How to Unblock CW TV in Canada in Less Than 5 Minutes

Who doesn’t like shows like The FlashSupergirliZombie, and Legends of Tomorrow? All of these shows are found on CW, which sadly is only available in the USA. Don’t worry though, here’s how you can watch CW TV in Canada using two distinct methods: VPN and Smart DNS.

Watch CW TV in Canada in Less Than 5 Minutes

Watch CW TV in Canada in Less Than 5 Minutes

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How to Watch CW TV in Canada with a VPN

Even if you’re just a hop away from the US, you still have to abide by all of the regional restrictions imposed by a lot of US streaming platforms.

This isn’t a huge problem, though.

See, you can easily negate those restrictions by using a VPN.

Short for Virtual Private Network, a VPN can spoof your IP and allow you access to US streaming sites.

VPNs encrypt your data and re-route your traffic through their own secure servers. When this happens, your IP address automatically changes to match the server’s location. That means that all you have to do is make sure you’re connected to an American server and you’ll get your American IP. Here’s how to do that with a VPN:

  1. Sign up with a VPN provider that you trust.
  2. Download and install the VPN app that works on your device (Windows, MacOS, Android, or iOS).
  3. Sign in to your account and choose a US server to connect to.
  4. Wait for the connection to establish then go to CW TV.

You’ll notice that you’re regionally blocked anymore!

Best VPN to Unblock CW TV in Canada

If you want to unblock CW TV in Canada, I suggest using ExpressVPN. Widely known as the best VPN provider on the market, ExpressVPN gives you access to 2000+ servers in over 94 countries. It’s also a service provider that cares about your privacy and security. You can check out all of the features on offer with this VPN here and test out their services by benefiting from their 30-day refund policy.

If ExpressVPN doesn’t seem like the provider for you, feel free to use any one of these top-tier VPNs to unblock CW TV:

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How to Watch CW TV in Canada with a Smart DNS Proxy

For people who aren’t interested in a VPN’s added security value, you can use a Smart DNS Proxy instead.

Unlike a VPN, a Smart DNS won’t actually change your IP address. In fact, a Smart DNS Proxy is usually a service you sign-up for that offers you access to a specific list of global channels. With that, you’ll be able to watch the channels on the provided list without having to constantly change servers.

Also, a Smart DNS won’t slow your internet down like a VPN because your traffic isn’t getting re-routed. However, you will need to configure the Smart DNS Proxy to get it to work (don’t worry, they come with guides).

I suggest using Unlocator to unblock CW TV in Canada. Unlocator has an impressive list of channels you can choose from and offers you a 7-day free trial, no credit card needed. They also have a 14-day refund period so that you can be sure you’re satisfied with the service before committing to it.

Watch CW TV in Canada – Final Thoughts

There you have it, all you need to know about unblocking CW TV in Canada. Do keep in mind that neither method can get you out of any registration fee a channel can impose. All they do is give you access to the channel as if you were in the US. Anything the channel requires of its users will still apply even if you use either one of these methods.

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