Netflix Secret Codes – What Are They and How to Use Them

You are all set for some Netflix fun but you don’t know what to watch. Sounds familiar? Almost all Netflix users have gone through this situation at some time or the other. Netflix has numerous shows but browsing through the general categories can be time-consuming. Luckily there is a simple hack – Netflix secret codes.

Netflix Secret Codes - What Are They and How to Use Them

Netflix Secret Codes – What Are They and How to Use Them

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Netflix has an extensive library of movies and shows neatly organized into micro-genres. You have probably seen them as recommendations on your home screen. However, accessing them by clicking on the categories is not easy. This is where these Netflix secret codes come in handy.

What Are Netflix Secret Codes?

In addition to the general lists like Comedies, Thrillers, and Dramas, Netflix has an endless number of precise sub-genres. According to some reliable estimates, the streaming service has over 70,000 micro-genres that most users are not even aware of.

Netflix uses both machine intelligence and human intelligence to categorize its content in this manner. The streaming service apparently hired people to watch, rate, and tag all shows and movies. They tagged almost everyone and everything in the show from plot to movie endings. Thus Netflix managed to gather an amazing amount of metadata about its content.

And once the data was gathered, engineers used specific algorithms to divide it into numerous sub-genres or alt-genres.

These alt-genres allow Netflix to offer personalized content to its users on their home screen. You don’t necessarily have to wait for Netflix to come up with recommendations. If you know the secret Netflix codes, you can access them yourself whenever you want.

How to Access Netflix Secret Codes

Each sub-genre has a particular code number. For example, 6839 is the code number of documentaries. Keep in mind that there are tens of thousands of genres like these. If you know their numbers, the way you use Netflix will change forever.

In order for the following hack to work, you have to use the browser version of Netflix because it requires you to make some modifications to the website URL.

  1. To start with, login to your Netflix account on your web browser.
  2. Enter the following URL to open a specific category of shows or movies:***
  3. Here *** represents the digits for accessing a particular alt-genre.
  4. Type in the number code for that genre instead of ***
  5. So, for example, to access documentary movies type in:

That sounds easy, right? Just keep in mind that Netflix constantly changes its algorithms, so the codes may change from time to time. Luckily, you can visit and browse all of Netflix’s hidden categories easily.

Access American Netflix from Anywhere

If you love movies or television shows, Netflix provides endless hours of fun for you. However, their content is not available in all parts of the world. Even if Netflix is available in your country, you can only access your country-specific version. For example, if you’re in Australia, you cannot access Netflix USA. There is a simple way to get around this issue and that is to use a VPN connection.

VPNs hide your true IP address. You may be sitting in Italy, but a VPN will allow you to browse the web using a foreign IP address. Popular VPNs have servers in a large number of countries and they allow you to choose any one of these servers while browsing the web. So, for example, if you choose a server located in the US, you will have a US IP address. This simple trick will fool Netflix into believing that you are sending the content request from the US while in fact, you are in Italy.

There Are Several Other Benefits of Using a VPN

Using a VPN connection, you can not only get around geographical restrictions but also browse the web perfectly anonymously. Since the VPN hides your true IP address, no one can find out your actual location or identity. VPNs encrypt your data and hence not even your ISP can discover what you are doing online.

If you live in a country where internet access is limited due to government censorship or other issues, a VPN will give unlimited access to all the content on the internet. They also protect your information from hackers and other cybercriminals.

Netflix Secret Codes – Final Thoughts

Coming back to Netflix, while a VPN does allow you to access their entire library, the problem is that Netflix bans VPNs. If you want to access Netflix, you’ll need to find a VPN that successfully bypasses the geo-restrictions of the streaming app. Before you buy the subscription of a VPN, make sure you read its reviews and get to know if it bypasses Netflix geo-restrictions or not. Using VPN, in addition to those Netflix secret codes, can open up a whole new level of entertainment.


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