Best VPN for Microsoft Surface Pro

The initial launch of Microsoft Surface Pro back in 2013 introduced a whole new level of design and user ergonomics by allowing the screen to detach from the keyboard. This generated a lot of interest from users who would rather have a tablet in place of their laptops. Because of this, more and more people continue to shift from the traditional tablets offered by their competitors to the more advanced ones offered by Microsoft.

Best VPN for Microsoft Surface Pro

Best VPN for Microsoft Surface Pro

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A Surface Pro VPN

The fact that the Surface Pro can easily run the same version of Windows as your PC means that it can be vulnerable to the very same areas of attack that your PC would be exposed to when connected to the Internet. This means having your identity & passwords stolen as you carry out an online transaction, or being locked out of a geo-restrictive site after the owners discover that you’re accessing it from outside the allowed region. To prevent this, you need a solution that allows you to hide your identity, secure your data online and remain anonymous. A VPN is one tool that will allow you to do those three things.

Best 5 Mircosoft Surface VPN In A Nutshell

We’ve summed up the best 5 VPNs for Microsoft Surface in the list below:

  1. ExpressVPN
  2. BulletVPN
  3. NordVPN
  4. Ivacy VPN
  5. HideMyAss VPN

Best VPN for Mircosoft Surface Pro

In case you’re looking for a more detailed review of each of the 5 recommended VPNs for Microsoft Surface we’ve listed above, read on.

1. ExpressVPN

Starting off our list we have ExpressVPN, one provider that has consistently ensured that all of its customers get to enjoy top of the line services throughout the duration of their subscription. Its users get to enjoy streaming, unblocking, unlimited P2P transfers, and super fast speeds all through the year with no downtimes or abrupt interruptions.

Despite being slightly higher priced compared to other providers, ExpressVPN still offers a variety of options for its users to consider. There’s the monthly, 6 month and yearly package that all carry the same features. You’ll find the ExpressVPN apps available for Android, Windows, Mac and iOS users as well as for those that have routers.

Microsoft Surface Pro users will definitely be able to enjoy using ExpressVPN as their chosen provider because they offer the best Windows VPN app in the world.

2. BulletVPN

Although not as widely-known as other VPN services on this list, BulletVPN does an excellent job when it comes to bypassing artificial boundaries online. The newcomer is one of the few VPNs that we know of that has a VPN app that is compatible with FireStick. Not only that, they have VPN server location all over the world, including USA, UK, Canada, and even Russia. A 30-day money-back guarantee means that you can try out their service risk-free. All in all, BulletVPN do live up to their name; bullet-fast VPN servers and customer service. Similarly to ExpressVPN, BulletVPN offer a free Smart DNS proxy service which you can use on devices that aren’t natively compatible with VPN.

In terms of pricing, BulletVPN allows its customers to choose from a wide range of affordable packages where they can find a payment interval that suits their schedule and budget. The ones on offer include monthly payments of $10.98, half-year payments at $54.98, and an annual plan that goes for $89.98.

Compatibility is also one thing you’ll not have any problem with since BulletVPN’s client software will work seamlessly well on your Mac, iOS, Windows, Linux & Android, and even Amazon Fire Stick device. If you plan to share the VPN connection, BulletVPN provides a great solution for that by allowing up to 3 devices to access the Internet under your connection.

3. NordVPN

Despite coming in third on our list, NordVPN presents a whole lot of features for those who choose to sign up with them. Subscribers will be able to enjoy the choice of having up to 6 simultaneous connections all under one account, meaning a connection can be shared across a group of individuals without necessarily having to pay a higher price. In addition, NordVPN offers a very smart way to make sure you remain protected even when your VPN connection suddenly disappears. Dubbed the Internet kill switch, this special feature turns off your Internet connection whenever your VPN service gets interrupted.

A Surface Pro user will have no problem with NordVPN’s Windows client since the software is built in a manner that will ensure ease of use by the customer, as well as guarantee that their work online remains protected. They’ll get to see real-time information about the strength of their connection, and customize the settings to best suit their intended use.

One of the perks that come with using NordVPN is the ability to pay through various forms of anonymous payments. Here, mediums of payments such as Bitcoin, PayPal or credit card payments allow you to send your money without necessarily revealing your identity. Your traffic log is also not kept by NordVPN, so whatever you’re up to online remains a secret only to you.

4. IvacyVPN

Another provider that has been known to offer reliable services is Ivacy VPN. Like PureVPN, they also have their headquarters in Hong Kong where no data retention laws apply. The service has a sizable network of over 200 servers scattered across more than 101 countries, with plans for expansion still underway.

Subscribing to Ivacy VPN won’t cause that much of a dent to your wallet since the service currently offers one of the most affordable packages charging $1.66 per month for its annual subscribers. If you’re not too convinced about the quality of their service, then you can always try out their free trial package for 7 days, and then decide whether or not you should subscribe.

The service also provides apps for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows users that allow you to monitor how strong your connection is, or troubleshoot itin casee of any problems. If those problems persist, then you’re welcome to contact their customer care desk where you’ll get assisted either via live chats or direct email.

5. HideMyAss VPN

Winding up our list we have HideMyAss VPN; a provider that;’s been serving customers for a considerable number of years. Their 350+ servers ensure that everyone enjoys a reliable connection, and their collection of over 120000 IP addresses allows you to work around any geo-restrictive measures and access the type of content you’re after from any site

Despite their many IP addresses, a lot of complaints have come up against HMA from customers who have experienced their service. Chief among them is the fact that they have no monthly subscription plan, and a level of customer support that leaves a lot to be desired. Nonetheless, their 30-day money back guarantee period allows the customers to test out their service, and their app is fully compatible with users running devices on different platforms such as Windows, iOS and Android.

Something else that probable users should know is that HMA has been known to hand over their customer’s identity to third parties, so you might want to think twice about relying on them to protect your privacy.

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Best VPN for Microsoft Surface Pro – Summary

As you go about testing out the kind of provider that you should rely on for your Microsoft Surface Pro VPN, always make sure to go for providers that have either a free trial period or a money back guarantee. This way you don’t get to loose any money before deciding on which provider to subscribe to.

Best VPN for Microsoft Surface
Best VPN for Microsoft Surface Pro

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