How to Watch Castle Rock Stream Online Outside USA

Fans of Steven King now have yet another addition to the expanding King universe: Castle Rock. Premiering on Hulu on July 25th, 2018, the show will focus on the mysterious New England town of Castle Rock. As usually, this the setting for much of King’s horror. Castle Rock’s pilot episode has already been screened at this year’s comic-con, and the reviews coming in are very optimistic! The problem is that Hulu has some strict regional restrictions; it is geoblocked outside of the US.

How to Watch Castle Rock Stream Online Outside USA

How to Watch Castle Rock Stream Online Outside USA

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This means that you won’t have streaming access to Castle Rock if you live anywhere other than the United States. Don’t worry, we at VPN guru have you covered! There are two ways in which you could bypass Hulu’s regional restrictions: You can use a VPN or a Smart DNS.

Both methods let you watch Castle Rock online from outside of the US. The coolest thing about both of these methods is that you can use them on a PC, Mac, PS3, PS4, Xbox, Smart TV, Apple TV, Amazon FireTV, Chromecast, or Roku!

How to Stream Castle Rock Using A VPN

Georestrictions for streaming services can be very annoying. Luckily, being able to bypass those restrictions isn’t as hard as one might think. A VPN is a super easy way to spoof your online location and get access to geoblocked websites and streaming services. When it comes to geo-restrictions, a VPN connects you to a server in the country who’s restrictions you want to bypass, tricking the website you’re trying to access into thinking you pass the location test. In simple terms, a VPN hides your real IP and shows an IP from the server you’re connecting too.

What this means is that with a VPN connection, you can connect to an American server from anywhere in the world. This way, the IP that Hulu reads is an American IP. Just like that, you’ve bypassed the streaming giant’s georestrictions!

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Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered on which VPN service to use, too! ExpressVPN is an all-encompassing top-tier VPN that lets you not only avoid geoblocks with ease, but it also supports P2P file sharing, has an incredible download speed capacity, and has no bandwidth cap-off! It has many American servers to connect to. For a better idea of which VPN service providers work best with Hulu, check this in-depth review.

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 Unblock Hulu and stream Castle Rock Using Smart DNS

If you feel like a VPN may be more than what you need, you can also unblock Hulu abroad using a Smart DNS.

Unlike a VPN, a Smart DNS won’t change your IP address completely. A Smart DNS will only trick georestricted websites, anything else you do online while the Smart DNS is active will still show your regular IP.

To get your Smart DNS to work, you need to manually configure your streaming device’s DNS server. A Smart DNS can still unblock georestricted sites because you plug in DNS codes provided by your Smart DNS proxy service. This means that you’re still tricking Hulu into thinking you’re in the US and can watch Castle Rock with no complications. Do keep in mind that in countries with transparent proxies or DNS hijacking, a Smart DNS might not work.

Unlocator is a user-friendly Smart DNS that works on PS3, PS4, Xbox, Apple TV, Smart TV, FireTV, and Roku. You can sign up for a free 7-day trial to test Unlocator for yourself, and enjoy streaming Castle Rock as if you were in the States.

Castle Rock 2018 Trailer


Will you be watching Castle Rock?

For us, the phrase “From the World of Stephen King” is enough to get us excited. Telling us that the show is produced by J.J. Abrams? SOLD! Let us know if you’ll be watching Castle Rock this year, and keep us updated on your VPN or Smart DNS experience!

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