Best Streaming Services of 2018

What are the best streaming services in 2018? With time, how people seek and obtain entertainment has changed drastically. You no longer require going to a multiplex or head to the DVD rental service in the neighborhood to enjoy favorite flicks. With fast internet access becoming cheaper and widespread, popularity of online streaming services has shot up.

Who needs to subscribe to cable TV services or buy DVDs when all latest TV shows and movies can be viewed online in HD resolution? In fact, you do not really need a PC to access these services at all times. With more streaming services appearing in the horizon, it is necessary that you pick the right one for your needs. We’ve tested quite a lot of streaming channels in the last couple of years. Below you can find the top streaming services as of 2018. 

Best Streaming Services of 2017

Best Streaming Services of 2018

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Best Streaming Services of 2018

Below listed are the top streaming services you can pick from. Please note that some of the channels are geoblocked outside USA. However, you can still access them by using a VPN service.


Netflix - Best Streaming Service of 2017

Netflix – Best Streaming Service of 2018

This is beyond doubt one of the most popular online streaming services. Its excellent selection of TV shows and movies, great UI and recommendation system makes it race ahead of most rivals. However, it is not free and brand new content can be somewhat limited. The monthly subscription fee now stands at $9. The fact that users can create a maximum of five different profiles on same account adds to its versatility. Its wide device and platform compatibility also works in its favor.  I can’t think of a streaming device that does not work with Netflix. Along with Amazon Prime Video, Netflix is the only global streaming service to date.


Hulu - Best Streaming Service of 2017

Hulu – Best Streaming Service of 2018

If you are looking for an affordable streaming service that offers great TV content, Hulu is your best bet. However, its region limitation is there. It is available for those in Japan and the USA only. However, you may use VPN apps to bypass that imitation. The commercials that pop up every now and then can be irksome and the UI is not exactly user friendly. Now it costs just $8 a month. There is a free version as well, but its limitations turn off most users. Hulu Plus supports a number of devices, including top gaming consoles and Roku. Hulu will also launch a live streaming service similar to Sling TV, PS Vue, and DirecTV Now soon. Similarly to Netflix, Hulu is compatible with all major streaming devices including Playstation, Xbox, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video - Best Streaming Service of 2017

Amazon Prime Video – Best Streaming Service of 2018

This can be dubbed as the best Streaming Service for the entire family. The content range is awesome and you do get prime benefits. However, lack of any monthly fee scheme will seem a turn off for many people. It is actually more suited for those who shop online a lot and use Amazon Prime. It is also ideal when you want to watch more children’s programming and comedy shows than other genres. While Amazon Prime isn’t supported on Apple TV, you can still watch it on pretty much any other streaming device you can think of. Roku, PS4, Xbox, Android, Smart TVs, and Fire TV Stick, are all compatible.


It is one of the free online streaming services that also has a fairly large user base, naturally! The variety of videos offered by it is really good. But free services come with their hiccups and here it is plenty of ads that you have to put up with. It is owned by Sony.

Funny or Die

Well, this is not like any typical streaming service. You will go for it only if you love watching your favorite celebs in goofy acts that make you go split in laughter. In other words, it is for slapstick comedy lovers. The videos are absolutely hilarious and can lighten up your mood instantly. You will find some Hollywood hotties showing off their funny sides like never before in its programs. To some people, it is quite ludicrous, but you do need stress busters at times.


Vevo is mainly is aimed at music lovers. You will be hard pressed to find another dedicated music video streaming service that comes for free. No wonder Vevo user base is growing fast. The hiccup is sloppy navigation. In a way, it can be deemed as the successor of MTV. It is owned by Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music Group and music videos from both giants are there in its database. However, the majority of the content is based on pop and hip-hop genres. Its wide platform compatibility also contributes to its popularity.

Best Streaming Services of 2018

You have a number of online video streaming services at your disposal. Even if you want such content for free, there are some great options. Of course, you have to put up with limitations like ads, but that is hardly a deal breaker. As for paid streaming services, Netflix is probably the most popular. Music lovers, online shoppers also have their options. Ultimately, it boils down to your penchant for media content and your wallet. What do you think of our best streaming services 2018 list? Have we missed out on your favorite VOD channel? Share your thoughts below.

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