Best VPN with Most IP Addresses

A VPN that is able to offer its customers a wide range of IP addresses to choose from means they have a large network of servers. This translates to a more reliable connection for each customer, and a better level of privacy and security for their online work. The various VPN providers that have thousands of IP addresses to offer are able to grant their customers access to the many channels and websites from around the world that are built to keep users that are not based within the country off them. But which is the VPN with most IP addresses? Read the review below to find out.

Best VPN with Most IP Addresses

Best VPN with Most IP Addresses

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Best VPN with Most IP Addresses – Summary

In this review, we want to shed light on some of the providers with the most IP addresses, but before we do so, here is a summary of top VPN service providers with most IP addresses.

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Why Your VPN Needs Several IP Addresses

Online Anonymity

Subscribing with a VPN service that has several addresses allows you to keep your identity hidden by relying on a number of virtual servers. In doing so, most websites won’t be able to track where you’re browsing from, meaning you won’t be affected by any mechanisms they might have set up to restrict access from outsiders. This is particularly advantageous for users who rely on VPN for services such as Pandora, BBC iPlayer, Netflix and Hulu, and they’re constantly on the move. If your VPN provider has most of its servers based in the US or the UK, then chances are the number of channels and websites that you can visit will be highly limited. The best way to access content from a particular country is to ensure your provider has a good number of servers located there, so that you appear as though you’re based within it.

Maintain Privacy Online

For people who work for government organizations, or anyone handling some very sensitive data online, subscribing to a credible VPN provider is important so as to maintain privacy, and to also avoid leaving a digital trail that can be traced back to you. Complete anonymity is only guaranteed if you’re dealing with a VPN service that has a good number of IP addresses. It is also especially important to subscribe to a provider that does not keep any logs of your use. You can do this by looking for VPN services that are based in regions where data retention laws do not apply.

Bypass Regional Restrictions

Lastly, aside from the IP addresses that your chosen provider might have, it’s also important to pay attention to the number of countries that your provider has servers in. This is very much dependant on the kind of work you want to conduct, channels you want to stream or torrents you’d like to download.

Best VPNs with the Most IP Addresses

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is one of the best providers in the market due to its high connectivity speeds and reliable level of encryption. Their presence is marked by servers in over 85 countries, and being based in the British Virgin Islands means they’re under no obligation to store your browsing history. ExpressVPN’s seamless connection allows you to stream HD quality movies without much time taken for buffering, and play online games without any lag times. Their 30-day money back guarantee should give you enough time to test out the service and see whether or not they’re fit for your needs.

2. IPVanish

The solid IT infrastructure that IPVanish has been able to build over the years has allowed their customers to benefit from a system that has access to over 40,000 IPs, thereby allowing them to reflect their location as being anywhere in the world. Being based in the US, they’ve done all that they could to ensure no browsing logs are kept, though there is some information relating to log times and duration of browsing that they tend to store. Nonetheless, their customer support team is always at hand to help you out with any issues, and various anonymous forms of payment such as through Bitcoins are accepted so as to uphold your privacy.

3. VyprVPN

This is one service provider that has heavily invested in the quality of their service, as well as their server network seeing that they have over 200,000 IPs due to their network of servers based in over 50 countries. VyprVPN’s 7 day money back guarantee is slightly less than the 30 day trial that most other services offer, but it just means you need to make your decision a bit more faster. Their high levels of encryption mean you’ll be assured of anonymity whenever you’re conducting your online work, and their additional features such as Chameleon technology should keep you confident of the level of security they offer.

4. HideMyAss

Winding up our list is HideMyAss, a UK based service provider that continues to expand their over 120,000 IPs every year. They’ve established servers in over 190 countries, meaning you should be able to access such a wide variety of geo-blocked websites regardless of wherever you may be as long as you’re subscribed to their service. The only concern that most people have with HideMyAss is how difficult it is to access their customer care team, but if you’re a patient person, you should be able to enjoy their service with no other hassles.

The Best VPNs With Most IP Addresses – Conclusion

The more IP addresses a firm has, the better its chances of providing its customers a service that can be relied upon regardless of the level of traffic. What you want to benefit from a firm that has as many servers is access to a wide variety of channels and websites, as well as making it impossible for anyone to track down your location, or your identity. Share with us your experience if you decide to subscribe with any of the providers we’ve reviewed above. Just leave a comment in the section below and we’ll be sure to respond.

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