Top 4 Reasons Why Every Expat Should Have a VPN

Moving to another country and settling there is a whole new experience in itself. There are different experiences, languages, and cultures. Expats have some of the most happening lives out there. But as is the case with any international destination hopper, you always feel a special tug in your heart for the place of your birth. In the modern world, where you can do most jobs from almost anywhere in the world, having a VPN is absolutely necessary because it will keep you safe and connected with the things you love.

Top 4 Reasons Why Every Expat Should Have a VPN

Top 4 Reasons Why Every Expat Should Have a VPN

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Expats and VPN

Maybe you are in the Bahamas and work online. You need to secure your internet connection with a VPN so that no malicious entities are able to infect your device and hamper your productivity.  

And if you’re an American expat living in the UAE, wouldn’t you like your children to be familiar with the culture and tradition of your native country even though they have not seen it in person?

This is just one of the many scenarios where VPNs can come in very handy. With a VPN, you can bypass geo-restrictions and stream Netflix from Abu Dhabi. That way, you can stay connected with all things American even when not physically present in the US.

So it is easy to see why you could use a good VPN to not only stay safe online but also access content that would otherwise not be available to you. Let us look at a list of the biggest benefits for VPNs that directly affect how expats interact with their home country’s media and stay in touch with everything:

4 Reasons for Expats to Use VPNs

Digital Security

As a foreigner living in another country, you have to be wary of the innumerable risks you might face. This includes online risks, and if you are among the more security conscious expats in the world, you will know that hacking incidents are happening every single day.

You want to make secure banking transactions from a bank native to your country of origin. Wouldn’t you rather have the security that no one will be able to access your data even if they were able to hack into your ISP‘s mainframe? VPNs can allow you to do that and much more

Illegal Access

When traveling to another country to live there, you probably know some of the major laws that govern that nation. However, the same cannot be said for every law.

Let’s say you visit a website that is banned in the country you are living in. You could land yourself in trouble with the local authorities for doing something that would have been totally legal in your own country. Simply using a VPN to mask your IP address and your activity can save you a lot of trouble and money.

Watching TV

As we mentioned earlier, you can use your VPN to access TV from your country from all over the world. For example, if you are an British national living in the US, then you just might want to reconnect with your native culture with some UK TV.

It is a sure way of teaching your children about the great country from which you originate. Why should you have to settle for less than what you want and deserve? With a simple VPN, you can get access to all the TV and media from any country that you like!

VoIP Services

In some countries, such as the UAE, even VoIP apps like WhatsApp and Skype are blocked, making it extremely difficult to make video calls with your friends and relatives back home. Using VPN enables you to bypass all forms of Internet censorship and enjoy the web just like you always have.

Best VPN for Expats

When it comes to VPN service providers, there certainly are not shortages. There are plenty of VPNs you can sign up with. Whether you’re looking to watch your favorite TV shows from back home, or want to add an extra layer of security while using a public WiFi hotspot, VPN is all you need. Below you can find a list of best VPNs expats can turn to. For a more an in-depth analysis of each of these VPNs, check out this review.

VPN Provider
Best VPN
  • Best for streaming and privacy
  • High speed servers in 160 VPN locations
  • Works for Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu
  • 24/7/ live chat support
  • 3 extra months free on annual plan
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Second Best VPN
  • UltraHD streaming
  • Free Smart DNS proxy
  • Unblocks all major streaming services
  • Limited Time 72% Discount
Third Best VPN
  • Unlimited VPN connections
  • Over 1000 servers
  • Ad-blocking feature available
  • User-friendly application
  • Exclusive Smart VPN feature
  • Standalone Smart DNS subscription available
  • Extra security features
  • Extensions for Firefox and Chrome
  • Split-tunneling available

The Top Reasons Why Every Expat Should Have a VPN

Clearly, there are many benefits of VPNs for expats who want to stay secure and connected to their country of origin. Check out the top VPN service providers online and select one to suit your needs as well as your budget, and enjoy risk-free internet and entertainment, no matter which country you choose to live in.

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