Google Claims Their Cloud Security is ‘Bedrock’ While Data Security Doubts Rage

Google is well known for their cloud services. These services have been widely adopted in small businesses as well as big enterprises. However, some recent security concerns have called the safety of these services into question. Currently, Google is in competition with other giants like Amazon and Microsoft in this domain.   

Google Claims Their Cloud Security is ‘Bedrock’

Google Claims Their Cloud Security is ‘Bedrock’

Google Cloud Security Assurance

Managing Director for Google Cloud in the Asia Pacific, Rick Harshman, explained that security was the bedrock of these services. He said that Google emphasizes providing top-tier security and operational excellence to clients. This helps them scale their business higher.

Harshman further added that the demand for Google Cloud services is increasing steadily. The company is seeing a rise in demand across all business segments. All businesses from small and medium businesses to large ones regularly ask for Google’s cloud services. In this regard, he again confirmed that security is of paramount importance to Google.

Harshman explained that when they design a product, they always focus on security and make sure that it’s an inbuilt aspect of it. He further discussed that Google has more than 1000 security engineers working worldwide on Google Cloud. The Director of Solutions Google Cloud, Miles Ward, said that their platform runs on the essential premise of privacy and security. Naturally, it is very important for Google Cloud to provide high security for all user data.

A wave of concern regarding Google and its cloud services has been rising recently. This particularly stems from the data breach of Facebook. In the Cambridge Analytica incident, the private data of over 87 million users was misused. The perpetrator of the breach also had political motives.

As a result, a number of nations all over the world have enhanced their data security features. This is also true because data has grown exponentially and so have the challenges for protecting the data.

For those who are concerned about the Google cloud-based data, here are some reasons to put your worries away.

The Essential Aspects of Google Cloud’s Multi-tier Security

Google has implemented multiple technological protocols for data protection. The entire security framework is based on a stack system. This means that newer security layers are added to older ones and thus, the system enjoys better safety that evolves over time. Naturally, this also means that Google offers one of the deepest security infrastructures.

Web Connectivity

Google Cloud and all communications that are made to it are encrypted. Further, since Google has a very robust multi-level security protocol and infrastructure to make sure users enjoy superior protection. They have taken care to address issues like Denial of Service attacks.

Operability and Device Security

Their device creation and development team comprises of professionals committed to delivering high-security products. Further, the dedicated operations teams for each product are quick to respond to any problems. They also guarantee this service all week and year-round.

Storage Capabilities

All the data that is stored in Google Cloud is encrypted by default. It is decentralized to ensure safety and prompt retrieval. This enables data protection at all times and helps to ward off any possible illegal accesses.


Google Cloud makes use of a multi-factor authentication system to ensure that only legit users make use of their services. In particular, there is a robust security protocol for access to sensitive data. These measures also factor in aspects like phishing resistant Security Keys.

Service Deployment

All applications running via Google have an inherent security feature. There is no automatic assumption of reliability. Rather, the reliability is ensured through the use of multiple protocols. These protocols have always been multi-layered.

Hardware Infrastructure

Google owns and operates all of its infrastructures. This ranges from the actual establishment to dedicated servers, equipment for networking along with custom designed security chips.

Data Centers

Google-owned Data Centers have a highly developed security model with many security features. Things like electronic access cards, metal detectors, access barriers, alarms etc. ensure your data stay protected. They also use a laser beam intrusion detector.

These data centers are monitored round the clock through HD cameras. The exteriors are also subjected to CCTV surveillance. The entry to the data centers is restricted and based on security clearance parameters. Less than one percent of Google employees will actually enter any data center.

What Are the Security Measures Against Hackers or Other Intrusions?

Google’s data centers host custom designed and established servers which operate using Google’s own operating system. Google employs over 500 security engineers, many of whom are top-tier experts. These professionals are always working to detect threats and address them.  

All these factors suggest that Google is indeed very serious about the security of their data. It is because of this dedication that billions of users put their trust in Google and use their services every day. And Google Cloud is no exception.

How Google Takes Care of Your Data Security:

Google owns many data centers for housing your data. This data is protected by custom-built hardware using custom operating system and file systems. All systems are security optimized on a regular basis. Early threat detection is essential to Google’s services and regular performance enhancements ensure the same.

All data in transit from Google to clients undergoes encryption. Even when the data is at rest, it is subjected to encryption.

Google Takes Care of Your Data, But…

Cloud services can be subject to cyber attacks. A good company like Google can protect your data from these attacks. However, they have no control over personal cyber attacks.

If you fall for a phishing attack and give away your cloud password to a third party, there isn’t much any company can do for your data security. To ensure that this problem is addressed, it is best to use two-step verification on all Google Drive accounts. Also, it would be wise to log out after you are done working on a public device.

While Google might take care of your data, you should know that it creates user maps and sells these profiles to marketers and advertisers. That’s the main earning model for Google.

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