS Proxies, go ahead and do your move. Please update on your experiences and problems you faced “if any” trying to get FOX to work outside USA.


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