How to Watch Airtel TV Outside of India

India’s very own direct-broadcast service provider, Airtel TV, has been getting a lot of attention lately. For Indian expats, getting access to your paid subscription may seem almost impossible.

How to Watch Airtel TV Outside of India

How to Watch Airtel TV Outside of India

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Airtel TV requires an internet connection. It’s also blocked outside of India. Don’t worry, though, with a VPN you can still access all of the content you want anywhere in the world.

How to Watch Airtel TV Outside of India Using a VPN

Indian expats who have an Airtel TV on-demand subscription, you can still watch your paid-for content outside of India using a VPN. A VPN will be able to spoof your IP and show that you’re back in India, where Airtel TV’s services are found.

The way a VPN does this is by re-routing your traffic through a digital tunnel. The VPN uses its servers to re-route your traffic. This means that your public IP will match the location of the server you choose. To access the content on Airtel TV, you need to connect to an Indian server to get an Indian IP address. This is how you can access your content outside of India:

  1. Signup with a VPN provider of your choice.
  2. Download the VPN app that fits the device you’re using. Most VPNs will have apps for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android devices. Some VPNs will have apps for certain smart TVs, too.
  3. Sign-in with your credentials and launch the application.
  4. Connect to an Indian server and wait for the connection to be established.
  5. Enjoy watching all your content on Airtel TV!

Best VPN to Unblock Airtel TV

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VPN Benefits

Other than unblocking regionally restricted content, a VPN is an essential piece of software in 2018. As more and more aspects of our lives go digital, a VPN goes a long way in making sure that you stay protected online. To put things simply, a VPN can:

  • Access geo-blocked sites
  • Prevents surveillance from third parties.
  • Encrypts your data and protects it from potential threats.
  • Hides your location.
  • Secures your public WiFi connections.
  • Blocks malicious traffic.
  • Lets you shop online for less.
  • Secures your online banking transactions.
  • Allows you to torrent safely.

In other words, a VPN has a world of benefits for the average online user.

Watch Airtel TV Outside of India – Final Thoughts

Once you have a VPN and are connected to an Indian server, you can easily watch all your favorite content on Airtel TV. I do need to point out that a VPN does not mean you don’t have to pay for subscriptions, nor does it negate the need to Airtel TV’s hardware to be set-up. What a VPN does is make it seem like you’re currently in India. Let me know in the comments which VPN you went with to unblock Airtel TV; I’d love to read your thoughts on the matter!


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