How to Unblock MédiaKlikk outside Hungary

Catching up with the latest episodes from your favorite TV channel is one of the simple pleasures that we all like to indulge in. It’s a great way to unwind after a long day at work. With the many channels available for users based all around the world, there’s a wide range of programming to choose from. The only issue that comes around is when you perhaps travel outside your home country, and you can no longer watch your favorite channels like you’re used to. Take Hungary’s M1 and M2 channels for example. These two channels are run by the national broadcaster. This means they’re probably restricted to only the viewers that are based within the country.

How to Unblock MédiaKlikk outside Hungary

How to Unblock MédiaKlikk outside Hungary

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Is MédiaKlikk Available outside Hungary

MédiaKlikk’s M1 and M2 channels add to the list of geo-restricted channels you can’t access from abroad. You’re probably wondering, how is the channel able to figure out that i’m based outside Hungary? Simple. Whenever you’re online, your device gets identified through a specific Internet Protocol address. This IP address contains details such as your location or identity, and this is what most sites and channels check when you request to visit their site. The only way to work around any geo-restrictive block is to have your IP address hidden. The best way to do this is through a VPN.

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Using VPN to Watch MédiaKlikk Outside Hungary

A VPN is basically a Virtual Private Network that allows you to connect to different servers scattered all around the world. Your connection to these servers most of the time is encrypted. The encryption comes about since your data gets encoded through your VPN client. In doing so, some aspects regarding your data, such as your location, get changed or even completely hidden. Your IP address also gets altered whenever your connecting to a server that’s based in a new location. Therefore, to watch M1 or M2 outside Hungary, all you’ll have to do is connect to a server that’s based there.

The primary job of a VPN service is to provide you with online security. This is done by making your connection private. When this is done, you get to connect to the Internet without anyone really knowing what you’re up to. This is great especially if you want to work around any form of throttling that your ISP may throw at you. ISPs are known to throttle your connection especially if you’re doing a lot of bandwidth-intensive work online, such as streaming. A VPN works to prevent you from this type of throttling by hiding your connection. You also prevent your ISP from eavesdropping on your connection.

  1. Sign up with a VPN service provider that has VPN servers in Hungary.
  2. Download and install the VPN application on your PC, Mac, Android, iOS device.
  3. Launch the VPN application and sign in using your VPN account.
  4. Now, connect to a Hungarian VPN server.
  5. Finally, watch M1 or M2 from anywhere in the world.

Having a reliable source of online security allows you to do a lot more stuff online with a lot more confidence. You’re able to do things like shopping online, banking or even booking cheaper tickets or hotel rooms. The ability to connect to different versions of a site gives you a broader perspective and allows you to see where you could save more money through region-specific discounts.

Best VPNs to Stream MédiaKlikk Outside Hungary

Using a VPN has a lot of great advantages, but you’ve got to make the right choice when subscribing to one. To help you do this, we have a list of services that we consider the best in the industry. Have a look below:

1. ExpressVPN

First off on our list is ExpressVPN. This is a reliable provider based out of the British Virgin Islands that has a reliable network of up to more than 2000 servers. The service has won a lot of awards, so you can be sure that what they offer is top quality. Security wise, the service applies 256 bit AES encryption and allows up to 3 simultaneously connected devices. The service also provides VPN protocols such as OpenVPN, PPTP, SSTP and L2TP/IPSec for you to choose from.

The features that come bundled with an ExpressVPN subscription include a split tunneling tool, which helps you separate your normal traffic from your encrypted traffic. There’s also full support for a Tor over VPN connection, as well as an automatic Internet Kill Switch. ExpressVPN also offers a series of obfuscated servers for connecting to the Internet when you’re based in a VPN hostile country.

You get to use VPN without detection. In terms of customer service, ExpressVPN has a team of professionals that can be contacted through email, social media, live messaging or even ticketing. Subscribers also get to use a zero-knowledge DNS service that hides their location and facilitates access to geo-restricted sites and channels. Have a look at our ExpressVPN Review for more details.  

2. NordVPN

Winding up our list is NordVPN; a service that has more than 4000 servers scattered all across the world. This alone sets it apart from so many other providers that you would consider in its place. Such a broad network means you’ll never have any issues with connectivity. From its base in Panama, NordVPN offers a standard level of 256 bit AES encryption. This is backed up by the double VPN encryption protocol that the service offers. In it, you get to route your connection through an additional server, thereby adding a level of encryption.

NordVPN also allows for up to 6 multiple devices to establish a connection. The provider has quite the array of neat features. There’s Tor over VPN support for increased anonymity, as well as dedicated IPs for users that prefer this over constant switching. The provider’s large array of servers allow subscribers to choose what kind of work to do, as there are servers optimized for specific functions.

There are also servers that help disguise the VPN connection especially in countries where VPN use is restricted. There’s a lot more that NordVPN has to offer that we haven’t included in this review. To get the full picture of what to expect once you sign up, have a look at our NordVPN Review.

3. IPVanish

IPVanish is another service that is sure to keep your identity hidden. Based in the US, the provider avails up to 1500 servers for its subscribers to use. This network collectively avails about 40,000 IPs to connect to. IPVanish also upholds a strict zero logging policy. This is in line with making it one of the most secure providers that anyone looking to torrent can turn to. The service fully supports torrenting, and also allows for unlimited P2P file transfers.

IPVanish users also get to enjoy unlimited bandwidth and unlimited server switches. This is in addition to the capacity for up to 10 simultaneous connections that the service also offers. Using IPVanish also means that you get to decide whether or not to download its VPN client. The client is compatible with platforms such as Android, iOS, Linux and Windows.

You could also choose to opt for its SOCKS5 web proxy, so that you can only be using it when online. Using IPVanish is also great if you want to be streaming content, as it has one of the fastest servers you could turn to. To learn more of what you could expect from the service, have a look at our IPVanish Review.

Watching M1 and M2 Outside Hungary – Summary

Your location should never be an obstacle that comes between you and your entertainment. Sign up with a VPN to make sure you’ll always be able to watch M1 and M2 outside Hungary no matter where you travel to.

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